A complete Guide To Advertising In BIGG BOSS 16th Season On Colors

Bigg Boss Season 16

Why Do Advertisers Like To Advertise Their Brand In Reality Tv Shows?

With becoming a dominant genre in Indian Television, Reality-TV has never ceased to awe its audience. Breaking the content clutter of the daily soap operas, Reality-TV shows are considered to own a higher viewership rate comparatively. 

Reality-TV shows are often considered as the premium property for advertisers to promote their brands/products. And hence, follows a symbiotic relationship between entertainment and advertisements. 

Over time, we have been witnessing advertisements and promotions of brands in reality TV shows in a multifaceted manner.

From commercials aired during the short commercial breaks to sponsorships and product placements in the show, reality TV shows offer unmatched brand exposure/visibility among its viewers. 

Following are some of the major reasons why brands prefer advertising during reality-TV shows- 

Highly-Engaged audience– Irrespective of the genre of the reality-TV show, the major reason why reality-TV shows garner and retain a large number of viewers is because of the sense of realism it gives, which lacks in daily soap operas, and the shock-factor which comes from the constant surveillance of people who are being judged to outperform each other.

There’s also another power given to the viewers in the majority of the reality-tv shows, that is of voting. Voting requires the attention and engagement of the viewers to constantly judge the contestants’ performances and give votes to drive results. This results in a set of highly-engaged audiences who hardly switch channels even those quick commercial breaks. 

 Strong Emotional Connect– Reality-Tv shows vary based on its genre and its target audience, and each of them has different sentiments that the audience gets attached to.

The genre and motive to watch reality-TV shows can be different but often leaves a strong impression on the viewers seeing and monitoring ordinary people in live and unscripted situations.

This results in leaving the audience in a deep and long-lasting emotional connection with the show as well as the brands associated with the same. 

Positive brand associations- Reality shows are often associated with the feeling of the fair judgment of the contestants, feeling pride in the talented nation, and transparency with the process.

Hence, when a brand associates itself with the reality-tv show, subconsciously the audience makes similar associations about the brands as they for the show. 


The Popularity Of BIGG BOSS 

Written on similar lines to the popular Dutch show- Bigg Brother, Bigg Boss was first aired in India in 2006 and since then every year people wait for this drama and entertainment-packed reality-TV show. 

Bigg- Boss represents several contestants being confined to a well-furnished house with no connection to the other world, doing daily chores and perform their assigned tasks to outperform their fellow contestants and win the prize.

Constantly under surveillance, these contestants get judged based on their behavior and psychology to cope up with each other when put in various situations. 

The major reason why Bigg Boss is loved by the masses is because it’s closest to what we feel and witness in our daily lives and watching people from all walks of life doing the same interests us. 

And yes, the unscripted drama of course. 

Every year in September and October we wait for this drama-packed entertainment show right at 10:30 PM that lasts for 3 months and stays in our head till it’s next season. 

Apart from being a reality-TV show, it’s packed with marketing activities for brands betting high on multifaceted advertising techniques to associate their brands with the show. 

We know that Bigg Boss is popular, but to see its popularity based on its search trend, we compared the popularity and search trend of Bigg Boss with other top 4 reality shows in India in the last 5 years, and BIGG BOSS exhibits higher search volume comparatively. (shown in the fig below)

BIGG BOSS Streaming on Colors 

Bigg Boss broadcasts on Colors Tv channel. Being the digital-first platform of Viacom 18, Colors has bagged the digital rights to stream Bigg Boss on its platform. 

COLORS is one of the Indias’ top OTT platform with 350 mn + monthly active users. 

Following are some of the interesting facts about Bigg Boss season 15 streamed on COLORS: 

  1. Viewership– The Bigg Boss season 15 streamed on COLORS has broken records with 3.9 billion viewership
  1. Social Media Impressions– With record-breaking viewership on the platform, the branded hashtag of the platform has also outperformed with 985mn campaign impressions, 11+ mn  #alsiFan anthem views, and 16.5mn views of #AsliFan stickers. 
  1. Exclusive Content– Apart from the edited 1-hour version of the show, COLORS gives its users exclusive content like “Unseen Undekha” & “Cutless” which shows the un-edited and full version of the main show. The same has generated over 3k clips and a 30% share of the pie of the whole season. 
  1. Second Screen Experiences– Apart from the episodes and it’s various clips, COLORS also introduced various integrated features to increase the engagement of the users like- 
  • Video Vichar- where people can upload their opinion through videos. 
  • Chugli Booth- tells contestants who their real friends and enemies are. 
  • Weekly Voting- to save the nominated contestant.
  • LIve Voting- where people can make final voting for saving or executing a contestant. 
  • Propose- to propose their favorite contestants 
  • Pulse Meter- to rate the picked side in the in-house fights. 

Who Can Watch Bigg Boss On Colors?

  • Premium members- For being a premium member of the COLORS, you need to buy the subscription of COLORS Select. This will allow you to watch episodes before broadcasting on TV, also access the unseen and undekha, and cutless scenes of the same.
  • Free Users- You can also watch all the episodes of Bigg Boss for free after 30 mins of being aired on the TV. 

