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TATA IPL 2024 On JioCinema Insights

Record breaking viewership and engagement during IPL 2023

10 Crore app downloads

3.21 Crore peak concurrency

12.6Crore Views on CTV


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TATA IPL 2024 On JioCinema Exclusive Ad Package

  • Expected Reach- 600 Mn
  • 100+ targeting options
  • Available in 12 Language feeds
  • Packages Starting at INR 5 Lakh

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Reach In Numbers: TATA IPL 2023 on JioCinema 

Following map contains approximate average reach details of TATA IPL 2023 on JioCinema based on IPL 2023 viewership trends


Campaign Execution Reports

Get a detailed dashboard with campaign delivery data reported by a third party measurement tool as well as GPS map enabled screenshots of campaign execution.



The minimum budget to advertise in TATA IPL 2024 is 5 Lakh for OTTs and 10 Lakh for CTV. To know more about the budget and packages for TATA IPL 2024 advertising you can click here. You can even Schedule A Call with us to know more and advertise on TATA IPL 2024.

In the exclusive SMB 5 lakh package, your ad would be viewed 25 Lakh+ times (25L+ impressions delivery) which would mean that one would be able to watch a 10-sec ad approximately 1-2 times during the live match.

The media options for TATA IPL 2024 digital ads on JioCinema are as follows:

  • Pre-roll ads: Non-skippable ad that plays as soon as you start watching the live match on the app.
  • Mid-roll ads: Non-skippable ad that plays during the live match.
  • Fence/Frame Ads: Banner ads within the app.
  • VOD: 10-sec video ads played while watching highlights.
  • Squeeze Ups: Banner ad that comes in the bottom part of the screen during live matches and stays for 5 sec.
  • CTV (Pan India + Language specific feed): A TV spot on Smart TV- all households watching TATA IPL 2024 on JioCinema on smart TVs would see this ad either PAN-India or in any of the 12 regional languages feed depending on the targeting.

To advertise on TATA IPL 2024 you would need video / banner creatives as per JioCinema ad specifications as well as GST, PAN,Company Identification Number (CIN). An advance payment has to be made as well. To know more, get in touch with us by scheduling a call.

The targeting options available for TATA IPL 2024 on JioCinema are:

  • Geography Targeting (OTT)
  • Device Targeting (OTT)
  • Language Targeting (CTV)
  • Age (OTT)
  • You can customize your Targeting to exact Geography of your interest in Pre-Roll/Mid Roll Videos (Live /PPL/Highlights) on OTT. The indicative audience reach size for these are shared in the insights section.

The ads would run during live TATA IPL 2024 matches as well as match highlights.

Match selection can only happen if a brand is advertising on CTV, since the ad buying is done as per spots. To get more impact, advertising on consecutive match days are recommended.

Advertising on CTV gives your brand the option to target affluent audiences in geographical locations.The targeting filters of language commentary will further make sure that brands, especially SMBs get the option to target their audience in a specific geographical area or those who speak a particular language. Also, advertising on CTV will give your ad a staggering reach- till date, 15 Mn HHs have watched IPL on CTV, which is 50% of the total CTV Universe and expected to hit 32 Mn HHs or 100 Mn affluent audience of India. Each CTV has a 3-4 member Households count.

Proof of execution will be provided to brands to assure them that their ads have run in its preferred time and place. This will be done by taking real-time screenshot during live matches with GPS map recording and also an Impressions report and Dashboard will be provided.

JioCinema has tied up with Flashtalking as the third party ad measurement partner to ensure transparency in ad delivery. The Media Ant as the Exclusive SMB partner of Jio Cinema also gives you Screenshots/ Recordings and Dashboards.

You can book TATA IPL 2024 ad campaigns on JioCinema through The Media Ant website. To know more about this, schedule a call with us.

The viewership of the series is expected to cross 600 million on OTT and 100 million on CTV by May end. Already more than 280 Million people have watched TATA IPL 2024 on JioCinema and record breaking audiences are coming to the App as it is FREE.

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