Case Study: How Inorbit Malls leveraged Digital Medium to increase brand awareness and traffic

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Product/ Service

Inorbit Malls (India) Private Limited a subsidiary of the K. Raheja Corp, is the pioneer of the mall culture in India. The company opened its first mall in 2004 at Malad, Mumbai. Today, it has a national presence with 5 operating Malls in major metro cities Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Vadodara, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Inorbit Malls has an universal appeal and plays an integral role in the life of consumers; they are a one-stop destination for food, fashion and entertainment. Inorbit has won more than 75 awards including India’s Most Trusted Mall by Brand Trust Report 2014 and has been recognized at various national & international forums like IMAGES Awards, Asia Pacific Shopping Centre Awards, WARC, ICSC, Asia Consumer Engagement Forum, EFFIEs and ABBYs for their commitment in establishing community connect.


The objective of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and increase traffic to their website (which in turn would increase the footfall to malls)

Target Audience

The campaign’s target audience were men and women between the age of 18-35 years, who fall under the category of engaged shoppers, luxury shoppers, and food enthusiasts.


The campaign was executed in the Indian cities Vadodara, Hyderabad, Vashi and Navi Mumbai.


The challenge was to filter out the following people-

  • Who are interested in food in general and dining out.
  • Young working individuals with disposable income.
  • Quality conscious and love eating out.
  • Engaged shoppers who are interested in luxury items.


The right approach for any campaign can be adopted by analyzing details like:

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The target audience of the brand
  • The geography

Analyzing the above information will help us clearly underline the requirements of the brand and their need behind running the campaign, which will then propel us towards the direction of adopting the most suitable approach. 

Objective: The campaign objective was to increase brand awareness and traffic on Inorbit Malls’ website, so platforms like google, snapchat and youtube were used to drive traffic.

Target Audience: The target audience were people between the age bracket of 18-35 years who are food enthusiasts, enjoy frequent dining out, shopping enthusiasts and interested in luxury items.

Geography: The cities selected for running the campaign were Vadodara, Hyderabad, Vashi and Navi Mumbai. These are among the cities where Inorbit mall operates so the target audience was limited to the following geography.


Keeping the approach and objectives in mind, and based on the past campaign execution experience, the digital platform suggested was: 

  • Snapchat- Snapchat is a mobile messaging application used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings. It has gained popularity in a very short span of time, especially with young people. Since the majority of the target audience of Inorbit Malls’ campaign were young adults and millennials (between the age of 18-35 years), this platform was preferred over others.

Campaign execution (creatives)

The brand came up with an interesting and compelling video ad, which is as follows-


The campaign had a massive impact and as a result there was 50% increase in traffic to Inorbit Malls’ website.

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