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The Media Ant is a leading Radio advertising agency in Delhi. Having served more than 100 clients across Delhi, we guarantee the best rates for FM advertising. Our data-led planning for the Radio campaign ensures that we pick the best radio stations in Delhi and at the optimal cost.  Contact us either through email or phone. 

FM Radio Advertising Rate in Delhi NCR

Get Radio Advertising Rate in Delhi NCR for all 8 FM stations that work in the city. FM Ad Rate in Delhi NCR or in any other city varies for different stations. Ad rate for FM channels in Delhi NCR relies on the reach of a station as well as the kind of audience. Ad rates are mostly directly correlated to the popularity of the FM station. The cost of Radio advertising in Delhi NCR will be higher for the more popular stations and lower for stations that are not that popular. Similarly, FM stations that cater to a niche audience might charge a premium to the advertisers. For e.g: an FM station playing English music in Delhi NCR might have a lower reach but because it caters to a niche audience, it might charge a premium for advertising on the FM station.

Radio Advertising costs in Delhi NCR will also differ with the type of media option that has been opted for. There are multiple ad formats available to advertise on the FM stations of Delhi NCR. Along with the rate of Jingle advertising in FM stations of Delhi NCR, The Media Ant website also provides rates for other innovative ad types like RJ Mention, Sponsorship tag, Interviews, Studio shift, and other custom ad types.
Prime Time ad rate and Non-Prime Time ad rate for FM stations in Delhi NCR also varies. Prime Time ad rate refers to the rate if you choose to place your ad only during the prime time of 7 am to 12 noon and 5 pm to 10 pm. The time band might vary slightly for few FM stations but broadly these are the accepted prime time and nonprime definition.  

How to place ads in FM stations of Delhi NCR

There are multiple ways to place ads in the FM stations of Delhi NCR. The most conventional method of placing ad in FM stations of Delhi NCR is to contact a radio planning ad agency in Delhi NCR. Once you have contacted the ad agency and shared your requirement, the radio ad agency will share a radio plan, negotiate the rate for placing ads in Delhi NCR FM on your behalf, buy the ad spots and monitor them. The Media Ant is one of the best radio ad agencies in Delhi NCR and can help you plan your FM ad campaign. You can contact us for a custom plan and the best rates for your Radio campaign in Delhi NCR.

How to use The Media Ant website for planning your FM ad campaign in Delhi NCR?

The Media Ant also helps you execute your FM campaign online without the requirement of a physical meeting. The ad rates for all FM stations of Delhi NCR are available online. The advertiser is required only to select the Radio station, the number of ads that you would want to place, and upload the jingle. Our Radio advertising planners will also help you in selecting the right number of ad spots based on your budget. We also work with the FM stations to help you get a jingle recorded. So if you are looking to run an FM radio campaign in Delhi NCR while sitting in any part of the world, The Media Ant is the right choice. You can be assured of the best rate for the FM ad campaign in Delhi NCR as our experienced buying team negotiates on your behalf. The rates available and planning assistance is not limited to jingle advertising on FM channels of Delhi NCR. We also share rates and plan for innovative ad types on Delhi NCR FM channels like RJ mentions, sponsorship tags, time checks, interviews, and Radio shifts. 

The Media Ant provides all information on the website required to plan a successful FM ad campaign in Delhi NCR. As the first step, go to the Radio planning tool on The Media Ant website and in the Geography box type “Delhi NCR”. This will then list all FM stations of Delhi NCR. One can use the filter of language to see the right FM station that suits your audience. The FM station list is by default sorted in the order of the number of searches happening. One can sort the list based on City Station Rank, Search Popularity, and Price. The user can also toggle between list view and card view for ease of usage. If you are looking to plan or advertise on more than one FM station of Delhi NCR, the list view is the recommended view. Otherwise, you can use the card view. You can also use the filter of Media option to see the rates and plan for other ad options like RJ mention, Sponsorship tags, etc. One can click on any Radio Station link and get into the Data section to get details like Language, the frequency at which one can listen to them, TMA Ranking, list of RJs, and popular programs. Once you have selected the FM stations of Delhi NCR where you would like to place your ad, you can add them to the cart and request for the special discounted rate. As mentioned earlier, being one of the best FM Radio advertising agency in Delhi NCR gets us special discounted rates for our clients. Once we receive a specific requirement, our agency’s client servicing team works with the media buying team and gets the best rate for placing your ad in the top FM stations of Delhi NCR.

