Case Study: How Orange Health leveraged Digital Medium to increase brand awareness

Product/ Service

Orange Health is among the fastest-growing diagnostic-tech companies in India. Their vision is to make healthcare seamless for consumers in their homes by enabling doctors to treat their patients in real-time. To ensure this quick diagnosis, they provide 60 min at-home testing for over 2,000 tests along with quick results.

With over 4.8/5  rating on Google – Orange Health is among the highest rating for diagnostic companies in India. The company combines latest consumer tech experience with the veracity of high-quality healthcare, giving consumers an experience which is quick, simple and highly trustworthy.


The objective of the campaign was to generate brand awareness.

Target Audience

The campaign’s target audience was-

Men and women between the age group of 25-55 years, who fall under the following category- night life enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, shoppers, luxury shoppers and online shoppers.


The campaign of Orange Health was executed in Bangalore and Gurugram.


The challenge was to figure out the most appropriate targeting in order to reach out to the right kind of audience. Also, to figure out which digital platform would best fulfill the requirements/objective of the campaign.


Keeping the objective of the campaign (brand awareness) in mind, the approach that was taken before selecting the advertising platforms was: 

  • The campaign objective was to create brand awareness, with the target audience between the age group of 25-55 years. To target this certain group of people, the chosen platforms were YouTube and Facebook as they offer a better opportunity for brand awareness. The majority of the campaign’s target audience are expected to be active users of the above mentioned sites.
  • The use of Keyword targeting– Those people were targeted who searched for any of the terms on Google that were related to COVID tests, RTPCR tests, swab test, and tests at home.
  • The use of Behavioural targeting: The people were targeted on the basis of their behavioural attributes such as those who are engaged shoppers, international travellers, commuters etc. People who matched these attributes would fall under their target audience.


Keeping the approach and objectives in mind, and based on the past campaign execution experience, the digital platforms suggested were: 

  • Facebook- The oldest yet most effective platform when it comes to digital advertising, Facebook has in depth, personalized targeting options that can catapult a brand awareness campaign to greater heights. Looking to reach the maximum number of audience? Again, this platform should be your top choice.

  • YouTube– When it comes to branding, there are very few platforms that give a high ROI as YouTube. With almost all category of brands advertising here, the platform offers different ad options and personalized targeting to suit your campaign’s needs. Some common YouTube ads options are- Skippable in-stream video ads, non-skippable in stream video ads, Bumper ads, Discovery ads, Masthead ads, Display ads.

(To get an in-depth understanding of both the above mentioned platforms, read our Media Kundli-Facebook and Media Kundli-YouTube)

Campaign execution (creatives)

The brand came up with an interesting and compelling video ads, which are as follows-


The campaign reached out to 88 Lakh (8.8 Million) people, with the total percentage of video views being 80%.

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