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NameCategoryCirculationEditionPrint DayRate
Economic Times, West India - Brand EquityAdvertising and Marketing272269West IndiaMonday-Saturday
₹ 495

₹ 430

Per Insert
Economic Times, South India - Brand EquityAdvertising and Marketing141654South IndiaMonday-Saturday
₹ 1,200

₹ 1,050

Per Insert
Economic Times, India - Brand Equity - All EditionAdvertising and Marketing663523IndiaMonday-Saturday
₹ 450

₹ 230

Per Insert
Economic Times, North India - Brand EquityAdvertising and Marketing206600North IndiaMonday-Saturday
₹ 1,900

₹ 1,650

Per Insert
Economic Times, East India - Brand EquityAdvertising and Marketing43000East IndiaMonday-Saturday
₹ 300

₹ 270

Per Insert
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