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Advertising in IT Park - ITPL IT Park,Whitefield, Bangalore

Advertising in IT Park - ITPL IT Park,Whitefield, Bangalore
Premium Media
ITPL IT Park,Whitefield, Bangalore - Pedal Dock  Advertising - Cycle Pedal Dock - Central Median

Pedal Dock

Per Pedal Dock / Per Month

Card Rate

₹ 1,09,000

Offer Rate

₹ 99,000
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates
**The above prices are inclusive of printing and mounting charges.

Est. Reach

55,000 Employees



About Advertising in ITPL , Whitefield, Bangalore

Summary in 60 words

There are more than 100 companies in ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore with an employee strength of around 55,000. Few of the top companies in  ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore include Oracle, TCS, IBM, Capital one, HCL Technologies, and others. ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore has a total area of 450,000 square feet. There are 10 buildings in  ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore. Real Estate brands are allowed to advertise in this tech park.

Advertising Rate in ITPL ,Whitefield, Bangalore

There are multiple advertising options available in ITPL , Whitefield, Bangalore. One can get the rates and images of these advertising options in the Media Options and Pricing of the tab. The rates for advertising in ITPL , Whitefield, Bangalore are updated frequently. The advertising rate varies with the quantity and a few other factors. The volume-based discounted rate for ITPL , Whitefield, Bangalore is available in the advanced pricing section of the website. Advanced pricing is available for you to use once the media has been added to the Bag. For e.g. advertising in the food court of ITPL , Whitefield, Bangalore is one of the most popular advertising options among the advertisers. The basic advertising rate of Standee in the food court of ITPL , Whitefield, Bangalore is available in the Media option and pricing tab. Once you have selected the default media option and added it to the bag, you can select the quantity, locations within the tech park and get the discounted rate. You can be assured of the detailed best-discounted price for advertising in ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore at The Media Ant.

Agency for advertising in ITPL IT Park,Whitefield, Bangalore

The Media Ant is an authorized agency for advertising in ITPL , Whitefield, Bangalore. We work closely with the tech park owners to bring the best advertising options to you. You can be assured of flawless execution and lowest ad rates as we are the best advertising agency for placing your ads in ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore. You can contact The Media Ant if you are planning to advertise in ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore. We can be contacted over phone, email, Whatsapp, or Chat.

Why Advertise in ITPL ,Whitefield, Bangalore

Tech Park branding is very popular among nontraditional and hyperlocal advertisers, especially in the metro cities. Bangalore, a city with one of the highest populations of startups in the country offers a number of advertising opportunities through Tech Parks. ITPL  being one of the most popular IT Park of Bangalore is the most popular choice for Tech Park Branding in Bangalore. Following are some of the reasons that make Tech Park branding in ITPL  attractive to advertisers:

1. Opportunity to target working professionals: The advantage of targeting working professionals is that this pool consists of premium audiences with higher education, high income, and a higher propensity for purchase. Bangalore being the Silicon Valley of India, holds an important place when it comes to targeting the working professionals. Working professionals as a target audience not only are early adopters of new products and services but also become the brand ambassadors owing to the large connections and network they have. Their capacity to influence friends and families through word of mouth and social media mentions is an added benefit for brands that want to reach out to working professionals.

2. Companies: ITPL is one of the largest Tech Parks of Bangalore and houses several multinational companies and startups. Some of the most prominent companies located in  ITPL are  Oracle, TCS, IBM, Capital one, HCL Technologies, and others. By advertising in ITPL , brands would be able to reach out to employees of some of the top companies in the world.

3. Variety of advertising options: Tech Park advertising in  ITPL provides a variety of non-traditional advertising options to advertisers to select from- Pedaldock, elevator, and kiosk. Advertisers have the option to create a deeper impact by taking over maximum advertising spots.

How does IT Park Advertising Works

While planning to advertise in IT Park Bangalore, one should consider the following important factors :

i) Media Option: There are several media options available for advertising like an elevator door, Pedaldock, and kiosk.

ii) Quantity and duration: Minimum of 3 units of each media option has to be selected for a minimum of 1-month duration.

iii) Targeting: Can target working professionals between the age group of 25-50.

Features Of IT Park Advertising

Who Should Advertise

Brands with the following applicable factors should advertise

1National ReachNo
2City ReachYes
3Hyperlocal ReachYes
4Short Term PerformanceYes
5Long term brand buildingYes
6Low budgetYes
7Premium AudienceYes
Past Advertisers
AmazonOnline service

Execution Details

Past Execution Images

On request.

List of Companies inside IT Park

Click here to see the list of companies in ITPL IT Park.

Execution Process Flow

Step 1:Planning and Availability Check: Select the number of autos, duration, media options, and send the details to with the start date. We will check and confirm availability within 6 working hours.

Step 2: Artwork and Payment: Once availability is confirmed then we will share Proforma Invoice with final payable details. The brand needs to submit the artwork and also need to make the payment in advance.

Step 3: Execution: We will share jpeg of the artwork for approval and based on approval we will proceed with printing and mounting. The day we share all images will be considered as the start date of the campaign and end dated images will be shared with a newspaper.

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What is the cost of advertising in IT Park - ITPL IT Park,Whitefield, Bangalore?


You can get the cost of advertising in IT Park - ITPL IT Park,Whitefield, Bangalore by going to the media option and pricing tab of the website. Rates for all options are frequently updated.


How do I contact the agency for advertising inside IT Park - ITPL IT Park,Whitefield, Bangalore?


You can contact us through one of the following methods to execute your marketing campaign in IT Park - ITPL IT Park,Whitefield, Bangalore. Possible methods to reach out to us are emails, Whatsapp, phone, and the chatbot Anto.