Advertising in STAR Plus
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Video Ad

Per Second

Card Rate

₹ 4,565

Offer Rate

₹ 2,185
Premium Options

Aston Band

Per Aston Band

Card Rate

₹ 12,000

Offer Rate

₹ 10,000
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates





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About Television Advertising in India

Summary in 60 words

A brand can reach out to complete India in a single instance on Television. Television advertising is popular because it has the lowest cost per reach in comparison to other media verticals. It also has the added advantage of reaching out to users multiple times. Television ads engage with two senses of humans- eyes and ears, which is more impactful. Some popular TV channels in India are Star Plus, Zee TV, Colors, Aaj Tak and Star Sports.

Why Advertise in Star Plus?

Star Plus is Star Network’s Hindi general entertainment channel that broadcasts various entertainment shows like daily-soap operas, comedies, reality shows and other entertainment programmes.  Star Plus is one of the leading Hindi-entertainment channels today.

What's New on Star!

Star has come up with integrative ways to advertise on their channels. The USP here is we can work around a client, their idea and budget to create something customized that works for them perfectly. 

Click here to know more! 

Geo-targeting on Star Plus

Star Plus is one of the few National channels that has Geo-targeting options. Select Video Ad under Media Options & Pricing to know more. 

How Does Television Advertising Work?

Television Advertising options can be divided into 2 main categories: 

  • Ads that play during the Ad breaks: Video Ads are played during the ad breaks
  • Ads that play during programmes: . Aston Bands, L-Bands and Scrollers and played during programmes
How Pricing Works

  • Rates depend on the creative length, time band selected and duration of the campaign
  • Premium charges are applicable for targeting specific programmes, crunched time bands and spot positioning

Features of Star Plus

Popular Programmes

Who Should Advertise on Star Plus?
S. No.FactorsApplicability
3)National ReachYes
4)City ReachNo
5)Hyperlocal ReachNo
6)Short Term PerformanceNo
7)Long Term Brand BuildingYes
8)Low BudgetNo
9)Premium AudienceYes
Past Advertisers
Cadbury, Odonil, Surf Excel, Horlicks, Complan, ColgateFMCG
Toyota, HyundaiAutomobile
Shen YunEntertainment
Birla TMT, Nerolac PaintsB2B
CaterpillarHeavy Engineering
JMD Cargo ServicesLogistics
Namma HomeopathyHealthcare

Facts and Figures of Star Plus

  • ​Star Plus has a weekly viewership of 170,246,000 

Execution Details Related to Advertising in Star Plus

Execution steps/Execution Process Flow

Step 1: Planning: Select the Media Option, Ad length, Time Band, Total number of Ads, Campaign Duration and Start Date

In case you need any help with planning, please write to, if not the above details can be mailed to us on the same ID or Create Package online at The Media Ant

Step 2: We will check the ad space availability and other privileges like discounts, depending on the time of booking

Step 3: Submit the artwork and make the payment

Step 4: Campaign execution: Tentative log timings will be shared on a daily basis so the client can watch their Ads live

Guidelines for Artwork Creation
Creative FormatSpecifications
Video FormatMPEG-2/.MOV/.MXF/MP4
Resolution720x576 pixels
Frame Rate25 frames per second
Aspect Ratio4:3 or 16:9
Video Bit Rate50 MBit/ S
Audio Sample Rate48 kHz
Proof of Execution
  • ​Log Report: tentative log timings will be shared on a daily basis so the client can watch their Ads live
  • Telecast Certificate: at the end of the campaign, television channels provide a telecast certificate with the exact timings of the Ads aired 
Images/Videos Of Past Execution
Need More Reasons To Advertise on Television?
  • ​Lowest cost per reach among all media verticals
  • Can reach the entire nation at one instance
  • Can reach out to users multiple times
  • It allows you to convey your message with sight, sound, and motion, which gives your brand instant credibility
  • It is a very powerful media in building the image of your brand
How The Media Ant Can Help You

Our mission is to provide our clients cost effective television advertising, allowing them to reach thousands of potential customers  across the country. We can guarantee quality and on-time delivery. The Media Ant is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective television advertising. We as an advertising agency provide advertisers with the opportunity to target key professionals. Television advertising can be an expensive business, and that's why we take time to study you and your market to ensure that your budget is well spent. We guarantee you the best rates for television advertising.

Why Advertising In STAR Plus Works

STAR Plus is the most effective advertising medium. It generates the most profit, creates more sales and consistently outperforms everything else. STAR Plus Television stands head and shoulders above other media in driving business results.

STAR Plus Advertising Has Unbeatable Scale And Reach

STAR Plus is enormous and by far the most popular medium for all age groups. It is the TV channel's unique ability to deliver huge audience figures in a short space of time that is part of the reason it is the most effective type of advertising around.

STAR Plus Ads Are Vital For Long-Term Success

STAR Plus advertising has many short-term effects, such as driving sales, creating spikes in online search and creating word of mouth on and offline. It works and it works fast. However, immediate success is only one part of STAR Plus channel's power. The effects of STAR Plus Television advertising accumulate over time; the longer you advertise, the bigger the effect. It is vital for long-term success.

STAR Plus Campaign Cost

Costs are determined by the number of viewers and how sought-after the programming is, as well as the breadth of the campaign. So there is an opportunity for everyone – regardless of budget!

STAR Plus Advertising can be broken into two main costs, Creative (the making of your advert) and Media (the cost of placing it on a Colors channel).

In general STAR Plus channel price is set by DLVP and most broadcasters trade at either a discount or premium depending a number of variables:

  • Seasonality- costs vary by month (summer tends to be cheaper than autumn for example)
  • Advertiser demand - If there is a high demand for STAR Plus Television advertising in the marketplace, you will pay more
  • Time length of the creative - 30 seconds is an industry standard, if the length of your advert is shorter or longer than this, the costs will vary accordingly Time of day - Certain day parts are more expensive than others (i.e. early evening peak) as this is when most Indian viewers are tuning in.

Who We Are

We’re The Media Ant, India’s favorite independent TV advertising agency among small and medium-sized businesses. We believe the India’s enterprising culture is something to be celebrated, which is why we’ve made it our mission to provide a targeted TV buying service that supports sustainable business growth at low TV advertising costs. We represent 971 TV channels – more than any other Indian agency – and now we want to join forces with you!


For the cost mentioned on the site how many times would my ad be shown?


Shared rate for Television is per second. Let me explain this through an example. 

Rate Star Plus - Rs 2,000 per sec

Length of your ad - 20 seconds

So every time your ad gets played, you would need to pay Rs 2000 X 20 = Rs 40,000

Now, if you play this ad 10 times it would cost Rs 40,000 X 10 = Rs 400,000