Advertising on web series – New preferred destination

Web series is the latest phenomenon that the Indian youth is undergoing in the current times. With content pouring over the internet, there are multiple options, channels and players with interesting set of series reigning the entire Internet space since one has a variety of genres available – romance, comedy, drama! There is no denial to the fact that these are popular and they are being watched everyday, everywhere and all the time! Some popular you tube shows  web series in last few months have been Tripling, Pitchers, Honest Weddings, Permanent Roommates, Love Shots , A.I.sha and many more!

Well the effect of this popularity is, web-series have become the latest  destination for brand promotions. Specially those who have “young, working, tech savvy,internet savvy people” in their Target Audience. In last few months many brands have been noticed  doing interesting promotions in association with different web series and Youtube shows and these ads/promotions are definitely more visible than regular ads on TV, radio, Hoardings or an internet banner. They are being noticed by the right target audience and they are available on You Tube channels for longer time. One can see these shows whenever they want and they do not generally come with a limited shelf life, thus adding to the advantage of advertisers.

YouTube advertising has gone to another level with advertising. Web series advertising has also has definitely gone to another level with more content flowing and ever increasing number of views, likes and shares on you tube that can be seen. The extended version of web series advertising and YouTube advertising is social media promotions.

All these web series characters (loved and followed on everywhere on social media with huge number of youngsters)  have been seen doing extended promotions for the brand on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc! Well web series advertising is definitely a complete digital package for its advertisers!

Where the internet world has created a new media option for brand promotions, it will be interesting to see if this can effect other traditional mediums and change the game of offline adverting!

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