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Non Traditional Advertising in Mumbai 

Non-traditional advertising of different kinds is a very popular and preferred media for advertising in India, especially among SMEs. You get a wide range of inexpensive ad options for non traditional advertising in Mumbai that you can choose from as per your requirements and preferences. 

With non-traditional advertising,  you can cover considerable expanses of geographical areas and reach a wide range of audiences. Non traditional advertising in Mumbai is ideal for non-targeted advertising and bringing customers to your business. Your ads can reach the most prominent and the remotest parts of the city alike and give you a wide variety of audiences which is great for advertisers looking to broaden their target market.

With premium and standard transit advertising of different kinds from ac buses to auto rickshaws, you can brand the exterior of the vehicles and essentially get mobile billboards at the price of transit advertising through non-traditional advertising in Mumbai

Non Traditional Advertising Rates in Mumbai

Non traditional advertising rates in Mumbai are typically slightly lower than other media options in Mumbai. The rates usually vary significantly from vendor to vendor and also depend greatly on the location of the media. 

Non traditional advertising rates in Mumbai depend mostly on the type of media you chose. Branding on an ac bus, for example, is always costlier than branding on an auto and the cost of branding on public transport like a local train or metro station is even higher. Non traditional rates in Mumbai for newspaper inserts, on the other hand, tend to be the lowest.

Non Traditional Advertisement Cost in Mumbai 

There are a number of factors to consider when determining the non traditional advertisement cost in Mumbai. Getting the right prices is one of the first steps in ensuring that you get a cost-effective campaign and get your money’s worth for every penny you spend.

Advertisers can find it a time-consuming hassle to figure out the right non traditional rates in Mumbai and get ad spaces at those prices on their own. You could find big variations for the same ad option in similar locations between vendors and what features or services are offered by the vendors to value above others is not always a simple decision to make.  

We, at The Media Ant, provide pricing guidance from our brilliant team of experienced experts to enable you to get the best rates for the media option of your choice. We offer discounted prices for a truly wide variety of ad options and ensure our clients get the best non traditional advertisement cost in Mumbai so that they get the best possible ad campaign they can with their budget.

Top Non Traditional Advertising Options in Mumbai 

With The Media Ant, you get the top non traditional advertising options in Mumbai at generously discounted prices in different categories like transit media, malls, newspaper inserts, and so on. 

Why settle for anything less than the very top non traditional advertising options in Mumbai when you have a one-stop solution for all your advertising needs available to you at all times? 

Our team of industry experts helps you with planning your campaign so as to maximize the efficiency of the execution, and also provides excellent monitoring services.

We guide you through all steps, big and small through your campaign so that you can confidently outsource your advertising to us and focus on other aspects of your business with our undivided attention.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are examples of non-traditional advertising in Mumbai? 

Branding on public transit like  AC busses, auto rickshaws, cabs, and precincts like train and metro stations, and malls are the most common examples of non-traditional advertising in Mumbai. However other media options like newspaper inserts, IT parts, no parking boards, etc are quite popular in Mumbai as well.

How much does it cost for non traditional advertising in Mumbai? 

The cost for non traditional advertising in Mumbai can vary from a rupee per insert or so for newspaper inserts to thousands in case of bus branding. The cost would be calculated on different parameters like the number of inserts to the number of days etc. At The Media Ant, you get considerably discounted prices for a variety of ad options like AC buses, IT parks, and newspaper inserts.

How effective is non traditional advertising in Mumbai?

Done right, non traditional advertising in Mumbai can be a great way to grow brand awareness and increase sales. Advertising options like branding AC buses, auto rickshaws, and trains/metros give your message a great geographical reach. Branding in malls and IT parks could get you premium customers and newspaper inserts can give you a wide reach at a very low price.

How do I advertise in non traditional media in Mumbai?

The simplest way to advertise in non traditional media in Mumbai is to go to The Media Ant website, click on the non-traditional button, and on the non traditional page select Mumbai in the location menu. You can find the best non traditional media options in Mumbai where you can check and compare the ad rates and book the campaign as well.