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Newspaper Advertising

About Newspaper advertising in India

Newspaper advertising has the largest spending share among total marketing budgets. The popular formats to advertise in Newspapers are Display ads and Classified ads. Advertising Rates for Newspaper advertisements depends on the readership and page number. 

Frontpage ads attract a premium over regular Newspaper advertising card rates. Classified ads are small business ads in the Newspaper. Classified ads have lower advertising costs than display ads.

Newspaper advertisements in India are largely sold through a Newspaper advertising agency. INS is an accredited body for Newspaper advertising agencies in India. The Media Ant is one of the best Newspaper advertising agencies in India with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. 

We provide the lowest newspaper advertisement rates to our clients. You can find the rate card of Newspaper advertising as well as discounted Newspaper advertising cost on The Media Ant for more than 1000 Newspapers in India including Dainik Bhaskar, Times of India, The Hindu, The Telegraph, Hindustan Times, Dinakaran, and Dainik Jagran.

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Newspaper Advertisement Rates

Now that we have discussed various sizes of advertisements in newspapers, the next big question is about newspaper adrates. Find out newspaper advertisement rates on Newspaper Tool Page.

Here you can see all newspapers in India listed along with the newspaper advertising rates. The next popular question we often encounter is how is the cost to advertise in newspaper calculated. The answer to this is that there are several factors that dictate the newspaper adrates. Following are some of these major components: 

  • Newspaper Circulation Number: The newspaper circulation number determines how many people read this particular newspaper on a regular basis. 
  • Newspaper Advertisement Size: The next major factor determining newspaper ad prices is the newspaper advertisement size. Full-page advertisements in newspapers cost more than quarter-page advertisements in newspapers
  • Newspaper Advertisement Position: Some pages in newspapers like the front page, the 3rd page, etc are more popular for newspaper advertising as they grab more eyeballs than others. 
  • Days/Seasons: Advertisements in newspapers during the festive season are expensive when compared to other seasons. Hence, during certain time periods in a year, the ad rate is higher. 
  • Deals/offers: Sometimes, due to market fluctuations, overall newspaper advertisement rates fall or rise. Other times, brands that are in need of a higher number of inventories, get discounted newspaper ad rates

Newspaper Advertisement Cost

The Media Ant is committed to getting the most accurate data for its users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis.

Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year, hence, it is very important to check the updated newspaper advertising cost before booking your campaign.

A large number of newspapers in India have their own Ad agency to sell Ads. The Media Ant is the leading newspaper Ad agency in India that helps advertisers book their newspaper Ads in any of the leading newspapers in the country at an affordable cost.

The Media Ant provides multiple options for ads on everyday paper with flexible ad schedules that fit your needs. We work with all major national, regional, and local newspapers from across India including Times of India, The Hindu, Indian Express, etc.

To find the updated Newspaper Advertising Cost 2022, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular Newspaper advertising option, and look for the latest Newspaper advertising rates 2022 under the heading “Top Choice /Other Ad Options”.

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Newspaper Ad Cost

Are you looking for a way to save money on your newspaper ad cost? If so, you're in the right place! TheMediaAnt will help you with everything you need to know about newspaper ad costs and how to get the most out of your advertising budget. From the cost of ad space to the size of your ad. So start saving money today and read on!

Advertising in newspapers can be expensive, but it's important to get the most out of your advertising budget. By understanding the cost of newspaper ads, you can better allocate your resources and reach your advertising goals.

Newspaper Advertisement

Do you want to book Newspaper advertisements in newspapers? The Media Ant is the best Ad agency in Bangalore, providing an easy-to-use online portal to book and publish classifieds in newspapers. Media Ant's newspaper ad booking service is fast, affordable, and user-friendly. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse to place an order for any kind of classified ads with us - be it house rent advertisements or property ads.

If you are looking for the best agency to book Newspaper advertisements in Bangalore, Media Ant is the right choice. With our easy-to-use online portal, they offer services of publishing classifieds in newspapers across Bangalore. Media Ant offers a variety of packages with rates that suit every budget and requirement. The most popular package is their Unlimited ad plan which allows advertisers to post as many ads as they want at a very low price point! 

When you are looking for a newspaper advertisement in Bangalore, Media Ant is the best newspaper ad agency to book and publish classifieds. Media Ant has years of experience in advertising and will be able to give advice on what type of adverts work best for different products.

Advertisements In Newspapers

Advertisements in newspapers sound very complex to first-time advertisers due to the various sizes and formats but on understanding the key differences, advertisements in newspapers can prove to be the most beneficial for them.

In terms of sizes of advertisements in newspapers, you should check our blog post on size guide for advertisements in newspapers.

