How to advertise your business in Mumbai? Here’s a complete guide

A Complete Guide To Advertising In Mumbai

Mumbai: The Financial Capital of India

Mumbai, the erstwhile Bombay, is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Often hailed as “The Financial Capital of India”, Mumbai is the 2nd most populous city in India after Delhi. Mumbai is not only the Financial Capital of India but also the Commercial Capital and Entertainment Capital of India due to the location of the headquarters of several banks, companies, and Bollywood. With more than 50% population being migrants, the population of Mumbai is a mixture of people from various classes, speaking different languages, having diverse cultures.

1. Mumbai: Demographics

a. The population of Mumbai

Population of Mumbai (2011 Census)18,414,288
Population of Mumbai (2020 Estimated*)20,748,395

b. Gender Distribution of Mumbai Population (2011 Census)

Male Population~54.6%
2020 Estimated Population11,328,624
Female Population~45.4%
2020 Estimated Population9,419,771

c. Literacy Rate in Mumbai (2011 Census)

Male Population92.56%
Female Population86.39%
Total Avg89.73%

d. Age-wise Distribution of Mumbai Population (2014-15 NFHS Data)

Age GroupPercentage of Total Population
0-14 Years25%
15-29 Years30%
30-45 Years23%
45-60 Years14%
60+ Years8%

e. Household-wise Population Distribution of Mumbai (Census 2011)

No. of MembersPercentage of Total No. of Households
1 Member5.7%
2 Members10.8%
3 Members16%
4 Members24.1%
5 Members17.8%
6-8 Members20.1%
9+ Members5.4%

f. Income-wise Distribution of Mumbai Household Population (Statista 2015)


Annual Household IncomePercentage of No. of Households
Less than INR 75,0008%
INR 75,000- INR 150,00014%
INR 150,000- INR 300,00020%
INR 300,000- INR 500,00014%
INR 500,000- INR 1,000,00017%
Above INR 1,000,00027%

g. Migration Trend in Mumbai (2011 Census)

Percentage of population in Mumbai that is migrant53.8%
Percentage of immigrants from Maharashtra52.5%
Percentage of immigrants from other states47.5%

Top states from where migrants come to Mumbai

Uttar Pradesh38.3%
West Bengal4.21%
Tamil Nadu3.61%

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