Popular digital platforms to advertise in 2022

In the past few years we have seen a massive transformation in advertising, as consumers spend more time on their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It is now a challenge for the brands to connect with the customers in real-time through these devices and create campaigns that may work perfectly for display advertising and social media.

“For a long time digital advertising has been confined to Google, Facebook and Instagram. However with the heavy usage of OTT and various user-generated platforms the ad consuming behavior is changing.” says Mukesh Agrawal, Business head and co-founder of The Media Ant. 

The conversations that brands have with the people in real-time and as they interact with mobile apps and websites has transformed the nature of advertising.

“The brands advertising on Facebook or Google now require shifting to these mobile apps and websites. At the same time, the ad spends of these platforms would go down and move to these upcoming digital platforms”, added Agrawal. 

Source: SME Futures
Source: SME Futures
Source: SME Futures
Source: SME Futures

Short Form Video

Source: Deloitte Analysis

The loss that Tik Tok experienced in the Indian market has worked as a boon for the home-grown user-generated short video platforms like Josh, MX Taka Tak, Roposo and Moj. The Tik Tok ban left a void in the short video platform market which was growing exponentially. Within 6 months into the Tik Tok ban, various home grown short video platforms tried their best to fill the gap and they succeeded. The Indian consumers quickly adapted to these platforms and soon these video platforms gained popularity. 

Over 300 Million users looked for alternatives to Tik Tok, this is when Moj, Josh, Roposo and MX Taka Tak emerged as the top players. 


The short video platforms experienced a steady growth in the past one year. Within the first few months after the launch of Moj, it reached 80 million monthly active users. In the month of February 2021, ShareChat’s Moj recorded over 23.5 million downloads.

MX Taka Tak

Source: MX Taka Tak

MX Taka Tak is the short video platform of MX Player and it has been making some major success in the short video format market. The video platform was launched in July 2020 and by the end of the month it has over 26 million app installs. The brand also ran various app install programs, they worked with partners and created an astounding marketing campaign for attracting users and advertisers. In the month of February MX Taka Tak was the most downloaded app in India, with 6.27 daily active users and 36.5 million installs.


Source: Tech Crunch

As per study, the short video platform Josh is leading on both the influencer and user end, as it has a strong user base in the Hindi belt and Tier-2 cities. Within a few months after its launch Josh received 17.5 million installs. In recent times Josh is the most engaged and fastest growing short video app in India, with over 155 million monthly active users, and around 56 million daily active users as of September 2021.


The owner of the short video app Roposo is InMobi Group, the mobile ad services and content firm, which is aiming at a creator-led live commerce. The app has witnessed more than 100 million downloads and is currently being used by 1.2 million content creators.

Right now the monthly active users for Roposo is more than 30 million in India, while Glance has 150 million daily users. The company will soon launch their live video format as they go forward. 

Source: Statista

Audio OTT

As per Statista, a data firm, the music streaming market in India will be worth $663 million in 2021 and by 2025 it would jump to $1.1 billion at 14.2% CAGR. The audio OTT is a largely advertising driven business and it is looking for different forms of monetisation, and one of the options they have chosen is podcasts. Podcasts are believed to be the perfect medium for storytelling, and the number of streaming shows clearly that its popularity is rising. It is just a matter of time and soon branded podcasts will become a trend. 


Source: CounterPoint Research

Spotify the global music streaming platform launched its  music streaming app in 2019 in the Indian market. The Sweden-based company is largely based on the subscriptions and advertisements revenue model and has churned out Rs 16.12 in FY20. Spotify currently owns 15% of the total market share in the music streaming market in India, says a study by VTION. (January 2021).


Wynk is an OTT music streaming platform which is owned by Airtel with over 72.5 million monthly active users at the end of 2021 March. The figure soon increased by 22% to 59.3 million monthly active users by the end of September.

Wynk music has become a top music app with the rising popularity and demand of regional music. According to the music streaming app, the key growth driver of the platform is regional music; it has also accounted for 26% of over 3 billion monthly streams on the app.

Jio Saavn

Source: Business Insider India

Business insider india 

JioSaavn has been experiencing steady growth in terms of the subscription base. After the launch of the music app, it has been trying to improve its features for better user experience and create differentiation in the category. During the lockdown, JioSaavn also launched JioSaavn anywhere, and a live IP concert in order to bring the artists and their fans closer. 


Source: DazeInfo

Gaana, which is owned by Times Internet, is one of the largest music streaming platforms in India, with more than 180 million monthly active users currently. Bollywood hindi songs remain to be the most popular among listeners, apart from that Punjabi songs, as a genre, have also garnered a lot of interest.