On reading our blog on sizes of advertisements in newspapers, you would get to know about the following, in detail:

  • Display advertisements in newspapers vs classified advertisements in newspapers
  • How is the size of advertisements in newspapers measured?
  • The various popular newspaper advertisement sizes
  • Fixed-size advertisements in newspapers
  • Variable-size advertisements in newspapers
  • Innovation ads in newspapers

Newspaper Ads

Every advertiser, at any point in time, would have considered placing newspaper ads. Placing ads in newspapers is one of the oldest formats of ads. Of all the mediums of entertainment, mass printing was the first to come into existence.

Newspapers have been there for centuries, educating, entertaining, and selling to the masses. Even today, despite the rise of various ad formats, newspaper advertisements are the most trusted form of advertising.

This is the reason whether it’s government ads, public announcement ads, or corporate declarations ads- all are communicated to the public in the form of newspaper ads.

There is a reason why newspaper advertising is the most popular and trusted form of advertising in India. No morning is complete without reading a newspaper that is shared by an entire family. Even after that most households do not throw away the newspaper right away.

Hence, ads placed in newspapers in Indian households have a longer shelf life. Another advantage of giving ads in newspapers is that the turnaround time for placing the ads is shorter. This makes newspaper advertising the favorite of online and offline retailers for any sale/offer communication.

Paper Advertisement

In the age of video advertising like video ads on websites and video ads during streaming on OTT platforms and audio advertising like radio jingles and audio ads on audio OTT platforms, paper advertisement seems to be unpopular and outdated.

However, the claim that newspaper advertising is not in demand anymore is the farthest from the truth. The paper advertisement would vary in formats from newspaper advertisement to newspaper insert advertisement, pamphlet/leaflet advertisement, or magazine advertisement.

Following are the reasons why paper advertisement is more popular than audio/video advertisement are:

  • Paper advertisements have a longer shelf life. It is tangible and remains with the audience even after they have been exposed to them. Hence, the repetition factor works in favor of the advertisers and creates a bigger impact on the audience’s mind.
  • The content publishing part of advertising only involves simple printing as compared to video and audio recording involves several elements and tools and is a complex process making paper advertisement accessible to all businesses as well lowering the turn-around time. 
  • Paper advertisements involve text as well as images. Text-based advertisements can be understood by literate people only. Often this factor plays a major role for premium brands targeting the audience in NCCS AB. 

Newspaper Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is the best newspaper advertising agency in India. We provide the best and lowest advertising rate for Newspaper advertising to our clients. Through our tie-up with more than 500 publication houses across India, we assure the best discounts when placing an ad in a Newspaper through The Media Ant.

You can contact us for the best discounts and to execute your Newspaper advertising campaign. You can contact us either online, by sending a mail to or by calling us at 08067415510.

Advertising Options In Newspapers Ads

Newspaper advertising can be classified into one 3 types- Display Ads, Classified Ads, and Innovative Ads. Classified ads can be recognized by small ads that are put together. They are mostly advertised on the left-hand side of the newspaper.

The various advertising sub-sections in Classified advertising are Matrimonial Ads, Property Ads, Recruitment Ads, Business Ads, announcements, Public Notices, Services ads, Obituaries, Astrology ads, and Education ads.

Classified Ads in Newspapers can either be plain text called Classified Text or images-based called Display Classified Ads. Classified ads are printed on the classified pages of the Times Of India, but can also contain images.

The Newspaper advertising tariff for these advertisements is calculated on a per square cm basis. The minimum ad size for Times Display classified ads is 3x5 cm.

The second category of ads called display advertisements in Newspapers is the most common ad that we see. They are also referred to as regular advertising in Newspapers or Print advertising in Newspapers.

These Newspaper ads can be of various sizes and rates of Newspaper advertising depends on the ad size. So a half-page ad will be more expensive than a quarter-page ad. Standard Newspaper advertising options are Full Page ads, Half Page ads, Quarter Page ads, and then smaller-size ads.

The third category of Innovative Newspaper advertising includes advertising options outside of display ads or classifieds. These advertising options' costs are more than regular advertising rates. Examples of innovative advertising options in newspapers are Pointer ads, Ear Panels, samplings, and Newspaper Jackets.

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Online Advertisement In Newspaper

By the term “online advertisement in the newspaper” we can understand two things:

  1. Advertising in e-newspapers/newspaper websites:

Even a traditional medium like a newspaper could not remain untouched by digital for very long. With the pandemic bringing a temporary halt to the distribution of physical newspapers, the online format of news gained popularity, and with it came the era of online advertising. 

Most popular newspapers in India now publish their e-paper format as well as have a website online. Brands can choose to place an online advertisement in newspapers in either or both digital formats of the newspaper.

