Advertising in Mirror, Bangalore - Main Newspaper

Advertising in Mirror, Bangalore - Main Newspaper
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₹ 705

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₹ 564
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Fixed Size

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₹ 2,82,000

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₹ 1,41,000


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₹ 19,81,980

Offer Rate

₹ 6,93,693
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₹ 3,81,150

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₹ 2,09,633
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About Advertising In Mirror Bengaluru

Summary In 60 Words

Mirror Bengaluru with a circulation of around 1.76 lacs is the fourth highest circulated English newspaper in Bengaluru. It is also the fifth-highest circulated English newspaper in Karnataka. Brands in Ecommerce, Consumer durables, Real Estate, Electronics and FMCG categories, etc advertise significantly in Mirror Bengaluru.

Rate for advertising in Mirror Bengaluru

The rate for advertising in Mirror Bengaluru is available in the Media Option and Pricing tab of this page. In Newspaper, rates can either be per square cm for a custom size or fixed cost for fixed ad sizes like a quarter page, half page, and full page. You will find per square advertising rate, as well as the cost of full-page, half page and quarter pages ads in The Mirror Bengaluru. As the mentioned rate for custom size is quoted in terms of per square cm. For e.g.: Let us say the per square cm rate for Mirror Bengaluru is Rs 3000 and you are looking for a 50 square cm ad. The cost of this ad size becomes Rs 3000 X 50 = Rs 150,000. The minimum ad size for a custom ad is 20 square cm. Advertising Rate for Mirror Bengaluru varies with the number of inserts and is higher for front and page 3 as compared to other pages. You can get the rate for all page positions by adding the media to your Bag and checking the rate for different page numbers. There can also be a slight variance in rates depending on the category of the advertisers. All Newspaper advertising agencies and publications offer a volume discount.

How to select the right agency for advertising in Mirror Bengaluru

A large chunk of overall ads in Newspapers comes through Newspaper Advertising Agency. Newspaper agencies play a critical role if you are planning to advertise in the Mirror Bengaluru. There are several aspects that a Newspaper advertising agency will take care of while executing your Newspaper campaign in Mirror Bengaluru. Firstly, the Newspaper advertising agency will help you in deciding the right page position and the recommended ad size for your ad. This ad size and page position decision is dependent on the competition activity, budget, and the creative. The newspaper agency for Mirror Bengaluru will also negotiate the right price for you. The last role of the Newspaper ad agency is to ensure flawless execution. While selecting the agency, you should check if the Newspaper agency has INS accreditation or has a partnership with some other INS agency to release your ad. Being an INS accredited agency helps in getting a credit period from Times of India for your campaign.
The Media Ant is an authorized agency for ad planning and buying on Mirror Bengaluru and provides a data research-backed plan and ensure that you get the best rates. In case you need any help with planning, please contact Help@TheMediaAnt.com.

Why advertise In Mirror Bengaluru

The advantages of advertising in Mirror Bengaluru are: 

  • Mirror is one of the most read newspapers in Bengaluru. Ads placed in Mirror would reach maximum newspaper readers.
  • Mirror Bengaluru covers news and articles on various topics and hence by placing ads in Mirror Bengaluru, advertisers can reach out to the audience having various interests.
  • Mirror stands no. 4 with respect to English daily readership in Bangalore. Advertising in Mirror Bangalore will assure maximum reach in the market.
  • Mirror is one of the most trusted newspaper brands in Bengaluru. Advertising in Mirror Bengaluru will help advertisers build trust with their audience.
Other Media similar to advertising in Mirror Bangalore

List of other media which caters to the same target group and acts as a good compliment to Mirror Bangalore are: 

You can also look for other advertising options as Mirror Bangalore by clicking List of English Newspapers in Bangalore.

How Does Newspaper Advertising Works

There are the following 2 important factors :

Factor 1: Newspaper Ad Sizes

Factor 2: Newspaper Ad Rates

Detailing of Factor 1:

Newspaper ad sizes: Newspaper display ads can come in different sizes which can be classified in two-

i) Fixed-size newspaper advertisement

ii) Custom/variable size newspaper advertisement

Fixed-size Newspaper Advertisements:

Following are the fixed sizes for newspaper display ads that are popular among newspaper advertisers:

a.Full Page Newspaper Advertisement (25.3 cm X 32.9 cm): Considered to be the most impactful of all, a full-page newspaper ad covers an entire newspaper page. In the case of the front page, the maximum allowed ad size of a half-page is 25.3 cm X 32.9 cm and it is due to the presence of newspaper masthead.

b.Horizontal Half Page Newspaper Advertisement (25.3 cm X 16 cm ): Horizontal half-page newspaper ads divide the newspaper area into two halves horizontally. In terms of dimensions, the ad would measure 25.3 cm wide and 16 cm long and would cover an area of 825 sq cm. Just like a full-page ad size newspaper advertisement, this is also a popular choice for advertisers.

c.Vertical Half Page Newspaper Advertisement (12.5 cm X  32.9 cm): Placing half-page ads vertically nowadays is gaining popularity. When most of the advertisers prefer to go for Horizontal half page, placing half-page ad vertically can attract more eyeballs. The maximum allowed ad size of a vertical half-page in FrontPage is 12.5 cm x 32.9 cm and it is due to the presence of newspaper masthead.

d.Quarter Page Newspaper Advertisement (12.5 cm X 16 cm): A quarter-page newspaper advertisement would cover an area equivalent to a quarter or 1/4 of a newspaper page. Most advertisers prefer it to be placed on the right bottom side corner of the newspaper page.

