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Advertising in Retail Newspapers

There are several Newspapers with Retail related content and offering advertising options. Advertising in Retail Newspapers is recommended for B2B requirement of the brands and products trying to reach out to the retailers. These Newspapers are also read by shoppers looking for news in the retail segment and sale offers at retailers. Retail Newspaper advertisement has been utilized by several brands in past to reach out to their target segment..

Advertising Rate for Retail Newspaper in India 

You can find the rate for advertising in Retail newspapers in the Newspaper tools section of The Media Ant. The cost of placing ad would vary on the edition and the publication of these Newspapers. 

Contact for advertising in Retail Newspapers

In case you are looking for contact to advertise in Retail Newspaper, The Media Ant is the right agency. As an agency for placing ads in Retail Newspapers in India, we promise the best planning and rate. With our tie up with all top Retail publications in the country, you can be assured of the best service and price. 

Book Ad in Retail Newspapers in India

You can book ad in Retail Newspaper Newspapers in India either online at The Media Ant or offline by dropping us a mail at