The advantage of placing ads on news websites is that brands get to apply advanced targeting options. You can visit TMA digital news advertising section for more details on newspaper advertising in digital format.

  1. Placing ads in newspaper in physical newspapers via online channels

With the pandemic situation under control, physical newspapers have climbed back to their glory. However, over the past decade, one thing that has changed is that advertisers do not need to call or contact newspaper advertising agencies to place newspaper advertisements.

One of the best sites to place online advertisements in newspapers is Brands can visit the site to check and compare newspaper ad rates and place online advertisements in the newspaper of their choice. 

Cost For Advertising In Newspaper

The newspaper advertising rate is quoted in terms of per square cm. For e.g., if the rate card of the Newspaper ad says Rs 100, it means that to book one square cm of space in the Newspaper, it would cost Rs 100. Discount on Newspaper card rate depends on the ad size, number of inserts, and product category.

The rate Card of Newspaper advertising and discounted cost depend on the following parameters:

  1. The number of readers of the newspaper is also referred to as Newspaper readership.

More the number of readers, the higher the cost.

  1. Page position - The front and initial pages of the Newspaper have higher advertising rates than the inside pages
  2. Volume - How big the ad is. Larger sizes attract better-discounted rates.

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Newspaper Advertising Size And Ad Format

While the actual size of a Newspaper ad differs across publications, the following list of Newspaper ad sizes will give you a general idea of square cm.

This table also gives you the different ad types available in Newspapers.

Ad type

Dimension (in sq cm)



Full Page Newspaper ad



Half Page Newspaper ad



 Quarter Page Newspaper ad



Sky Bus Newspaper ad



Jacket Newspaper ad


Advertisers need to provide their ad in. PDF format to the Newspaper advertising agency. The ad format in the Newspaper follows the CMYK color pattern.

List Of Popular Newspapers In India

The list of top popular Newspaper in India for advertising is:

Newspaper Name




The Times of India



Hindustan Times



The Hindu



The Telegraph



Dainik Bhaskar

Hindi, Gujarati





Dainik Jagran






Daily Thanthi






Malayalam Manorama





You can find the card rate, discounted rate, reach details, and readership for the Newspapers mentioned above and another 100s of publications online at The Media Ant.

Advantages Of Advertising In Newspaper

Newspaper Advertising is the most popular advertising format among all available media categories. Based on our work as a leading Newspaper advertising agency, we can share a few advantages of advertising in Newspapers.

Newspaper Advertising provides one of the lowest cost per reach among all advertising options. Cost per reach is calculated as Newspaper advertising rate divided by Newspaper reach. Through advertising in Newspapers, one also manages to reach out to a large Newspaper reading population.

Newspaper readership in India is still growing and continues to be one of the cheapest advertising options because of the low advertising rate. Another significant advantage of Newspaper advertising is localization.

Local businesses can advertise through Newspapers and reach out to a city population at the best Newspaper advertising rate. Newspaper advertising is used by large brands for long-term brand building at a low advertising cost and by small brands or SMEs for advertising their products locally at an effective low advertising rate.

Popular for Newspaper advertising are announcements ads, new product launch advertisements, and sales ads. Through advertising in Newspapers brands also add credibility to their image.

Place Ad In Local Newspaper

Are you a local business? Then there cannot be a better advertising idea than to place an ad in the local newspaper. Here’s why:

  • Newspapers have mass reach and are the best medium to reach out to people within a city irrespective of their location. Hence, it is best for local businesses to place ads in the local newspapers.
  • Have an event, a sale, or an offer for a limited period of time? The best way to let your customers know is to place ads in the local newspaper. The advantage to place ads in the local newspaper is that brands can use a different creative every day and create a better impact. 
  • Newspaper is the most trusted advertising medium in India. Any local brand trying to build trust among the customers should choose to place an ad in the local newspaper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Newspaper advertising

1. How much does newspaper advertising cost?

The cost of advertising in Newspapers varies greatly. The cost would depend on the Newspaper, the edition that has been selected, and the ad size. You can refer to the Newspaper tool page of The Media Ant to get rates for more than 2000 Newspapers in India and their editions.

2. what is the cost of newspaper advertising?

Getting your ad in a newspaper can be a costly proposition, but it doesn't have to be! The amount you'll pay per ad is based on a number of factors, including the time of day it runs and the size of the ad. For example, an ad that runs in the morning or evening will cost more than an ad that runs in the afternoon or evening. And finally, the price of the ad is based on how much information you're willing to include - text, photo(s), and/or graphics. The more space you want in your ad, the more it will cost per inch. So, plan your ad carefully, and you'll be well on your way to reaching your target audience.

