Advertising in Red FM - Mumbai

Advertising in Red FM - Mumbai
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Per Ad Length (Sec)

Card Rate

₹ 218

Offer Rate

₹ 110
Premium Options

RJ Mentions

Per Mention

Card Rate

₹ 15,000

Offer Rate

₹ 12,000


Per Contest

Card Rate

₹ 18,000

Offer Rate

₹ 12,000

Sponsorship Tags

Per Mention

Card Rate

₹ 3,000

Offer Rate

₹ 2,000
Other Options
Studio Shift

Studio Shift

Per Show

Card Rate

₹ 15,69,600

Offer Rate

₹ 7,20,000

Time Check

Per Mention

Card Rate

₹ 3,000

Offer Rate

₹ 2,500


Per Hour

Card Rate

₹ 5,23,200

Offer Rate

₹ 2,72,000

Content Creation

Per Jingle Recording

Card Rate

₹ 5,000

Offer Rate

₹ 4,000
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates



Radio Frequency




Media in 60 Words

Red FM, Mumbai is one of the radio stations of the Red FM network owned by Sun Group. Red FM, Mumbai plays Hindi & Bollywood songs. RJ Malishka and RJ Rishi are some of the most popular RJs with high listener engagement during their respective shows. Red FM, Mumbai, is one of the key players when it comes to listenership and high listener engagement. Advertisers can reach out to a large number of target-audience by advertising thorough Red FM.


Radio StationListenership
Radio Mirchi2938000
Red / Suryan2190000
Big FM2094000
Radio City1902000
Fever / Aahaa FM2309000
Radio One104700
Ishq FM536000
Magic FM284000
Radio Nasha1218000
  • Weekly number of listeners on Red FM 93.5 in Mumbai as per IRS March 2021 is 22,96,000

IRS Data for Radio Stations in Mumbai as per 2020-21 report

Radio StationMumbai
Red / Suryan2296000
Big FM2158000
Radio City1905000
Fever 1823000
Ishq 489000
Magic 460000

Other Media Facts

Top RJs and Shows

Red FM Mumbai Advertising Top RJ List

Show Details

Programme NameRJsTimings
Morning No.1Rj Malishka7 AM - 12 PM, Mon - Fri
J Man Ka ShowRj J Man3 PM - 5 PM, Mon - Sat
Mumbai LocalRj Rishi Kapoor5 PM - 9 PM, Mon - Sat
Naughty NightsRj Abhimanyu9 PM - 12 AM, Mon - Sat
Sunday Star SattackRj Malishka2 PM - 5 PM, Sun

Performance Data

Not Avaliable

Past Advertisers

M-Fine, Practo, HelerHeath & Fitness/Wellness
Sony, Philips, SamsungConsumer Durables
Suzuki, TVS, BMWAutomobile
Carl Zeiss, Asics, Chumbak, Toys R UsRetail
Fisdom, IIFL, HDFCFinancial Services
Google, TCL, Luxoft, MPhasisInformation Technology
QTrove, Uber, DunzoE-Commerce
Akash Institute, Chinmaya University, JigsawEducation

Top 12 advertisers in Mumbai in Jul-Sep 2021

1LIC Housing Finance - Home Loan
2LIC - Nivesh Plus
3SBI Mutual Fund - Balanced Advantage Fund
4FAB Play
5JioMart - Special Offer
6IKEA - Special Offer
7City & Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) - Covid
8Warriors & Uniformed Personnel Lottery
9Brihanmumbai Municipal Corp., Maharashtra Pollution Control
10Board - National Clean Air Programme
11Amul - Milk
12LIC - New Jeevan Shanti

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Artwork Related

Creative Format: MP3

Word Limit Based On Jingle Duration

Jingle DurationWord Limit
10 seconds15 - 20 words
15 seconds20 - 25 words
20 seconds25 - 35 words
30 seconds40 - 45 words
40 seconds50 - 55 words
50 seconds65 - 70 words

Jingles Of Past Execution

Click here to check the past campaigns

Execution Details

Steps in Execution

  1. Add the media to the bag by clicking "Add to Plan"
  2. In the bag, use the filters to customize your requirement and click "Save to the Dashboard"
  3. In the Dashboard select  dates and click "Submit for Approval"
  4. Once approved upload the artwork and make the payment
*Offline help is available once the campaign is approved

Proof of Execution

  • ​Log Report: tentative log timings will be shared on a daily basis so the client can hear their Ads live
  • ​Broadcast Certificate: at the end of the campaign, radio stations provide a Broadcast Certificate with the exact timings of the Ads aired. The Broadcast Certificate is generated on the last date of every month 

Other Information

Rate for advertising in Red FM, Mumbai

You will get the rate for advertising in Red FM, Mumbai in the Media Options and Pricing section of the website. The mentioned rates are for per second of airtime. So e.g. if the cost to advertise in Red FM, Mumbai is mentioned as Rs 300/sec and your ad is 10 sec long, the cost for playing your ad once on Red FM, Mumbai come to Rs 300 X 10 = Rs 3,000. Advertising Rate for Red FM, Mumbai varies with the timeband and is directly proportional to the reach. You can get the rate for major time bands by adding the media to your Bag and checking the rate for different time bands. Prime Time in the Radio is from 7AM to 12PM & 5PM - 11PM. Rates for Prime Time in Red FM, Mumbai is significantly higher than non-prime time and mixed time. However, if you consider the reach during these hours, the cost per reach comes down making it feasible for the Radio planning agency to include it in the plans.

