Advertising in Vividh Bharati - Chennai

Advertising in Vividh Bharati - Chennai

Advertising in Vividh Bharati - Chennai


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About Advertising in Vividh Bharati - Chennai

Vividh Bharati - 100 advertising in Chennai is a fantastic medium for local advertisers as it allows them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost effective way. However these aren't the only reasons why they should be using Vividh Bharati adverts in Chennai. Book Vividh Bharati ads online today.Brand building requires broad reach and involvement: Offering scale with lower entry cost and greater regional flexibility is a huge selling point for Vividh Bharati in Chennai, and one that isn’t really exploited by many brand advertisers currently.By Tapping into the unique character of a community and utilizing Radio's ability to engage and mobilize an audience. You can successfully drive awareness to support your brand in Chennai.

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Tamil, Hindi

Prime Time

07:00 -12:00, 17:00-23:00

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When a short message is used to describe and promote a product or a brand. It usually varies between 10-30 seconds. It can be played in the following time bands: Prime Time - Ads split between 7am - 12pm & 5pm - 11pm, Non-Prime Time - Ads are split between 12pm - 5pm, Mixed Time - Ads are split between 7am - 11pm.

Rack Rate

₹ 26 / Per Second

TMA Offer

₹ 22 / Per Second

Other Ad Options

Content Creation

Rack Rate

₹ 5,000 / Per Jingle Recording

TMA Offer

₹ 4,000 / Per Jingle Recording

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Ad Slots Details of Vividh Bharati, Chennai

Ad TimeAd OptionAd TypeDescription
07:00 AM - 11:00 AMPrime TimeMorning DriveIt is one of the recommended ad slots for radio advertisers because of the high engagement of listeners, due to this the cost of this time slot is also high.
11:00 AM - 05:00 PMNon Prime TimeMiddayThe cost of these ad slots are the lowest as there are lesser number of radio listeners during this period. However, major talk shows are played in this day part.
05:00 PM - 10:00 PMPrime TimeEvening DriveCoveted times for advertising as most of the commuters listen to radio during this time. The rates are similar to Morning Drive.
07:00 AM – 11:00 AM, 11:00 AM – 05:00 PM, 05:00 PM – 10:00 PMMixed Time or RODPAll DayThe ads get equal slots between morning drive, midday and evening drive. Where the cost incurred will be moderate.

About Advertising in Vividh Bharati 100.5- Chennai

Advertisers can place their ads in Vividh Bharti 100.5, a key player in the Hindi and Tamil music space. Advertisements through Vividh Bharti in Chennai lets advertisers reach out to Hindi and Tamil music listeners. With significant market share in Chennai, Vividh Bharti 100.5 is one of the top stations to advertise in. Placing creative ads in Vividh Bharti gives your brand a comprehensive and efficient coverage across Chennai to deliver high level of cost-effective response.

At present Vividh Bharti has 40 stations across the country. The programming of Vividh Bharti includes film music, skits, short plays and interactive programmes, etc. Vividh Bharati commands an impressive listening and holds its own among private FM Channels. Vividh Bharti is one of the best station for advertisers for extensive reach.

IRS Data
Radio StationListenership
Radio Mirchi1227000
Red / Suryan1447000
Big FM864000
Radio City1039000
Fever / Aahaa FM639000
Radio One467000
Chennai Live317000

About The Media Ant – Radio Advertising Agency

We are India’s first Radio ad agency that provides discounted cost without asking any question or forcing you to signup. As a leading Radio Advertising agency in Chennai we offer the best rates to our clients. We keep total cost down and provide you with very competitive rates. Explore more about Vividh Bharati Chennai’s Ad card rates and discounted rates in Media Options and Pricing Tab. You can also contact us to know more about placing adverts in Vividh Bharati 100.5, Chennai.

Advertisement Options in Vividh Bharati, Chennai

Radio Commercials: Free Commercial Time also know as FCT is made available by the Radio Station. Advertisers can promote their brand by buying a set of time slots at discounted rates. Commercial times and their rates are further classified on the following basis:

  • Prime Time: These are morning or early evening slots when most of the audiences are listening to the radio as they commute. The rates are usually higher than the other slots.
  • Non Prime Time: The time-band in which the viewership/ listenership is relatively low as compared to prime time. The cost is usually the lowest.
  • RODP (Mixed Time): Ads gets placed in equal slots between morning peak, evening peak and non peak. The rates are usually moderate.

RJ Mentions: RJ talks about advertiser’s brand while conducting the show. The RJ spends about 30-45 sec talking about the brand.

Contests: Any form of games which can be sponsored by advertisers where the listener stands a chance to win a prize. Some examples include quizzes & singing competitions. The sponsor has to provide the winner with a prize worth a minimum cost at Rs 1500.

Studio Shift: Any of the Radio shows can be broadcasted out of a location outside of the studio which is decided by the brand. For example the RJ’s can broadcast out of a particular restaurant to promote that brand. 

Time Check: RJs talks about the brand while conducting the show. The RJ spends about 30-45 sec talking about the brand.

Sponsorship Tags: Advertisers have the opportunity the name of the brand to any specific program or song of the Radio Station as Title Sponsorship, Powered by or associate sponsorship

Roadblock: Advertisers can acquire all the ad spots of Radio station within a time frame.

Specials: Advertisers can wish the audience on special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Independence Day, etc.

Premium Placements: Advertisers can get premium placements at a higher cost for a 10 second FCT which is aired as the last or the first spot of the break.

Advertisement Pricing Details of Vividh Bharati, Chennai

Ad Rates: If the cost of an ad is listed as Rs 400 for a radio station in a city, it means its the pricing unit of 1 jingle played for 10 seconds If advertisers play a 30-second Ad 5 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs. (400 X 30*5*7)/10 = Rs. 42,000.

Discounted Rates: We show the lowest rates the ads can be purchased for directly in our Media Options and Pricing Tab. Additional Discounts on ad rates depend upon the volume of ad buying by advertisers.

Additional Cost: Advertisers will have to pay an additional 15% on discounted rates as a service tax while buying ad spots.

Other Advertisement details of Vividh Bharati, Chennai

Planning Assistance: Our experts can help advertisers book ads for their brand by recommending the right slots at the best rates.

Ad Length & Campaign Duration: Minimum Ad length excepted is 10-seconds and campaign should run at least for 1 day. Whilst the most common ad lengths are 30 and 40 seconds, ad spots can in effect be any time length up to 60 seconds or even longer. The longer the time length, the more expensive the spot airtime will cost.

Ad Frequency: Recommended repetition for radio ads are 5 times/ day. 

Ad Booking Deadline: Advertisements can be booked a day prior to the execution day, if the advertisers are ready with their creative and agree with the final rates.

Multiple Creatives: Advertisers can rotate their ad creatives according to their requirements at the same cost.

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