Brand Persona Puzzle: Guess the Indian Brands!

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Welcome to the ‘Brand Persona Puzzle: ‘Guess the Indian Brands’: A Hidden Gems Adventure in which well-known iconic brands of India are hidden behind puzzles and clues. Wit, culture and brand essence combine in each puzzle that gives the user an opportunity to untie the knots of this or those names familiar from everyday life. Are you raring to go? This mind-boggling challenge will take your knowledge of the brand and push it as far as it can possibly reach.

#1. Adventurous and always up for a spontaneous road trip

#2. I’m the sweet and buttery childhood memory on your bread

#3. I deliver convenience to your doorstep in 10 minutes

#4. I’m the one who made Bunty feel bad about his saabun being slow

#5. I organize the biggest ‘Pink Friday Sale’ for all your beauty and skincare needs

#6. I’m the one who identified Daag as a good guy

#7. I own the Soanpapdi that you are most probably going to give to someone else this Diwali

#8. I gave sneakers a new identity while approving it with a tick

#9. I made you realize that salt is not just important for your food but your toothpaste too.

#10. I’m that Majboot jod, jo tootega nahi, unlike your relationship

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