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NameChannel GenreLanguageWeekly Viewers(000s)Rate
Sony MAXMoviesHindi541671
₹ 1,650

₹ 1,225

Per Second
₹ 480

₹ 325

Per Second
Star Suvarna PlusMoviesKannada27793
₹ 92.4

₹ 77

Per Second
Zee CinemaMoviesHindi503500
₹ 1,188

₹ 950

Per Second
Movies OkMoviesHindi137214
₹ 823

₹ 685.9

Per Second
Udaya MoviesMoviesKannada188975
₹ 675

₹ 563

Per Second
Star Movies Select HDMoviesEnglish300
₹ 1,324

₹ 1,258.2

Per Second
Star Movies HDMoviesEnglish1119
₹ 316

₹ 180

Per Second
STAR Gold (SD+HD)MoviesHindi466585
₹ 1,550

₹ 1,350

Per Second
STAR MoviesMoviesEnglish2804
₹ 400

₹ 340

Per Second
Zee Bangla CinemaMoviesBengali17415
₹ 48

₹ 46

Per Second
UTV MoviesMoviesHindi121259
₹ 389

₹ 369.4

Per Second
Surya MoviesMoviesMalayalam24032
₹ 200

₹ 150

Per Second
MAA MoviesMoviesTelugu52664
₹ 186.6

₹ 155.5

Per Second
B4U MoviesMoviesHindi103798
₹ 320

₹ 287.5

Per Second
Asianet MoviesMoviesMalayalam302637
₹ 187

₹ 168.5

Per Second
Bhojpuri CinemaMoviesBhojpuri35791
₹ 158

₹ 105

Per Second
Movies NowMoviesEnglish3416
₹ 400

₹ 350

Per Second
Sony PIXMoviesEnglish2054
₹ 355

₹ 290

Per Second
Wow CinemaMoviesHindi63558
₹ 44

₹ 42

Per Second
Fakt MarathiMoviesMarathi
₹ 120

₹ 100

Per Second
KTV MoviesMoviesTamil342071
₹ 488

₹ 415

Per Second
Gemini MoviesMoviesTelugu200711
₹ 170

₹ 150

Per Second
UTV ActionMoviesHindi101394
₹ 264

₹ 250.9

Per Second
STAR Movies ActionMoviesEnglish10308
₹ 180

₹ 135

Per Second
Nayuma CinemaMoviesHindi
₹ 105

₹ 100

Per Second
Zee TalkiesMoviesMarathi117349
₹ 384

₹ 330

Per Second
J MovieMoviesTamil36191
₹ 223.7

₹ 212.5

Per Second
Sony Max 2MoviesHindi100106
₹ 378

₹ 315

Per Second
Vijay SuperEntertainmentTamil14532
₹ 150

₹ 133

Per Second
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About Movies Television Advertising

Get ad rates for Movies TV Channels in India. The list of Movies TV channels in India is updated with best advertising rate, reach, popularity, language and top programs. You can use our Television Advertising planning tool to select right Movies Channels in India with best cost per reach and which provides the best impact. Filters available for selecting the right channel include languages (Hindi, English etc), popular network and Geography.

Details of Movies TV Channels in India

There are more than 110 Movies TV channels in India which are operational. Advertising in Movies TV channel is used to reach out to the masses. While advertising in English movie channels is used to reach out primarily to high income population, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other regional channels provide mass reach. Reach of Movies channels is determined largely by the movie played and hence advertising rates for movie channels vary greatly.

Advertising rate of Movies TV channels in India

Get best rates for advertising in Movies TV channels in India at The Media Ant. While you get the basic discounted rate when you select the channel list, we negotiate on your behalf for further discounts. Best ad rates for Movies channels in India are shared once we have the knowledge of the volume and campaign dates. Rates are separated as per the time band. In India,  ad rates of Television varies as per the various time bands including prime time and non prime time. You can get rates for both prime time and non prime time at The Media Ant

Advertising options in Movies TV Channels in India

There are multitudes of advertising options in Movies channels. While video advertising is most popular, L band and Scrollers are also popular. You can get rates for both video ads as well as L Bands, Scrollers and other innovations in Movies TV Channels at The Media Ant.

How to place ad in Movies TV Channels

You can place ads in Movies TV channels of Bhopal either online at or offline with a Television advertising agency. Follow these steps while planning your Television advertising campaign:

You can contact us for placing your ad in any or all of the Movies TV Channels in India .We guaranty the best ad rate, planning and execution for your TV advertising campaign.

About The Media Ant – Television Advertising Agency in India

We are India’s first Television ad agency that provides discounted cost without asking any question or forcing you to signup. As a leading Television Advertising agency in India we offer the best rates to our clients. We keep total cost down and provide you with very competitive rates.

Help in making video ad for Television campaign in India

The Media Ant offers free video ad making for all Television campaigns in India above Rs 2,00,000 value. For TV campaigns lower than Rs 2,00,000 we help you get the ad making at a very nominal fee.

How to measure effectiveness of a TV campaign in India

You can measure the effectiveness of TV campaign in India either by looking at increase in sales or through measuring increase in overall brand awareness.