You can also book your ad in Delhi NCR FM channels online by making a payment from your cart. We provide a 100% refund in case the ad spot that you have booked is not available for the given date. Booking the ad online for your FM campaign also ensures that you get the best-discounted rate for your campaign. Any discount is added as a credit to your account which you can either use for your future campaign or refund it back to your campaign. So you can be always assured that you get the best rate for your FM Radio ad campaign in Delhi NCR irrespective of you booking it online or offline.

Demographics of Radio listeners in Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR is the capital of India. With a population of more than 1.9 crores, Delhi NCR is also one of the fourth largest metropolitan cities in India. Prominent cities of NCR include Delhi, Ghaziabad, Fraidabad, Gurugram, Noida, Meerut, Bulandshahr, Muzaffarnagar, Karnal, Alwar, Bharatpur, Sonipat and Panipat. Hindi is the most common language and all FM stations in Delhi NCR play Hindi music. Delhi NCR is also one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. FM Radio listening happens both in cars and at home.

Popular FM stations of Delhi NCR:

1. Red FM, Delhi
2. Radio Mirchi, Delhi
3. Radio City, Delhi
4. Big FM, Delhi NCR
5. Radio Fever, Delhi
6. Radio One, Delhi
7. Hit FM, Delhi
8. Radio Ishq, Delhi

Ad Types for Delhi NCR FM

Jingle Ads:  These ads are the most popular ad format for FM stations in Delhi NCR. Pre-recorded jingles are played during the ad breaks. The ad length varies from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. Longer than 60-sec jingles can also be played but are rare as ad cost increases proportionately with the ad length. Use this ad format in Delhi NCR if you are looking for a high reach and high-frequency campaign. 

Sponsorship Ads: These ad types are more of a reminder and are short 2-3 seconds snippets. Works very well in conjunction with the jingle ads.
RJ Mentions: This is the ad format where an RJ from the FM station of Delhi NCR will talk about your product or service. This ad format is expensive but manages to cut the clutter and is presented as part of the content. It is important to remember than people tune into any FM station in Delhi NCR to listen to both to the music as well as RJs talking. There is high allegiance to popular RJ of FM stations.
Studio Shift: This refers to broadcasting from the clients' location. Used mainly for high impact launches in Delhi NCR, the RJ will set up his or her studio at the advertiser’s premises and broadcast from there. This is a high impact ad type but expensive at the same time.
Interviews: This is another ad format where someone from the brand team is interviewed by the RJ. During the chat, an advertiser can talk about the product.
Road Block: In this format, all ad spots including jingles and RJ mentions are blocked for the given advertiser. During the selected time band, all ads on the given FM station of Delhi NCR will play only ads of a given brand. This is a high impact clutter-free format and used by brands in cluttered categories like real estate to break the clutter.

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Radio Advertising Rates in Delhi for 2021

The Media Ant is committed to getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year. Hence, it is very important to check the updated Radio advertising rates before booking your campaign. To find the updated Radio advertising rates in Delhi for 2021, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular Radio advertising option and look for the latest Radio advertising rates in Delhi for 2021 under the heading “Top Choice/Other Ad Options” after clicking on the particular advertising option.

Top 10 Radio Advertisers in Delhi in Oct-Dec 2021

1Mitsubishi Electric - Air Conditioner - Super Value Days
3Supr Daily - Mobile App
4OnePlus - 9, 9 Pro
5Mitsubishi Electric
6Sunbean Beaten Caffe
7Amazon Prime - Hello Charlie
8Rapido - Mobile App
9Mi Home - Fan Festival