Bigg Boss On COLORS: Understanding The Audience  

  1. Reach: Bigg Boss season 15 crosses 1.5 bn views on COLORS, Bigg Boss season 16 is expected to grow more garner more than 2 bn views on the same. 
  1. Engaged Audience Profile: 
  • Female audience under the age group of 18-24 has the highest engagement rate for the show with more than 95% completion rate of every unseen clip. 
  • Male audience under the age group of 25-35 mostly binged on the men fights and voot exclusives of the show. 
  1. Audience Geography: Voot has its user base in almost 1200 cities & towns in the country. The top 5 states based on audience percentages are- NCT of Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Karnataka. 
  1. Audience Demographics: The multidimensional interests of the Bigg Boss fans

Bigg Boss On COLORS: Advantages For Advertisers

  1. Audience Profile– Major part of the Bigg Boss audience on COLORS is tech-savvy urban millennials especially females with high purchasing power and propensity to buy online. Advertising to such an affluent audience is the perfect fit for e-commerce and digital-first brands. 
  1. Highly Engaged users– Apart from the episodes of the show, COLORS offers various engaging features for its viewers like voting, rating, and unseen clips, opinion sharing feeds, and various branded stickers and emojis to share across. Also, in every one hour of Bigg Boss episodes users add more than 17 mins of video opinions, and every 2nd user on the platform use Pulse meter to rate the contestant. This all makes Bigg Boss audience on COLORS highly engaged and unmatched. 
  1. Brand Association with Bigg Boss– Bigg Boss has been one of the highest valued brands and have been growing Y-O-Y and last year witnessed almost 50% growth in its viewership. Its also considered as the premium property for brands due to its strong emotional connection with its audience which helps brands leaving a high-impact on the viewer’s mind, even through the commercials. 
  1. Low Advertising Budget- Advertising in reality- TV shows are considered as the high-impacted premium property, and often seen useable for huge and big-pocketed brands only and leaving the small brands with the minimum or zero opportunities. But this has been changed by COLORS by offering budget-friendly advertising rates.

Now for the 1000 ad impressions (views) can cost as low as INR 122, i.e almost 8 paise per view. 

  1. Targeting Options- One of the major advantages of advertising in Big Boss on Voot is the ability to target the audience based on the cities. Now you can choose specific cities where you would like to show your ads ensuring that you reach the right audience based on your brand and industry. 

Bigg Boss On COLORS: Who should Advertise 

  • Brands who are looking to increase their brand awareness and visibility among the digital-first and young audience. 
  • Brands with a new product/service launch to create buzz. 
  • Brands who are looking for a boost in sales during the festive season. 

Bigg Boss On COLORS: Understanding The Ad Option 

The common objective of opting for advertising on COLORS during Bigg Boss is to reach out to a large number of people and gain their attention and trust by showing them your product/service’s ad an optimal number of times. 

Video Ads– Video ads that are played during the streaming of episodes on the OTT platform is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of a highly-engaged audience. Through video ads, you can narrate a touching or relatable story for increasing the branding value of your brand. 

Video ads are also beneficial if you wanna drive traffic to your website or urge app installs if your video message is engaging and exciting enough. 

Video ads with targeting option 

COLORS offers audience targeting based on their geographic location. This will help you reach your target audience based on the cities they live in. 

Brands who are based out of a particular city can target audience based on the same, i.e if a product is based out of Bangalore then you can show you ad to the people who live in Bangalore. 

No additional charges are applied to video ads with any targeting option. 

BIGG BOSS 14 on COLORS: Video ad length and advertising rates 

Video Ad Length 

A Complete Guide To Advertising In Bigg Boss 16Th Season On Colors 3

Common Questions About Bigg Boss Advertising On Colors

Q. Can advertisers select certain episodes?
A. No
Q. Can advertisers target audiences in multiple cities?
A. Yes
Q. Can advertisers schedule multiple creatives as per the episodes?
A. Yes
Q. Will the ads be shown to the paid subscribers for COLORS?
A. No, Ads will be shown on free episodes and exclusive content on COLORS.
Q. Can advertisers set a frequency cap for the ads?
A. Yes, They can.
Q. Can we re-target the audience on other programs after Bigg Boss advertising?
A. Yes

Bigg Boss Advertising: How to design effective ads?

A number of our customers ask us if there are any tips/best practices that we can share on how the video creatives for Colors advertising during Bigg Boss should be. So, we thought we would add the same here.

One important thing to keep in mind while conceptualizing an ad is that during Bigg Boss episodes, the audience is totally engrossed in the cricket match. Hence, while we understand that it’s a high impact spot but a lot of it also depends on the video creative. If the creative is contextual and captures the audience’s attention without being a distractor, then the purpose is solved.

Some of the tips that we have gathered from our past campaigns are:

1. The brand name should appear within the first 2 frames: Audience usually loses interest in the ad after the first few seconds only hence, for them to know the brand name, the brand should appear early in the video.

2. Contextual ads perform better

3. A known face does half of the work: When trying to establish a brand, known faces help the audience connect with the brand and the ad.

4. Don’t force a CTA button: Video advertising is the best when it comes to advertising for branding. Although ads on COLORS receive a healthy percentage of clicks, it is advisable not to force the audience to visit your site, purchase an item, etc.

We hope you liked this article. In case you would like to know anything more about Bigg Boss advertising on COLORS , share your query with us in the comment section and we would add it in the article.

If you would want to explore Bigg Boss advertising on COLORS, visit our website at The Media Ant


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