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About English Channel Radio Advertising in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of India's premier city. Due to high mobile & vehicular penetration, Bangalore Radio Advertising is a primary means of branding. Radio Advertising in Bangalore is done by local brands & FMCG companies.

Radio advertising in Bangalore is a fantastic medium for advertisers as it allows them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost effective way. Also due to the fondness of Hindi language channels in Bangalore the ads have higher opportunity reach consumers. However these aren't the only reasons why they should be using Radio adverts in Bangalore. With our specialist knowledge of the region, we can guide advertisers through the process of Radio advertising in Bangalore and anticipate their campaign needs.

With multiple radio stations in Bangalore we help advertisers select the best radio station to place their ads according to demography and reach. Advertisers can reach out to Radio listeners as it is played mostly during drive time.

About The Media Ant – Radio Advertising Agency

We are India’s first Radio ad agency that provides discounted cost without asking any question or forcing you to signup. As a leading Radio Advertising agency we offer the best rates to our clients. We keep total cost down and provide you with very competitive rates. You can also contact us to know more about placing adverts.

FM Radio Advertising in Bangalore

Radio Advertising in Bangalore Offers Efficient Targeting: Advertising in Bangalore Radio stations targets audiences efficiently because different stations attract different listeners – Radio Mirchi are worlds apart from Red FM listeners etc. This allows advertisers to talk selectively to the groups they are most interested in. Added to this is Radio’s regional structure, which means that brands can focus their activity very effectively onto key market areas. 

 Low cost and portable, radio is the best form of media in Bangalore , reaching beyond urban centers deep into the poorest and most remote rural areas. Bangalore Radio Show consists of music - contemporary, traditional, gospel and classic – and also includes audience interaction and current affairs and local news.

How to book FM Radio Advertisement in Bangalore

Step 1 - Bangalore Radio Advertising

Select the following variables:



Time Slot


Creative Length (Minimum of 10 Seconds)

Step 2 - Bangalore Radio Advertising

Creative Production: The advertisement can be either made via the clients creative agency or via the radio station for free. Once the creative and the aforementioned variables are selected, the advertisement is streamed on the radio channel(s).

On completion of a campaign the channel supplies the client with a broadcast certificate. This is the proof-of-delivery.

Step 3 - Bangalore Radio Advertising

Measurement: You can measure the success of your campaign via tracking parameters such as web traffic, call volumes, sales trends and discount codes.

RAM (Radio Audience Measurement) and IRS Data is available for all leading radio channels. As this is published on a weekly basis, you will get a direct insight into the reach of your advertisement campaign.

Advertising Options in Bangalore

Radio Commercials: Free Commercial Time also know as FCT is made available by the Radio Station. Advertisers can promote their brand by buying a set of time slots at discounted rates. Commercial times and their rates are further classified on the following basis:

Prime Time: These are morning or early evening slots when most of the audiences are listening to the radio as they commute. The rates are usually higher than the other slots.

Non Prime Time: The time-band in which the viewership/ listenership is relatively low as compared to prime time. The cost is usually the lowest.

RODP (Mixed Time): Ads gets placed in equal slots between morning peak, evening peak and non peak. The rates are usually moderate.

RJ Mentions: RJ talks about advertiser’s brand while conducting the show. The RJ spends about 30-45 sec talking about the brand.

Contests: Any form of games which can be sponsored by advertisers where the listener stands a chance to win a prize. Some examples include quizzes & singing competitions. The sponsor has to provide the winner with a prize worth a minimum cost at Rs 1500.

Studio Shift: Any of the Radio shows can be broadcasted out of a location outside of the studio which is decided by the brand. For example the RJ’s can broadcast out of a particular restaurant to promote that brand.

Time Check: RJs talks about the brand while conducting the show. The RJ spends about 30-45 sec talking about the brand.

Sponsorship Tags: Advertisers have the opportunity the name of the brand to any specific program or song of the Radio Station as Title Sponsorship, Powered by or associate sponsorship

Roadblock: Brands looking to advertise can acquire all the ad spots of Radio station within a time frame.

Specials: Brands looking to advertise can wish the audience on special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Independence Day, etc.

Premium Placements: Advertisers can get premium placements at a higher cost for a 10 second FCT which is aired as the last or the first spot of the break.

Other Advertising details of Bangalore

Planning Assistance: Our experts can help brands looking to advertise by recommending the right slots at the best rates.

Ad Length & Campaign Duration: Minimum Ad length excepted is 10-seconds and campaign should run at least for 1 day. Whilst the most common ad lengths are 30 and 40 seconds, ad spots can in effect be any time length up to 60 seconds or even longer. The longer the time length, the more expensive the spot airtime will cost.

Ad Frequency: Recommended repetition for radio ads are 5 times/ day.

Ad Booking Deadline: Advertisements can be booked a day prior to the execution day, if the brands looking to advertise are ready with their creative and agree with the final rates.

Multiple Creatives: Advertisers can rotate their ad creatives according to their requirements at the same cost.

Providing Ad Creative: Format to submit radio jingle or voice over ads is MP3 or WAV

Tracking a Campaign: Spot timing report will be provided on the first day of activity. Further reports will be provided on request.

Ad Measurement: Advertisers can measure the success of their campaign via tracking parameters such as web traffic, call volumes, sales trends and discount codes.

RAM (Radio Audience Measurement) and IRS Data is available for all leading radio channels. As this is published on a weekly basis, advertisers will get a direct insight into the reach of their advertisement campaign.

If an ad does not play as per schedule we will either compensatory ads of same value or repayment of value of dropped ads.

How to Advertise on Radio in Bangalore

Advertisers in generally run their advertisements in clusters or sets, scattered throughout the broadcasting hour. The first or second commercial to air during a commercial break has higher recall than those airing later in the set.

Radio Advertisement Rates for Bangalore 

Advertising rates will vary depending on time of year, time of day, how well the station is doing in the particular geography a brand is trying to reach. The busier the time of year for radio station, the more a brand can expect to spend on Advertising.

Advertising rates also depend on the length of spot the brand selects to run. Although ten second spots are the most common, the station also sells advertising airtime in sixty, thirty and fifteen second intervals.