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Newspaper Inserts Bangalore

Newspaper Inserts activity in Bangalore can be used to reach out to Newspaper readers. Newspaper pamphlet activity works well for brands when they want to reach out to a smaller geography within  a city. The cost of Newspaper inserts in Bangalore for a few areas within the city will be much lesser than placing an ad on the Newspaper. Also, the brand can place larger ad by selecting the right insert size. 

Media Ant works with Newspaper Inserts agencies in Bangalore. Our tie up with Newspaper pamphlet activity agencies, help us get the best rates and execution of Newspaper inserts activity. You can also select certain Newspaper in Bangalore and number of copies where Newspaper pamphlet activity should be done. 

A4/A5 or Normal broadsheet sized Pamphlets displaying your product or brand are placed inside the newspapers selected. Advertisers can place ads in the form of newspaper inserts in top newspapers such as Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Economic Times etc at fraction of the cost. Advertising through these top newspapers increases brand’s perception in readers mind.

Facts and Figures

Area Wise Circulation

Execution Process

Steps In Execution
Step 1Select the quantity/paper quality/size for printing and insertion.
Step 2Confirm the areas along with the dates for the insertion activity
Step 3For printing please provide artwork 2 days prior to the activity date
Step 4If only insertion required then the print material has to be handed over to our execution team 2 days prior to the activity.
Step 5Email the selected details to or Create Package online at The Media Ant.
Step 6Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.
Step 7Execution proof in the form of images and videos will be shared on the day of the activity.
How do I know my ad has been placed?

Execution Images of the Inserts will be shared within 2 working days.

In case you need any help with planning, please write to

Video of Past Execution

Click here to view past execution video.

Images of Past Execution

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Other Information

About Newspaper Inserts Advertising in Bangalore

You can now execute Newspaper Inserts / Pamphlet Distribution Advertising in Bangalore through The Media Ant. Get all the details and rates for Newspaper Inserts Advertising in Bangalore, here.

No matter how great your business product or service is, if no one knows that you exist, you’ll never get very far. Printed leaflets and flyers are an inexpensive way of advertising to new customers and communicating with your existing database - this is a tried and true method that’s cost-effective and promotes an exponential ROI (return on investment).

In case you're unaware about Newspaper Inserts Advertising in Bangalore, this is done by inserting a promotional leaflet in select newspapers, at a local level. Let's assume you only want to reach out to people living in Indira Nagar in Bangalore. No newspaper allows you to only place ads in a way to reach out to people, only in Indira Nagar. Newspaper inserts are inserted into all the newspapers before they get distributed in Indira Nagar, locally. Therefore Newspaper Inserts Advertising in Bangalore helps small sized advertisers to focus their marketing efforts to their locality rather than taking large media space, resulting in a lot of wastage. Newspaper Insert Advertising in Bangalore is one of the most effective methods of direct marketing. 

One of the quickest ways to make your phone ring, increase website traffic or drive additional foot traffic into your brick and mortar is to advertise using Newspaper Inserts, also referred to as: Pamphlet distribution, Leaflet distribution, Flyer inserts/distribution. Your Flyer Advertisement can be circulated to the desired targeted areas of your choice in Bangalore.

Advertisers can place ads in top newspapers such as Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Economic Times etc at fraction of the cost. Advertising through these top newspapers increases brand’s perception in readers mind. 

About The Media Ant – Newspaper Inserts Advertising Agency

We are India’s first Newspaper Inserts ad agency that provides discounted cost without asking any question or forcing you to signup. As a leading Pamphlet distribution Advertising agency we offer the best rates to our clients. We keep total cost down and provide you with very competitive rates. You can also contact us to know more about placing newspaper inserts.

Advertising in Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore

About Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore Advertising

Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore Advertising is an effective non traditional advertising medium to capture the attention of your target audience. It is one of the most popular media in and is positioned well to grab attention of maximum audience in [object Object].

Why advertise in Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore?

Advertising in Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore would be beneficial for your brand for the following reasons:

Advertising in Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore is a very good option to target a niche audience

Being a non-traditional advertising medium, the advertising environment for Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore advertising is clutter-free

Advertising in Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore would work great even for limited advertising budget and is scalable.

Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore Advertising Rates

Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore advertising rates would vary on various factors like media options, campaign duration, availability, demand, regulations etc. To know the best advertising rates for Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore, write to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.

The Media Ant-Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is committed to get the best Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore advertising rates for you. Years of association with the media owners and experience of handling thousands of campaigns have made The Media Ant a preferred Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore advertising agency for several brands. We not only can provide you the best Newspaper Inserts - Bangalore advertising rates but also help you select the right media options, plan and execute your campaign.


Can there be any reason if inserts activity can be canceled?


 In the following scenarios we may not be able to execute the campaign 

  • If there is any natural disaster like huge rain or flood or due to any political situation etc we may need to cancel the activity
  • If print is not ready or handed over as per the schedule from client's side.


What are the situations when insertion rates may increase/vary and what are the reasons ?


There can be following situations where charges will be more than highlighted in the TMA website

  • If only a specific area is selected like RT Nagar or Kamanahalli/Kalyannagar or Yehalanka or Sahakarnagar or Bellandur or Domlur or Whitefield etc irrespective of quantity (even if it is 1lac) per day.
  • If the above areas are targeted only on Sunday then rate may increase further.
  • If per day insertion count is less than 50k.
  • If multiple areas are selected for 50k insertions. Ideal  number of areas  per day for 50k inserts 4-5 max.
  • If the number of days is more than 1 for inserting 50k pamphlets.

Reasons for such increase in charges are following

  • Rates we are been charged by the newspaper distribution hubs in areas like kamanahalli,Domlur etc is higher or non-negotiable even if  very huge quantity in ordered.
  • If we need to target more areas or number of days we need to hire more manpower. So in such cases, if area wise volume is less or the number of days is more then our operational cost also increases.
  • On Sunday demand is very high for such insertion activity and hence few distribution hubs take the advantages of this.
  • Transportation cost is one of the primary reason when we are targeting areas like Yehalanka which is very far away from town or we are targeting more areas.


Can we consider the insertion rate highlighted on website as final quote when areas like Kalyannagar,RT Nagar etc is included in my target list?


Mostly you can but if areas like Koramangala,BTM etc are also included in the target list.In such scenario please drop a mail to to get the exact quote.


Is there any chance that TMA can further negotiate on the rates?


Yes obviously but that depends upon final quantity ordered.In such scenario please drop a mail to to get the exact quote.


What is the best way to check if the activity is executed properly?


Although we assure you quality service but for better execution experience we want you to send your representative during execution.


At what time execution is been done?


Generally between 4.30-5.30 early morning when newspaper reaches it's respective hubs.


In what conditions printing rate can increase further to that of highlighted on TMA website?


Printing cost highlighted in TMA website based on minimum order quantity is 50k-1lac and only single creative is used for printing. So if multiple creatives are been used or quantity is less than 50k-1 lac  then prices are going to be high. Following are few of the reason for such increase

  • For multiple creatives, we need to create multiple plates which inflate the cost. 
  • Even if the quantity is less we still need to use the same amount of resources (which we use for a print quantity of 50k-1 lac) so it is quite difficult to keep the rates unchanged for less quantity ordered.


What is non traditional advertising?


While there are many definitions the most acceptable one is based on revenue model. 

Advertising in medium whose majority revenue does not come through advertising is called Non Traditional medium. For e.g. Major revenue for public transport buses come from ticketing but these buses also make some money by carrying ads.