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ETV Network Television Advertisement 

ETV Network television advertisement remains a very popular option for television advertising despite the tremendous competition from various OTT platforms and other online media. Advertisers can put out creative and engaging ads and make quality impressions through ETV Network television advertising.

You can avail ETV Network television advertisement in different formats which would enable you to have more freedom while creating your ad:

  • TVC: Like all TV, television commercials (TVC) are the most popular type of ads available for ETV Network television advertisement. These are the short clips that are broadcasted during the intervals (commercial breaks)  in TV programs. The average duration of these audio-visual ads is about 30 seconds, though at times it can reach up to a whole minute. 
  • Overlays: These types of ETV Network TV advertisements are peculiar in that they are displayed simultaneously with the program along the edge of the screen. They are usually text-based, though they may sometimes include graphics as well. They are the costliest type of ETV Network TV ads as they appear with the program and hence can’t be ignored.
  • Infomercials: These are the least costly of all television advertisement formats as they are played during low viewership hours late at night or very early in the morning. These are long video ads that can extend well up to an hour. They are most commonly used for teleshopping.
  • Sponsorship Mentions: A sponsorship is a discrete form of television advertising whereby the name of the brand is mentioned prefixed by phrases like “brought to you by’’ or “sponsored by’’ every time a program is announced. Often the tagline of the brand is also included in the mention.

ETV Network television channels 

ETV Network is one of the most popular television channel networks that offers a bouquet of TV channels for advertising across several genres:

  • ETV Network GEC TV channels: General entertainment channel refers to channels having a variety of programs ranging from series to reality shows. ETV Network TV advertisement price is the highest among all ETV Network TV channels.
  • ETV Network News TV channels: News TV channels under ETV Network are perfect for television ads targeting male audiences, especially in the morning and evening.
  • ETV Network Movie TV channels: ETV Network TV ads price can be the most cost-effective if opted for during the premiere of popular movies.
  • ETV Network Sports TV channels: ETV Network TV advertising on Sports TV channels can be very effective to target sports enthusiasts, especially during the live broadcasts of matches. 

ETV Network TV Advertisement Price

ETV Network TV advertisement price depends on a number of variable factors. The time of airing is one of the most important of these factors. Ads aired on prime time like nine at night will cost considerably higher than those aired at other times of the day. 

ETV Network TV advertising price also depends largely on the ad format you chose. Overlays or the ads displayed on the screen in the middle of an ongoing program tend to be the costliest ones as they make the highest impressions.

ETV Network TV Advertising Price

ETV Network TV ads price is calculated on the following basis:

  • ETV Network TV Channel Ad Rate Per Second: There are a number of channels offered by ETV Network across genres and regions. TV channel ad rate per second is the biggest factor in determining the ETV Network TV advertising price.
  • TV Ad Duration: Needless to say, the longer your creative is, the higher is ETV Network TV advertising price.
  • Number of Spots Per Day: Now that we have got the ETV Network TV ads price per spot, we just have to multiply it by the total number of spots per day.
  • TV Advertising Time Band: It’s not surprising that most television channels charge different TV ad rates for different slots of time during the day. For example, the evening time band for TV advertising costs more. 
  • TV Advertising Ad Format: All the above factors come into play in the case of television video ads. However, there are other popular TV advertising formats too like Aston band, L band, scroller ads, etc for which the ETV Network advertisement price would be calculated differently. 

ETV Network TV Ads Price 

ETV Network is one of the best options in TV advertising and ETV Network ads price is only one of the reasons for that. You will be positively surprised at ETV Network advertising prices at The Media Ant.

Advertisers usually find ETV Network ads prices to be relatively lower than other options. And on The Media Ant website, you can still find ETV Network advertisements at further discounted rates. And if you are still not content with the television ad rates on there, don’t worry, our experienced team would be more than happy to negotiate on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the benefit of advertising on ETV Network TV? 

Advertising on ETV Network TV would help the brands reach out to their audience in an effective way. This method of the targeting would ensure that the audience is filtered out on the basis of the location they are based and the mode of TV subscription they have. 

How do you buy ETV Network TV advertising? 

To buy ETV Network TV advertising, brands would need to contact and coordinate with each channel for rates and campaign execution or they can hire a ETV Network TV advertising agency to be hassle-free. The Media Ant combines the best of both worlds by letting brands access the rates and reach data for all the ETV Network TV channels on a single platform and also helps brands run end-to-end campaigns. 

What is the effectiveness of ETV Network advertising?

To get the best reach, the best strategy is to place television ads in different genres and channels. Advertising in ETV Network would ensure that a variety of channel genres are covered. The Media Ant offers all the top-rated channels under ETV Network for advertising at the best television ad cost

How much does it cost to advertise on ETV Network?

The cost to advertise on ETV Network depends on the genre of the TV channel, the reach of the TV channel, the time-band, and the program running on the ETV Network channels.