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Radio Advertising Agency in Hyderabad

The Media Ant is a leading Radio advertising agency in Hyderabad. Having served multiple clients across Hyderabad, we guarantee the best rates for FM advertising. Our data-led planning for the Radio campaign ensures that we pick the best radio stations in Hyderabad and at the optimal cost.  Contact us either through email or phone for your Radio campaign in Hyderabad. 

There are various ways to place ads on the FM stations of Hyderabad. The conventional method of placing an ad in FM stations of Hyderabad is to contact a radio advertising agency in Hyderabad. After you have contacted the ad agency and shared your requirement, the radio ad agency would share a radio plan, negotiate the rate for placing ads in Hyderabad FM on your behalf, buy the ad spots and monitor them. The Media Ant is one of the best radio ad agencies in Hyderabad and can help you in planning your Radio ad campaign. You can reach out to us for a custom plan and avail the best rates for your Radio campaign in Hyderabad.

Radio Advertising Rate in Hyderabad

Get updated Radio Advertising Rate in Hyderabad for all the FM stations. FM Ad Rate in Hyderabad or besides in any city changes for various stations. Ad rates for FM channels in Hyderabad are reliant on the compass of a station just as the sort of crowd. The cost of Radio advertising in Hyderabad will be higher for the more popular stations and lower for stations that are not that popular. Similarly, FM stations that cater to a niche audience might charge a premium to the advertisers. For e.g: FM station playing English music in Hyderabad might have a lower reach but because it caters to a niche audience, it might charge a premium for advertising on the FM station.

Radio Advertising costs in Hyderabad will likewise differ with the sort of media alternative that has been decided on. There are various ad formats available to advertise on the FM stations of Hyderabad. Along with the rate of Jingle advertising in FM stations of Hyderabad, The Media Ant also offers advertisement rates for various kinds of ad types.
Prime Time ad rate and Non-Prime Time ad rate for FM stations in Hyderabad also varies. Prime Time advertisement rate alludes to the rate in the event that you decide to put your ad only during the prime time of 7 am to 12 early afternoons and 5 pm to 10 pm. The time band may shift marginally for some FM stations however comprehensively these are the acknowledged prime time and nonprime definition. Following are further information about the FM Radio ad rates which will help you shortlist the best FM channel for your brand:
Ad Rates: If the cost of an ad is listed as INR 400 for a radio station in a city, it signifies the pricing unit of 1 jingle played for 10 seconds. If advertisers play a 30-second Ad 5 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs. (400 X 30*5*7)/10 = Rs. 42,000.
Discounted Rates: We show the lowest rates at which the ads can be purchased directly in our Media Options and Pricing Tab. Additional Discounts on ad rates depend upon the volume of ad buying by advertisers.
Additional Cost: Advertisers will have to pay an additional 18% on discounted rates as a service tax while buying ad spots.

Radio Advertising Rates in Hyderabad for 2021                            
The Media Ant is committed to getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year. Hence, it is very important to check the updated radio advertising rates before booking your campaign. To find the updated Radio Advertising Rates in Hyderabad for 2021, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular radio advertising option and look for the latest Radio Advertising Rates in Hyderabad for 2021 under the heading “Top Choice /Other Ad Options”.

How to place ads in FM stations of Hyderabad?

There are different ways to place ads in the FM stations of Hyderabad. The most conventional method of placing ad in FM stations of Hyderabad is to contact a radio planning ad agency in Hyderabad. Once you have contacted the advertising agency and shared your requirement, the radio ad agency would then share a radio plan, negotiate the rate for placing ads in Hyderabad FM on your behalf, buy the ad spots and monitor them. The Media Ant is one of the best radio ad agency in Hyderabad and can assist you with planning your FM ad campaign. You can reach out to us for a custom plan and avail the best rates for your Radio campaign in Hyderabad.

How to use The Media Ant website for planning your FM ad campaign in Hyderabad?

The ad rates for all FM stations of Hyderabad are available online. The advertiser is required to choose the Radio station, the number of advertisements that they would want to place, and upload the jingle. Our Radio advertising planners will also assist you in selecting the right number of ad spots based on various parameters including your budget. We also work with the FM stations to assist you to get a jingle recorded. If you are looking to run an FM radio campaign in Hyderabad while sitting in any part of the world, The Media Ant is an apt choice for you. You can be assured of the best rate for the FM ad campaign in Hyderabad as our experienced buying team negotiates on your behalf. The rates available and planning assistance is not limited to jingle advertising on FM channels of Hyderabad. We also share rates and plan for innovative ad types on Hyderabad FM channels like RJ mentions, sponsorship tags, time checks, interviews, and Radio shifts. 

