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About Times of India Newspaper Advertising in India

Planning to start Newspaper advertising in Times of India ? Looking for rates to advertise in Times of India? Wondering whether Times of India ad is the best advertising option for your business?

We can guide you how to use Times of India newspaper ads efficiently and cost effectively. The Times of India full page ad is the most chosen ad option in the Indian newspaper industry with many advertising options across all Indian cities. The Times of India ads are available nationwide, particularly in metro cities because it is an English language newspaper and is considered the elite of all advertising options. The circulation rates, reach and the coverage of Times of India has been pretty consistent over the past years. Hence, Times of India ads have been a very lucrative advertising option for both B2B and B2C clients. It's a daily newspaper covering authentic news, which is the reason for its huge circulation. Its main content is the news; however, it also features a huge number of classified advertisements in various sections which adds to another reason for its advertising popularity. It also has the supplementary news sections as a glamor quotient that talks about Films and entertainment from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Times of India Advertising can broadly be of two types, namely Classified text ad and Classified display ad

Classified Text Ads: Also known as run-on line ads, these advertisements consist of simple running text and are charged based on the number of lines or words used in the ad content. These ads, otherwise plain, can be made more appealing through our online enhancements like colored backgrounds, ticks, screen borders etc.

Classified Display Ads: The classified display ads in Times of India are more elaborate and eye-catching than classified text ads. These will cost you a little higher on the price scale.The plus point is that you can avail the option of uploading vibrant pictures along with the ad text. Such ads are charged according to per sq.cm of an area taken up by the advertisement. Costs may vary depending on the choice between black and white or color.

Times of India Advertisement Cost

 Looking to make a big impact with your advertising campaign? Look no further than Times of India. With competitive rates and unparalleled reach, your message will reach millions across the nation. Whether it's print or digital, our advertising solutions are designed to elevate your brand's visibility and drive results. Contact us today and let's start amplifying your presence with Times of India.

Rates of Times of India Newspaper Advertising

Like all forms of advertising, your print ad costs will depend on a lot of things: the size of your ad(s), what publication(s) you use, what sections of the paper(s) you want your ads in, the frequency with which you run the ads, and whether you use color in your ads. When it comes to working with the publication, you'll have a different sales representative from each newspaper who will not only quote you prices and deadlines but will also help you design your ad.

Display ads charges are usually based on the amount of area they consume and are quoted in per sq. cm or per column cm. Each column width of the publication might vary on the basis of a broadsheet or a pullout, however in general stands at 4 cm width.

Nowadays, most newspapers and magazines have converted to a "modular" system that simplifies ad size and eliminates the need to figure out column inches. In a modular system ad sizes are represented by the amount of the total page the ad takes up. For example 1/2 page, 1/4 page, 1/8 page, etc. This has been a popular system among many newspapers because it simplifies the layout process (i.e. less ad sizes to fit in newspaper) and makes pricing much easier for an advertiser to understand

Procedure for Planning a Newspaper Ad campaign

  • Select Ad Type, Newspaper & Location: Select Classified Text or Classified Display Ad as per your requirement. Choose the newspaper and the preferred editions to view rates. Select a single edition or package based on your budget.

  • Compose Ad: Compose your Ad with the help of our samples or seek expert advice from our team. Use enhancements for higher visibility.

  • Select Date & Make Payment: Select the release date(s) and after that preview the booking details. Once finalized, proceed to make payment by any online/offline modes to confirm your booking.

Planning assistance to advertise in Times of India Newspaper

1. Can The Media Ant help me make the plan?

Yes. We offer free newspaper planning.

2. How should I select the newspapers?

Use the filters on the left hand side to get a list of relevant magazines for yourself. The filters available are Publications, and Language

You can also use the Geography search bar to look for magazines that are circulated only in specific areas.

Once you have a list of newspapers that are suitable for you to advertise, use sorting filters to pick the best once. Sorting is possible basis circulation, readership, cost and most popular on The Media Ant.

3. What are the possible innovations in newspaper advertising?

Apart from the regular print advertisements , some examples of innovative advertising options in Newspapers are Pointer ads, Ear Panels, samplings and Newspaper Jackets.

4. Are there options outside of print advertising available in newspapers?

Yes. Many newspapers also offer advertising on their website where you can put in the ads according to the content of the page and the geography you are targeting.

What execution steps are involved in advertising in newspapers

1. Once I have finalized the plan what is the next step?

Once you have finalized the plan, you can book the ad online. You can make the payment online as well as upload the artwork. In case you want to book your ad offline, kindly mail the selected list of Newspapers and the edition to Help@TheMediaAnt.com

2. How do I pay?

You can pay either online, cheque or bank transfer.

3. What proof do I get once the activity is complete?

After the advertisement has been printed, a soft & a physical copy of the newspaper along with the invoice will be sent to you.

4. Will The Media Ant help me make the ad/creative?

We help in making ads for advertising in magazines. The rate for this service is dependent on the requirement and the cost is not included in the price list.