How to advertise your business in Delhi? Here’s a complete guide.

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In the first article of the series State-wise Media Exposure in India-A Comparison, we discussed, in brief, the heterogeneous nature of media penetration across the Indian states. We found out that TV is the most popular medium in the country. The penetration of the newspaper to a greater extent dependent on the literacy rate of the state. At a lot of places, radio compensates for the low penetration of TV. Cinema’s presence is almost non-existent in the northern and eastern parts of India.

In the next two articles in the series:

we discussed advertising in Bangalore and Mumbai in detail, covering a number of topics- from demographics to reach of various media, top media in Bangalore and Mumbai as well as most prominent areas in Bangalore and Mumbai. This article would help anyone who would like to understand the marketing landscape of Bangalore and Mumbai.  

In this article, we would dissect the marketing landscape of The Capital of India- Delhi.

Following is a brief summary of all the aspects covered in this article:

(a) Delhi Demographics (Charts and Tables)

(b) Reach of Various Media in Delhi(Charts and Tables)

(c) Top Advertising Platforms of Delhi and Top Areas for Advertising in Delhi (Charts and Tables)

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Page 2: Delhi demographics (Detailed)

Page 3: Reach of various media in Delhi (Detailed)

Page 4: Top media for advertising in Delhi (Detailed)

Page 5: Top areas for advertising in Delhi (Detailed)

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