TMA 9th Anniversary: Thank you for helping us create a flat advertising world

TMA Anniversary Special

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” – Alice in Wonderland.

While most of us would associate the word “flattening” with “curve”, thanks to the pandemic; today we would like to take a slightly different approach and remember the popular term- “THE WORLD IS FLAT” derived from the international bestseller that talked about how the evolution of technology had brought the entire world to a level-playing field in terms of commerce, irrespective of the geographical constraints.

Co-incidentally, in the past one and half years, we have witnessed this term being reinforced.  Although disadvantaged with the loss of human connections- boardroom meetings, brainstorming sessions, agency pitches, Ad rates negotiations, Sales beats, etc., it was also heartening to observe how organizations have expedited their digital transformation journeys, especially the smaller and traditional ones.

And like all of you, we have been inspired too. As we complete 9 years of existence in this vast advertising world, we also find ourselves at the beginning of another exciting cycle. In the past 9 years, world has moved from desktop to mobile, traditional media approach to digital media first approach. And with everything topsy turvy in the past year, we had no choice other than shake the earth and it all began with YOU!

In January 2021, we conducted a survey among SMEs about advertising and received valuable insights that helped us figure out the factors that still restrict advertisers from having a seamless advertising experience. And here we are with our top projects (completed and in the pipeline) that hopefully would improve your advertising experience.

TMA 9th Anniversary Infographic

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