Video Advertising: When to Use Which OTT Platform?


This article presents some valuable insights on viewership pattern of popular Indian OTT video platforms based on the report “Indian OTT Platforms Report 2018” published by MICA. These insights would help advertisers to identify the right platform fit to their target audience.

Our Insights: Top platforms for advertising (Across Age Groups & Genders)

(calculated on the percentage share of each audience group)


#Data Source: Indian OTT Platforms 2018 Report by MICA

How Does viewership across OTT Platforms vary?

Gender-wise Viewership Distribution across OTT Platforms


#Data Source: Indian OTT Platforms 2018 Report by MICA

Age-wise Viewership Distribution across OTT Platforms


#Data Source: Indian OTT Platforms 2018 Report by MICA

Some Observations from Data Table:






Frequently Asked Questions: Advertising on OTT Platforms


1. Why advertising on video OTT Platforms?

According to a KPMG study, there would be 100 million unique users per month on OTT platforms in India. Advertising on OTT platforms hence is a very good option due to the following reasons:

  1. Due to reduction in data costs in India, streaming videos over mobile network has become cheaper than purchasing TV and channel subscription.
  2. The OTT Platforms have a range of original content and latest movie collections to offer.
  3. Many OTT platforms are free for viewers. Such platforms work on advertising revenue model. Audience sign up on these platforms by accepting advertisements.
  4. Most of the OTT platforms also provide targeting options and real time tracking of advertisements. This means combining the best of television and digital.
  5. OTT platforms offer CPV and CPC models making it affordable for small players.


2. How does YouTube differ from other OTT platforms in terms of advertising?

YouTube is the most used OTT platform in India with about 225 Million users per month. This number is massive as compared to all other OTT platforms combined. YouTube being owned by Google, offers advertisers several targeting options like age, gender, interest, device etc. Advertising on YouTube can be much cheaper when compared to other OTT platforms. Then, why should one advertise on other OTT platforms?

YouTube is the most preferred video platform in India owing to its vast content covering plethora of topics and languages and being light on data consumption. But apart from a video platform, YouTube also works as an audio platform and search engine. A lot of people use YouTube for functional purposes like watching How-To videos, reviews, trailers, short news or listening to music. Hence, the possibility of audience engaging with the ads are lesser. In case of other OTT platforms, the only purpose is watching content. Average time spent by users on these platforms is more than 20 minutes. Hence, ads played on other video platforms are more engaging.

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3. What are the details advertisers should consider before choosing an OTT platform for video advertising?

  1. Subscriber Base: More the number of subscribers, better are the chances for advertisers to reach out to many people at the same time through one platform and target them in a better way.
  2. Audience Profile: Audience profile of an OTT platform is important for an advertiser to check whether the desired target group can be reached out through the platform.
  3. Advertising Rates: Advertisers should also keep in mind if the advertising rates of the OTT platforms suit their budget. They should carefully consider their objective and select the payment model (CPC, CPM, CPV) accordingly.
  4. Targeting Options: What are the filters provided by OTT platforms that can help the advertisers to narrow down their targeting to the desired audience? This is also an important factor for an advertiser to decide.

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