3. How do I know the readership of a Newspaper?

The number of readers of a Newspaper also known as readership is reported by IRS ( Indian Readership Survey). As this is paid data, please ask your Newspaper advertising agency or the publication to furnish this. One should look at this data before placing an ad in the Newspaper.

4. How do I get discounts while advertising in Newspapers?

Discount on the Newspaper card rates depends on the ad size, brand category, and the number of inserts. Newspaper ad agencies can get you the best Newspaper advertising discounted rate once you share this data.

5. Will Newspapers help me design my ad?

Not all Newspaper agencies can help you with ad design. However, The Media Ant can help you design your Newspaper ad. The cost of Newspaper ad design would depend on the brief and is not included in the newspaper advertisement rates mentioned on the site.

6. How many days in advance do I need to book my Newspaper ad?

One needs to book the ad 1 day in advance of the Newspaper print date. So for a Daily Newspaper, the ad needs to be shared by the prior evening.

7. Are the Newspaper advertising rates mentioned as the best rates for Newspaper Advertising?

No. The mentioned rates are not the best Newspaper Advertising rates available. Newspapers keep coming up with discounts and advertising packages for advertising. One should always check with their newspaper advertising agency or the publication directly on any additional discount.

8. In what format do Newspapers accept ads?

The accepted Newspaper advertising format is PDF.

9. Can I cancel the ad once booked?

Yes. Advertisers can cancel the ad after booking provided the Newspaper ad has already not been printed.

10. What steps need to be followed to place an ad in the Newspaper?

  1. Select the Newspaper where you would want to place the advertisement
  2. Select the date when you would like to place the ad
  3. Select the ad type
  4. Check for available discount
  5. Share the ad in the specified Newspaper advertising format
  6. Make the payment

11. How would I know if my ad was published?

A newspaper advertising agency would provide you with a soft copy of the ad the day the ad is placed. In a few days, the Newspaper advertising agency should share with you a hard copy of the Newspaper.

12. How To Give Ad In Newspaper?

Earlier, to give ads in newspapers, advertisers had to call individual newspaper offices to share their requirements, get a quote, and other relevant details like circulation, etc. This not only made the entire process longer but also used up human resources that could have been used for better things instead to give ads in newspapers.

The Media Ant was launched in 2012 with the objective to eliminate the long and cumbersome steps from the process to give ads in newspapers. Now, an advertiser can simply visit Newspaper Category and use filters or search to check newspaper advertisement rates of various newspapers, compare and make a final booking.

The process to give an ad in the newspaper does not end here. They can use The Media Ant website to schedule the newspaper ad and make online payments too. 

13. Why advertise in newspapers?

Brands should advertise in newspapers for the following reasons:

  1. Most trusted advertising medium: If you advertise in a newspaper, you are making an official statement. That’s the degree of trust people have in advertisements in newspapers. Especially if you are a brand in the real estate or education field, consider advertising in the newspaper because the products cost a huge amount and are for long-term use.
  2. The most cost-effective to target local audience: Television is considered the most cost-effective when talking about cost per reach of advertising. However, in the case of local advertising, advertising in newspapers is the best decision considering the fact that popular cities have their own edition of newspapers.
  3. Low Turnaround Time: As already discussed, advertising in the newspaper, even a few days’ buffers works well. What this means is that brands can advertise in newspapers for a longer period and different creatures to create a positive impact.

14. What are the benefits of newspaper advertising?

The following are the benefits of newspaper advertising:

  1. Building trust for your brand: One of the greatest benefits of newspaper advertising is that the newspaper has a special place in every person’s heart. The reason is that newspapers and television have been the oldest source of information and entertainment. However, the resource and accessibility to place ads in newspapers and television used to be limited. This has changed now but the emotional connection people have with newspapers makes it one of the most important benefits of newspaper advertising.
  2. Creating awareness in the city: Newspaper advertising offers one of the best reach in the city and hence is very good for brand awareness advertising campaigns. This is another of the most important benefits of newspaper advertising.
  3. Ensuring people follow the Call to action: One of the benefits of newspaper advertising can also be the fact that since newspapers have a short shelf life, advertising in newspapers can be used to create urgency by using a call to action. 

15. What means newspaper advertising?

Newspaper advertising refers to placing promotional messages in the newspapers by paying the newspaper advertising rates to the publications. There are several popular formats of newspaper advertising based on the size, position, and appearance of the ads. A few of the most popular newspaper ad formats are classified ads, front-page display ads, and full-page display ads. 

Top 5 Newspaper Advertisers For Jan-March 2022:

  1. Phonepe
  2. India Pharmaceutical Alliance
  3. WD
  4. Spinny
  5. Netflix

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