Advertising in Community Radio - Mumbai

Advertising in Community Radio - Mumbai

Advertising in Community Radio - Mumbai


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About Advertising in Community Radio - Mumbai

Radio Station Name:Must Community RadioBroadcast Timings:08: 00 - 21:00Broadcast Hours:13 Hours

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07:00 -12:00, 17:00-23:00

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Jingle is a short audio message, used to define and promote a product or a brand. It usually varies between 10-30 seconds. It can be played during the following time bands: Prime Time - Ads are split between 7am - 12pm & 5pm - 11pm, Non-Prime Time - Ads are split between 12pm - 5pm, Mixed Time - Ads are split between 7am - 11pm.

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₹ 7 / Per Ad Length (Sec)

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₹ 6 / Per Ad Length (Sec)

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Content Creation

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₹ 5,000 / Per Jingle Recording

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₹ 4,000 / Per Jingle Recording

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Radio Station Name:
Must Community Radio
Broadcast Timings:
08: 00 - 21:00
Broadcast Hours:
13 Hours

About Community Radio

Community radio stations is a type of radio broadcast that serves smaller geographic communities . These stations operate ona small frequency band. The permission and frequency band is provided for free by the government. One needs to apply to the minitry of Information and Broadcast to be able to run a community radio stations. These stations run content relevant and popular to a local, specific audience overlooked by commercial or mass-media broadcasters. In India community radio stations are nonprofit and provide a mechanism for enabling individuals and groups.
IRS Data
Radio StationListenership
Radio Mirchi2537000
Red / Suryan1921000
Big FM2094000
Radio City1668000
Fever / Aahaa FM2083000
Radio One913000

Community Radio Station in Mumbai

Must Community Radio station in Mumbai is a leading community radio station also known as CRS. Mumbai is a major city in the state of Maharashtra. The content of this community radio station in Mumbai is in the local language which is Marathi. If you looking for contact to advertise on Community Radio station in Mumbai, The Media Ant is the right place. You can either mail us your requirement or book the campaign online.

Community Radio Advertising in Mumbai

Get advertising rate for Community Radio Stations in Mumbai. The page also provides complete list of Community Radio stations in Mumbai. Like regular FM radio stations, Community radio stations also have rate cards. Rates are quoted per 10 sec. However one major difference in Community Radio advertising and regular radio advertising is the discount. As community radio stations are run by local communities you will find the best rates as mentioned on the site. Community Radio in Mumbai is well developed and used by locals to keep themselves abreast with local news, events, entertainment and music in Mumbai. Advertising in community radio is quite simple. Just prepare a jingle, select the stations in Mumbai where you would want to advertise, select start date, make payment and mail us the plan. You can also use our online radio planner for radio advertising and use it to plan as well as execute. Community radio advertising needs to adhere to certain rules while accepting and playing ads. These community radio advertising rules are applicable not only to community radio stations in Mumbai but the entire country. The ads played on community radio or announcements made should be related to local events, local businesses and services and employment opportunities in Mumbai. Community radios are allowed only 5 minutes of ad time per hour of the broadcast. Another rule regarding Community radio advertising is that revenue generated from advertisement and announcements in community radio shall be utilized only for the operational expenses and capital expenditure of the community radio stations.