How to select the right agency for advertising in Red FM, Mumbai

Media Agency can play a critical role if you are planning to advertise in Red FM, Mumbai. There are several roles that a media agency plays while executing your Radio campaign. Firstly, the media agency will help you in deciding if the advertising in Red FM, Mumbai is right for your brand. The agency uses IRS data to decide the TG and Red FM, Mumbai listener profile match. Once you have decided to go ahead with advertising in Red FM, Mumbai, the next step for the radio ad-buying agency is to plan the frequency and timing for the ads (called spots) and negotiate the right price. Scheduling of the ads will depend on the campaign objective and the pricing. While advertising in the prime time might give you the maximum reach but the agency might recommend non-prime time as it provides a lower cost per reach. Various such variables can be tackled by the media agency while buying ad space in Red FM, Mumbai. The last role of the radio ad-buying agency is to ensure that the ad is played on Red FM, Mumbai and provide the advertiser with the number of people who listen to your ad. The Media Ant being an authorized agency for ad planning and buying on Red FM, Mumbai provides a data research-backed plan and ensure that you get the best rates. In case you need any help with planning, please contact Help@TheMediaAnt.com.

Why Advertise in Red FM 93.5, Mumbai

Advertising in Red FM 93.5, Mumbai would help brands to reach out to their target audience in the most effective way. The advantages of advertising in Red FM 93.5, Mumbai, are:

  • Red FM 93.5, Mumbai is one of the most popular radio stations in Mumbai. Advertising on Red FM 93.5, Mumbai would help brands reach out to maximum people in Mumbai. 
  • Red FM 93.5, Mumbai can help brands go beyond radio advertising by running brand integration campaigns, enabling a 360-degree approach to target the audience. 
  • Red FM 93.5, Mumbai is popular for its RJs who are also some of the most trusted influencers of Mumbai city. Advertising on Red FM 93.5, Mumbai would help brands leverage this to build trust among their audience. 
  • Red FM 93.5, Mumbai is the choice of entertainment for daily commuters while they travel to their work. By Advertising on Red FM 93.5, Mumbai during morning and evening, advertisers can target working professionals, students, etc. 
How Does Radio Advertising Work?

There are two factors that need to be considered before planning any Radio campaign.

Factor 1: Selection of Channel/Station

Factor 2:  Ad-option

Detailing of Factor 1:
Selection of channel is based on the below-mentioned factors:

i) Target Audience

ii) Language

iii) Show/Station Popularity

iv) Content & the genre of music played by the station

Detailing of Factor 2:
Radio offers multiple advertising options which the advertisers can explore to promote their brands. Jingle is the most preferred form of advertising opted by all major advertisers. Below are all the most preferred options in detail.
  • Jingle: this is the most popular media option for radio advertising. ​It is when a short message is used to describe and promote a product or a brand. It usually varies between 10-30 seconds. Jingles are played during the ad breaks
  • RJ Mention: when the RJ talks about your brand while conducting the show, it helps to promote your brand. The RJ spends about 30-45 sec talking about your brand
  • Sponsorship Tag: it is a promotion form that involves attaching the name of the brand to any specific program or song. Sponsorship tags are played at the beginning and/or ending of the program/song
  • Contest: when advertising brand(s) sponsor games on radio and give away prizes/gift vouchers. Example: Singing competition, quiz, etc. Contests are played during the show

How Pricing Works?

Pricing for Advertising in Radio depends on the below-mentioned points:

i) Rates depend on the creative length, time band selected and duration of the campaign​
ii) Premium charges are applicable for targeting specific programs, crunched time bands, and spot positioning

Ad TimeAd OptionAd TypeDescription
07:00 AM - 12:00 PMPrime TimeMorning DriveIt is one of the recommended ad slots for radio advertisers because of the high engagement of listeners, due to this the cost of this time slot is also high
12:00 PM - 05:00 PMNon Prime TimeMiddayThe cost of these ad slots are the lowest as there are lesser number of radio listeners during this period. However, major talk shows are played in this day part
05:00 PM - 11:00 PMPrime TimeEvening DriveCoveted times for advertising as most of the commuters listen to radio during this time. The rates are similar to Morning Drive
07:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 12:00 PM – 05:00 PM, 05:00 PM – 11:00 PMMixed Time or RODPAll DayThe ads get equal slots between morning drive, midday and evening drive. Where the cost incurred will be moderate

Event Details

To know more about special events/concerts on Red FM 93.5 Mumbai, click here

Who Should Advertise on Red FM 93.5, Mumbai?

