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Advertising in Automobile Newspapers

Automobile segment in India is one of the fastest growing sectors in terms of growth. Along with this growth, there have also been increase is spending on advertising by brand in this segment. There are several Newspaper supplements which cover automobile segment. One can advertise in Automobile Newspaper to reach out to the right consumer set. 

Automobile Newspapers deal with various Automobile related information and trends. Readers include students, professionals, enthusiasts, people from the automotive industry (top, middle level management) representing vehicle manufacturers - 2 or 3 and 4 wheelers, LCVs, component manufacturers, ancillaries, tyres and tubes, oil, fuel, lubes and additives, paints, garage equipments. Also the service suppliers - finance or leasing, technology, retailing and aftermarket, fleet owners and operator’s serious auto buffs and financial analysts.

Topics are from areas of includes vehicle and component manufacturers as well as auto retail and finance, components, logistics, infrastructure and construction equipment. Other vital areas covered include fuels, roads and infrastructure which impacts the development of the auto sector.

Advertising Rate for Automobile Newspaper in India 

You can find the rate for advertising in Automobile newspapers in the Newspaper tools section of The Media Ant. The cost of placing ad would vary on the edition and the publication of these Newspapers. The rate of advertising in Automobile Newspaper supplements is lesser than the main Newspaper and also much more relevant for the right brand. 

Contact for advertising in Automobile Newspapers

In case you are looking for contact to advertise in Automobile Newspaper, The Media Ant is the right agency. As an agency for placing ads in Automobile Newspapers in India, we promise the best planning and rate. With our tie up with all top Automobile publications in the country, you can be assured of the best service and price. 

Book Ad in Automobile Newspapers in India

You can book ad in Automobile Newspaper Newspapers in India either online at The Media Ant or offline by dropping us a mail at