The Blurring Lines Between Digital and Outdoor: A Case Study on Classplus and FloBiz

Every day, we come across countless examples that reflect and further re-establishes the all encompassing power of technology. 

Starting from the very first written advertisement on papyrus in 3000 BC, humans have indeed come a long, long way.

In today’s time, when advertising is about the right audience targeting than anything else, combining multiple media verticals is sure to give us better results than leveraging their power separately. Like they say, united we stand, divided we fall.

Media verticals that worked independently before are now piggybacking on each other to extract maximum benefit. A latest example of this is the beautiful marriage of digital and outdoor. The old school approach of outdoor is elevated by the detailed targeting power of digital- blurring the lines between the two and giving us results like no other.

The campaigns of Classplus and Flobiz are perfect examples of how audience targeting was done by combining both- outdoor and digital media.

Case study #1 – Classplus

The Product

Classplus is the fastest growing education app in India for managing coaching institutes. Classplus comes with an integrated attendance software and management tool for student fees on the app.

The software and the app enables detailed performance reports and personalized student analysis. The latest technology is also integrated in the coaching classes and tuition classroom management platform. All of this comes with just a beautiful and simple designed interface which is loved by tutors, students and parents alike.

Campaign name



The objective was to create brand awareness and preference among the teachers’ community.

Campaign duration

The ClassPlus campaign ran for 21 Days.

Target audience

The target audience of the education app were teachers.


Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Patna, and Kochi.


Keeping the objectives in mind, following were some of the factors that were considered: 

  • The local teachers were made central theme of the campaign. The hoardings included their images which were put in high visibility areas.
  • Partnered with BLISS (a digital app for targeting customer base) to get the reach, visibility & frequency details.


Testimonials of respective teachers were distributed based on the area, for increasing the teacher base. 


  • Increase in the visibility & frequency  
  • Increased brand awareness

Campaign Creatives

Case study #2 – Flobiz

The Product/service

FloBiz is a Bengaluru-based fast-growing internet-only bank for Indian SMBs, the fintech aims for accelerating its outreach to SMB sectors and promote adoption of its flagship product, that is My Bill Book – a simple yet useful GST billing and accounting software.

Campaign name

My Bill Book


The campaign aimed at creating brand awareness among business owners and SMEs.

Campaign Duration

The duration of the campaign was 15 days. Starting date was 18/11/2021

Target audience

The target audience of FloBiz campaign was particularly SMEs as well as all other business owners.


Ahmedabad, Ranchi, Lucknow & Coimbatore.


While keeping the objectives in mind, the following were some of the factors that were considered: 

  • Target the areas where small & medium scale businesses are more and the aim was to create knowledge and awareness regarding the product. 
  • Partnered with BISS for an in-depth digital targeting after creating a general awareness via hoardings.


City and language wise targeting was done through hoardings in order to reach a wider number of target audience. The campaign was extended through BLISS, which took it one step further through digital targeting.


Number of users increased, which was determined by the daily report from BLISS.

Campaign Creatives

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