Detailing of Factor 2:

Newspaper ad rates: Newspaper ad rates are based on the following few factors : 

i ) Page Position: Based on page position rate changes or extra premium is charged e,g. The rate for premium pages like the front, last, page 3 is always higher than any other page.

ii) Total Ad Volume: Based on the ad size (quarter, half, etc) and the number of inserts (1,2,3, etc), rates do change. The higher the total volume of the business more the discount percentage is applicable.

iii) Client Category & Brand Name: Based on the advertiser's category (e-commerce, real estate, automobile, etc) rates do vary. Similarly, the rate applicable for brand A in the real estate category not necessarily be applicable for brand B in the same category.

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Features Of Mirror Bengaluru

Popular sections In Mirror Bengaluru

Various sections in Mirror Bangalore are as follows:

 City Section (comes on Page 2 and covers city news)

  Nation Section(Convers National news, Single page)

  World Section(Single page covering World news)

  Sports section(Covers news related to sports, 2-3 Pages)

  Sci-Tech section(Single page, covers news on Technology and science)

  Edit Page section(Single page covers Editorial news)

  Movies section(comes on Page 14 and covers Movie updates)

  Chai Time section(Contains riddles, jokes, and crosswords, 1-2 Pages)

​  Unwind section(Covers news and articles of Lifestyle, 1-2 Pages)

Who Should Advertise

Brands with the following applicable factors should advertise

1National ReachNo
2City ReachYes
3Hyperlocal ReachNo
4Short Term PerformanceYes
5Long term brand buildingYes
6Low budgetNo
7Premium AudienceNo
Past Advertisers
Akshayakalpa MilkRetail

Facts and Figures Of Mirror Bengaluru


Readership- 4.40 lacs (Approximate)

Execution Details Related To Advertising In Mirror

Execution Process Flow

Step 1:Planning and Best Rate: Select page number, ad size, number of inserts and send the details to help@themediaant.com and we will share the final offer rate within 1 working day.

Step 2: Artwork and Payment: Once the offer rate is confirmed then we will share Proforma Invoice and the brand needs to submit the artwork and also need to make the payment in advance.

Step 3: Execution: We will share the soft copy of the ad the same day ad is published and share hardcopy by the next 15 working days.

Images/Videos Of Past Execution

On Request.

Digital and Supplement Options Mirror

Advertising Supplements

On Request.

Digital Options

Click here to view advertising options on the Mirror Bengaluru`s website.

FAQs Related To Mirror Bengaluru

1. What are the possible Ad dimensions?

Page Width Height Total
Full Page 25.332.9832.37
Horizontal Half Page 25.316404.8
Vertical Half Page 12.532.9411.25
Quarter Page 12.516200
Half of Quarter Page 138104
Quarter of Quarter Page 6848
Front Page Skybus 25.3375.9
Front Page Quarter Page 25.38202.4
Front Page - 5 cm Height Ad 25.35126.5
Any Page 240 Sq Cm Ad 1220240
Any Page 625 Sq Cm Ad 25.38202.4

2. What are the different types of Jackets?

There are the following 3 types of Jacket Ads:

i) Guaranteed Jacket: It is a guaranteed first-page ad and no other ads will take precedence.

ii) Hybrid Jacket: This type of jacket adoption includes a one-page ad belonging to one brand and the other page carrying another brand’s ad.

iii) Floating Jacket: Floating jacket gets the least priority out of all jackets and its final position can be anywhere before the front page.

3. What is the page position for a classified display ad?

For classified display ads, there is no fixed position and may be placed in the supplement as well.

4. What are the rates for classified display ads?

For classified display ad rates, please send mail to help@themediaant.com


What is the difference between circulation and readership in Newspaper ?


Newspaper circulation is number of copies printed whereas Readership is number of people who read it. So a single Newspaper in a household is read by the entire family. 

Unless specific data is available, one can assume readership of a Newspaper to be 3 times that of its circulation. 


I am about to confirm my ad in a Newspaper. What all I should be aware of at this stage?

  1. Publication reserves the right to put multiple jackets,flaps/any other competitors ad on the same or facing page
  2. Shared rate might change after the ad is submitted as Newspapers operate brand specific and category specific rates
  3. Your ad might not get published even after the booking. This happens when two or more ads fight for the same space. The bigger size ad is given preference in these cases. You will be informed in advance of any such conflict and alternate options would be offered. You can also choose to cancel the ad at no fee