In addition to these, music in regional languages like Haryanvi and Bhojpuri and devotional songs is steadily growing. Right now, Gaana is focusing at 500 million user base in the coming two years.

Fantasy gaming

Source: KreedOn

As per a survey conducted by Indiacasinoinfo.com, in India, about 71% of gamers love cricket, followed by football with 54%. Indian gamers are also interested in various indigenous sports which is why Kabaddi owns the third place with 6% players. As the use of smartphones is increasing, more and more people are taking part in online games. These fantasy games also have cash as rewards that attract a lot of gamers. 

In the year 2014 the revenue was nearly 200 crores, which nearly doubled in just a span of 4 years and increased to 438 crores in 2018. It also showed tremendous growth in 2019, and reached to 920 crores and it took just an year to triple. Currently, the figures are touching 2470 crores.

Source: KreedOn


PUBG was and is still a rage amongst youth. PUBG Mobile had experienced 45 million Google Play installs in Asia, and over 36 million installs came from the version in India. PUBG mobile witnessed nearly 41 million installs in India which is by far the largest in the Asian market. In the past 5 years PUBG India reached 7 billion downloads.

Real Cricket

Here in India, cricket is one of the most popular sports which has fans all across the country, which is why Real Cricket is one of the most downloaded games. The online game has churned more than 1 crore downloads on Google Play store in India. The game virtually fulfills the dream of several players who want to play on the ground but are not able to do so due to various restrictions. It gained immense popularity during the lockdown as it perfectly emulated the cricket matches.

Ludo King

The one game that gained a mass appeal in the lockdown period was Ludo King. This was majorly because, people could stay connected with their family and friends, discuss their daily chores and play a casual game like Ludo recollecting old times. Another reason for the immense popularity was the fact that the game could be stretched for a long time if played with a competitive mindset or wrapped in minutes if played with fun. Advertisers who want to target a wide range of people can go for advertising in Ludo King.

Digital Payment platforms

Source: NassComm Community

India recorded almost 44 million digital payments in the financial year 2021. This clearly showed an increase in comparison to the last three years. In 2021 India’s mobile payment system has witnessed strong gains, both in value and numbers, since 2015.

The key players in the digital payment platform are PayTm and PhonePe, however the most used app in India was the domestic app PhonePe. 

Source: Business standard


Source: PayTm

One97 Communications, the parent company of PayTm said that the payments made to merchants through their app or its gross merchandise value increased by 131% to Rs 83200 crore in 2021 October compared to the last year.

The increase in the gross merchandise value continued during October 2021 too due to the festive season spends, at the same time there was growth in the number of consumers and merchants, adoption of new products, deployed devices and transactions for in-store and online merchants.


Within 8 months of the launch of PhonePe it witnessed a rapid growth as it surpassed 1 billion transactions. This increase indicates that Indian consumers are willing to adopt digital payment methods, which further accelerated due to the pandemic and lockdown which shut down various essential goods and services.

Right now, PhonePe has about 145 million monthly active users and it has also recorded an annual total payment of $600 billion.

Source: The StoryPedia

Digital News Platforms

Source: Next Big What
Source: Pew Research Center

Online news consumption has been rapidly growing in India along with the traditional print form of news. In fact, popular legacy media brands that have been using traditional media are now entering the online sphere too. Apart from that, there are various news websites that are entering into the market that are catering specifically to the youth.

Advertisers who are looking to target customers in Tier 1, metro cities and youth can go for digital new platforms. Advertising in online news platforms also works well for education and e-commerce brands.

First Post

Firstpost is the largest and premier digital newsroom in India, with more than 32.8 million unique visitors on mobile devices. The online news platform also continues to rank amongst the top 5 leading digital media publications in India. It has also become the 4th most-read news site that focuses on sports, business, politics, entertainment and technology. The company is leading the way by developing path-breaking and innovative content for the readers.c

DNA India

The Indian Broadsheet Daily News and Analysis (DNA) was launched in 2005 and was published in English from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Indore in India. It is the first Indian English broadsheet daily that introduced an all-color page format. DNA India is managed and owned by Diligent Media Corporation and targets young readers. 


InShorts, an online news platform that started with a simple idea of ‘news in 60 words’, is currently one of the most popular news apps, with a revenue rate of $10 million as of FY19. InShorts with more than 300 advertisers aims to double their revenue by the end of 2021.

The news platform adds about 10 new advertisers each month. Their list of clients include brands like, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Myntra, Mercedes among others. InShorts’ last big brand was Netflix that created content for Ghoul, 13 Reasons Why and Narcos. 

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