S. No.FactorsApplicability
3)National ReachNo
4)City ReachYes
5)Hyperlocal ReachNo
6)Short Term PerformanceYes
7)Long Term Brand BuildingYes
8)Low BudgetYes
9)Premium AudienceYes

Execution Details Related to Advertising in Red FM 93.5, Mumbai

Execution steps/Execution Process Flow
Step 1: Planning: Select the Media Option, Ad length, Time Band, Total number of Ads, Campaign Duration, and Start Date
In case you need any help with planning, please write to help@TheMediaAnt.com, if not the above details can be mailed to us on the same ID or Create Package online at The Media Ant
Step 2: We will check the ad space availability and other privileges like discounts, depending on the time of booking
Step 3: Submit the artwork and make the payment
Step 4: Campaign execution: Tentative log timings will be shared on a daily basis so the client can hear their Ads live

Red FM Mumbai Advertising Rates 2021

The Media Ant is committed to getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Red FM Mumbai Advertising is one of the most popular Radio advertising options hence it is very important for advertisers to know Red FM Mumbai Advertising Rates 2021. You can find the updated Red FM Mumbai Advertising Rates 2021 under the tab “Media Options & Pricing” To know the last updated date for Red FM Mumbai Media Kit 2021, please check the blue tick beside the Red FM Mumbai Advertising Rates under the Media Options tab.

Media Kit

How do I ensure that my ad is being played as desired?


1. We share the ad spot timings on a daily basis through which one can track the number of spots played during the campaign.                                                                                                

2. We share a Broadcast Certificate at the end of the campaign. The Broadcast Certificate is issued at the letter head of the Broadcaster.                                               


What is a prime time band in radio advertising?


The Morning hours (7AM to 12AM) and the Evening hours (5PM to 11PM) is the prime time band in Radio Advertising.


What is mixed time band in radio advertising?


The time band, i.e. from 7AM to 11PM is the mixed time band in Radio Advertising.


What Value Ads Can I get to amplify my campaign?


1. If the campaign size is more than 1 lac, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags as a Value Ad Free of Cost.                                                                          

2. If the campaign size is up to Rs 5 lac, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags, RJ Mentions as a Value Ad Free of Cost.                                     

3. If the campaign size is up to Rs 8 lac, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags, RJ Mentions, Contest as a Value Ad Free of Cost.                                                                                   


Are there any Terms and Conditions that I should be aware of?


1.Once the ad is approved and payment made, it takes 1 working day to start the campaign

2.At the start of the campaign, we will share approximate time at which ad will be played. However, these are not the exact timings. Broadcast certificate which is shared within 30 days of the campaign end will have the exact air time

3.Due to overbooking there might be drops in the number of ads scheduled for a day. Such drops are intimated to the advertisers and option given to them for airing them later.


For the cost mentioned on the site how many times would my ad be played?


Shared rate for Radio is per second. Let me explain this through an example. 

Rate Radio Mirchi Delhi - Rs 100 per sec

Length of your jingle ad - 20 seconds

So every time your ad gets played, you would need to pay Rs 100 X 20 = Rs 2000

Now, if you play this ad 10 times it would cost Rs 2,000 X 10 = Rs 20,000


What is a show sponsorship tag?


A show sponsorship tag is the Tag line of the advertising brand which is aired before the start of the show.                

Example - This show is brought to you by Carl Zeiss Drive Safe Lenses.......


What if an advertiser wants to place the ad at a specific position during the ad break?


1. The advertiser can choose a specific spot & time band for placing the ad by paying a premium over and above the normal cost of advertising.                                                                                                     

2. The premium percentage ranges from 50 - 100 % depending on the station and market.


What is a non prime time band in radio advertising?


The afternoon time band, i.e. from 12PM to 5PM is the non prime time band in Radio Advertising.    


What is an RJ Mention?


1. When the RJ talks about your brand while conducting the show, it helps to promote your brand.
2. The RJ spends about 30 - 45 sec talking about your brand.    


What is an Interview?


The advertising brand has the option of recording and airing an exclusive interview which helps to promote the brand.


What happens in case the ad is not played or is dropped due to inventory crunch?


In case the ad gets dropped, the advertiser has two options to choose from:

1. The advertiser has an option schedule the dropped spots on the next date or on any other date and time as per his / her desire.        
2. The advertiser can claim for a refund for the dropped spots.


What are the various types of advertising options available on Radio?


1. One can advertise on Radio in the form of a pre-recorded jingle which is played during the ad breaks on Radio stations.

2. There other forms of advertising on Radio are Sponsorship Tags, RJ Mentions and Interview.


How can an advertiser record the Interview?


The interview can be recorded at the studio of the radio station. Alternatively, the interview can be conducted & recorded over the phone.


How can I determine the total cost / budget for a Radio Campaign?


1. You can determine the total cost/budget by Rate per Second x Total Ad Duration x Frequency (spots to be played per day) x Total Days.

2. The rates vary according to the selected time band. For example: rates for prime time band are higher as compared to non-prime and mixed time band.


What is a Contest?


An advertising brand can sponsor games / quizzes on Radio and give away branded gratifications to the winners of the contest.