The Media Ant provides all information on the website required to plan a successful FM ad campaign in Hyderabad. As the initial step, one should go to the Radio planning tool on Media Ant site and in the Geography box type in “Hyderabad”. This will by then rundown all FM stations of Hyderabad. One can also filter by language to see the right FM station that suits their audience. The FM station list is by default sorted in the request for the number of searches occurring. One can sort the list basis City Station Rank, Search Popularity, and Price. The user can also toggle between list view and card view for ease of usage. If you are looking to plan or advertise on more than one FM station of Hyderabad, the list view is the recommended view else you can use the card view. You can also use the Media option filter to see the rates and plan for other ad options like RJ mention, Sponsorship tags, Radio shifts, etc. One can click on any of the Radio Station’s link and get into the Data section to get details like Language, the frequency at which one can listen to them, TMA Ranking, list of RJs and popular programs. Once you have selected the FM stations of Hyderabad where you would like to place your ad, you can add them to the cart and request for the special discounted rate. As mentioned earlier, being one of the best FM Radio advertising agency in Hyderabad gets us special discounted rates for our clients. Once we receive a specific requirement, our agency’s client servicing team works with the media buying team and gets the best rate for placing your ad in the top FM stations of Hyderabad.

You can likewise book your advertisement in Hyderabad FM channels online by making an installment from your cart. We offer a 100% refund in case the ad spot that you have booked is not available for the given date. Booking the advertisement online for your FM campaign likewise guarantees that you get the best-negotiated rate for your campaign. Any discount is added as a credit to your account which you can either use for your future campaign or refund it back to your campaign. You can be always assured that you will get the best rate for your FM Radio ad campaign in Hyderabad regardless of you booking it online or offline.

Demographics of Radio listeners in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the largest city and capital of Telangana with a population of around 6.9 million. Few popular areas of Hyderabad are Charminar, Golconda Fort, Ramoji Film City, Hussain Sagar Lake, Birla Mandir, Jala Vihar, Chowmahalla Palace, Lumbini Park, etc. The average literacy rate of Hyderabad city is 83.26% of which male and female literacy was 87.31% and 79.04% respectively. The official language of Hyderabad is Telugu but there are various other regional languages spoken by the people of the state of Telangana. English is used for official and commercial purposes. Telegu is also the most common language and all FM stations in Hyderabad play Telegu music. It offers an unmated blend of history and modernity, hypnotizes everyone, whoever sets his/her foot in this beautiful city of Nizams. There are numerous places to visit in Hyderabad, from families, young groups of friends, children to senior citizens, everyone will find something of their interest in Hyderabad. People listen to FM both at home and in cars.
 Popular FM stations of Hyderabad:

1. Red FM Hyderabad

2. Radio City Hyderabad

3.Radio Mirchi Hyderabad

4. Big FM Hyderabad

5. Radio Fever Hyderabad

6. Air FM Rainbow Hyderabad

Ad Types for Hyderabad FM

Jingle Ads:  These ads are the most popular ad format for FM stations in Hyderabad. Pre-recorded jingles are played during the promotion breaks. The promotion length changes from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. Longer than 60-sec jingles can likewise be played yet are uncommon as promotion cost increments proportionately with the advertisement length. Shoppers like and have affectionate recollections of numerous jingles. Over a period of time, they can conjure up good memories that are then associated with the brand.

RJ Mentions This is the ad format where the RJ from the FM station of Hyderabad will talk about your product or service. This ad format is expensive but manages to cut the clutter and is presented as part of the content. It is important to remember that people tune into any FM station in Hyderabad to listen to both music as well as the RJ. The RJ spends about 30 - 45 sec talking about your brand.​ 

Studio Shift A studio shift is when a particular show is broadcasted out of a location outside of the studio which is decided by the advertising brand. For example the RJ’s can broadcast out of a particular restaurant to promote that brand. It is majorly used for high impact launches in Hyderabad. This ad-type is a quite impactful, however equally expensive.

Interviews This is another ad format where someone from the brand team is interviewed by the RJ. During the chat, an advertiser can talk about the product. 

Road Block In this format, all the ad spots including jingles and RJ mentions are blocked for the given advertiser. During the selected time band, all ads on the given FM station of Hyderabad will play only ads of a given brand. Road Blocks have proved to break the clutter. Despite the fact they are expensive, radio road blocks have proved to be effective in today’s competitive environment.

Contests: Any form of games which can be sponsored by advertisers where the listener stands a chance to win a prize. Some examples include quizzes & singing competitions. The sponsor has to provide the winner with a prize worth a minimum cost at INR 2000.

Specials: Advertisers can wish the audience on special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Independence Day, etc

Premium Placements: Advertisers can get premium placements at a higher cost for a 10 second FCT which is aired as the last or the first spot of the break.

Time Check: RJs talks about the brand while conducting the show. The RJ spends about 30-45 sec talking about the brand.

Sponsorship Tags: Advertisers have the opportunity the name of the brand to any specific program or song of the Radio Station as Title Sponsorship, Powered by or associate sponsorship

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