Uday Shankar Reveals: JioCinema Aims for Record-Breaking 600 Million IPL Viewership Across Digital and CTV Platforms

Uday Shankar Reveals

Uday Shankar, Vice Chairman of Viacom18, highlighted JioCinema’s ambitious goal of reaching 600 million viewers for IPL across Digital and CTV platforms. He emphasized the importance of inclusive advertising practices to drive monetization, particularly by engaging smaller advertisers, aiming to create a more inclusive advertising ecosystem. Shankar, known for his strategic disruptions in media, stressed the need for a paradigm shift in advertising, advocating for the inclusion of smaller advertisers to boost revenue.

The IPL streaming landscape saw a major disruption with JioCinema offering free, high-quality 4K streaming in 2023 and continuing this trend in 2024 with several matches already streamed. Shankar expressed confidence that the IPL will be the most watched event in a single country globally, citing increased viewership and growing mobile and connected TV usage in India.

Shankar’s insights reflect Viacom18’s strategic approach to leverage India’s vast market potential while navigating its complex media landscape. He emphasized the importance of catering to diverse segments of Indian society and their preferences.

Regarding the profitability of live sports streaming, Shankar acknowledged the challenges posed by rights agreements and emphasized strategic planning to maximize profitability while fulfilling contractual obligations.

Shankar mentioned that JioCinema is well-capitalized and has potential for further fundraising or mergers and acquisitions. Viacom18 remains committed to unlocking India’s market potential and currently has no plans for international expansion.
As JioCinema continues to tease new plans on its IPL stream, anticipation grows for potential developments on the largest OTT platform in the country. If you’re a brand or business looking to advertise on JioCinema, consider reaching out to The Media Ant for strategic advertising opportunities and maximizing your reach to the platform’s vast audience.

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