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Advertising in Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers

Use this page to get the list and advertising rates for all Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers in India. Advertising rates for these Newspapers are can be downloaded by selecting Fashion and Lifestyle in the category filter of the Newspaper planner. In addition to the advertising rates you will also find the circulation details of Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers available for advertising.  

Fashion and Lifestyle compliments each other and the boundary between them has blurred over a period of time. The advertisers should focus more on the fashion and lifestyle conscious consumers and target them through Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers. 

Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers covers topics from latest trends in fashion, update on technology used in fashion segment and news from the fashion world. Read by young readers as well as professionals from the industry, Fashion Newspapers are used by brands to reach out to their target group in perfect context. 

Lifestyle Newspapers cover above and beyond fashion. Everything that defines lifestyle is covered in lifestyle Newspapers. From high end cars, to travel to exotic locations, shopping destinations, events and of course fashion is covered in lifestyle Newspapers. 

You can check on the discounted advertising rates for these Newspapers by clicking on individual Newspaper cards and then choosing the type of ad that you need. 

In case you are looking for any special innovative ads in Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers, please contact us. As a reputed advertising agency for Newspapers, we can help you design advertising innovations as per your specific requirement. 

Advertising Rate for Fashion and Lifestyle Newspaper in India 

You can find the rate for advertising in Fashion and Lifestyle newspapers in the Newspaper tools section of The Media Ant. The cost of placing ad would vary on the edition and the publication of these Newspapers. The rate of advertising in Fashion and Lifestyle Newspaper supplements is lesser than the main Newspaper and also much more relevant for the right brand. 

Contact for advertising in Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers

In case you are looking for contact to advertise in Fashion and Lifestyle Newspaper, The Media Ant is the right agency. As an agency for placing ads in Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers in India, we promise the best planning and rate. With our tie up with all top Fashion and Lifestyle publications in the country, you can be assured of the best service and price. 

Book Ad in Fashion and Lifestyle Newspapers in India

You can book ad in Fashion and Lifestyle Newspaper Newspapers in India either online at The Media Ant or offline by dropping us a mail at