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CatDo you recognize this cat? It is not your neighbour’s pet but a celebrity with Millions of followers across the world. Famously known as The Real Grumpy Cat, this cat has been used in thousands of memes and now is a successful merchandise brand with a website of its own. This is not an exception but a trend. Cute animals are ruling the Internet.

Some recent video ads by popular brands featuring animals

Video ad for Honda Jazz, featuring a cat: Cats are perceived as the proud animal. They are often portrayed as snobbish, bossy and royal. This ad features a snobbish cat that looks down on humans but is quite impressed by the new Honda Jazz. This combination of cuteness and swag would definitely win your heart and present Honda Jazz in a new light.

Video Ad for Vodafone, featuring pugs: “You and I in this beautiful world” song returns with hundreds of pugs this time, reminding you of “The Pied-Piper of Hamelin” and the strong network Vodafone has.

Video Ad for Vivo V9, featuring a cat and a dog: This ad with Aamir Khan trying to manipulate his cat and dog is one of the cutest mobile ads. The eternal animosity between a cat and dog not only makes the ad very relatable ad but also makes the audience remember the unique features of the Vivo V9 mobile.

What makes advertisements featuring animals click?

According to a podcast by BBC, researchers tried to understand the reason behind the virality of animal videos and creative. Some of the pointers from their research are:

  • Cute animals spread happiness and provide an emotional boost to the audience. Most of these videos and ad creative use animals as an analogy or capture them while they are doing a human-like activity.

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  • An average human spends around 10 hours online a day consuming news/content that is negative, full of hatred. Creative featuring animals provide a break from judgement, hatred and analysis.
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  • Most animals are linked to some characteristics like a dog as loyal, a cat as bossy and the tussle between cat and dog. Brands like Vodafone, Vivo and Honda Jazz have captured these sentiments aptly through their ads. This makes these videos shareable and relatable.

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