Advertising in Better Photography Magazine

Advertising in Better Photography Magazine
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Readership Profile - Profession

Amateurs, Hobbyists and Enthusiasts63%
Professional or Studio Owners22%
Semi Professional Photographer11%
Casual Readers4%

Readership Profile

Senior Management Professionals19%
Medicine or Pharma Related Professionals18%
IT Related Professionals15%
Self Employed Professionals12%

Editorial Topics

Editorial ContentsDescription
NewsUpdates the reader on the latest in the world of photography, including personal views, book reviews and interviews.
Gear GuideHands on product tests, perspectives, comparisons and expert opinions and ratings on what to expect, the latest on gear, maintenance and product related features.
Shooting TechniquesEasy to read articles written by experts on the art and practice of photography.
On AssignmentSelf assignments and interesting bodies of work from all types of photographers, with an emphasis on the concept and technique.
Photo CritiqueAn expert panel, including world-renowned names, comment on reader's photographs.
Q & AAnswers questions by readers on photography, equipment and how to go about things. A personal, one on one interview with photographers and a showcase of his / her photographs.
Great MastersFeature the life story, statements and works of a legendary photographer in every issue.
1000 WordsA gallery of the best photographs from the Indian mainstream media and the stories behind them.
Your PicturesA gallery of our reader’s best images.
HistoryUnique perspectives on the wonderful history of photography
Market SenseEasy to use advice on various ways to market yourself as a beginning photographer.
Buyers GuideThe most updated and extensive guide to all possible products ranging from cameras, storage devices, accessories and more


Event NameDescription
Better Photography Photographer of the Year AwardsWe are the proud owners of India’s biggest photography awards. A yearly photography contest opened to all photography enthusiasts across age groups. We received a record breaking 66,782 individual entries in the 7th edition of the awards this year.
Better Photogarphy Wedding Photographer of the Year AwardsIndia’s biggest annual wedding photography awards and a pioneering initiative to recognize one of the largest professional photography communities. The awards have been receiving extremely overwhelming response from the industry as well as the entire photographer community.
Better Photogarphy Excellence AwardsA highly reputed set of awards for manufacturers, that recognizes the best of products tested by the BP product test teams over a one year period and available in the Indian markets. The products are selected on the basis of a scientifically devised ratings process.
Better Photography Golden Roll AwardsA special competition launched to celebrate the glory of film photography, it aims at recognizing the art and the charm of shooting and capturing moments on film.
Better Photography Fun FramesIndia’s first photography contest that celebrates the institution of family. In its very first year of launch in 2011 the contest received an overwhelming number of entries from photography enthusiasts across the country, establishing it as one of the prominent awards.
Better Photography has been the leading photography magazine in India since 2000. With a primary audience that includes serious enthusiasts and amateurs, the magazine covers a wide variety of content from techniques and equipment reviews and interviews. BP, as it is often affectionately called, is a hobbyist magazine whose priority is education in the art and science of photography. It delves into product tests, provides expert advice, tutorials and techniques, and conducts some of India’s most prominent photography contests.

Why Advertise In Better Photography Magazine?

Better Photography Magazine advertising provides a unique opportunity for brand owners. The Magazine itself is produced by quality publisher and is utilized by many prestigious, high-end brands to support their advertising campaigns. Better Photography Magazine advertising is a proven method to target decision-makers and opinion leaders with a high-income. Better Photography advertising offers multiple opportunities to target a captive audience in an uncluttered environment with inspiring advice, insights and host of fascinating features. Reach out to the decision makers and professionals across India by placing ads.

Effectiveness Of Better Photography Magazine Advertising

Message Impact

Full-page Better Photography Print Magazine ads rich with color and visual imagery can attract attention and enhance the visual presentation of your products. Magazines commonly use glossy finish and allow for full-color spreads. You can use bleed images or color backgrounds -- meaning have them extend all the way to the page edges, without a border -- to present a product image that really stands out.

Audience Interest

A major factor of Better Photography Magazine advertising effectiveness relative to many other media is the interest of the audience. Readers typically have strong interest in the theme or topic of Better Photography Magazine. Finding this close link between readers and your brand is critical to effectiveness.

Repeated Exposure

Also contributing to the effectiveness of Better Photography Magazine ads is the potential for ongoing, repeated exposure. Homeowners and businesses commonly have Magazine racks or other spaces where they keep Better Photography for other readers or repeat use. This gives you the potential to reach a large number of people with one copy and the same reader multiple times. Plus, since Better Photography Magazine are a static medium, readers can analyze or look at your message indefinitely.

Ways In Which Better Photography Magazine Deliver Engagement

  • The strong positive brand values of the Better Photography Magazine can transfer onto the advertisements.
  • Because advertisements are relevant and valued, ad clutter is not a problem in Better Photography Magazine.
  • Readers take action as a result of seeing advertising in Better Photography Magazine.
  • Targeting with precision and without wastage is a key strength of Better Photography Magazine.
  • Creative formats such as gatefolds, textures, special papers, samples, sponsorship, advertisement features (‘advertorials’), and so on can create additional impact and interaction.
  • Advertising in Better Photography Magazine is a great, cost-effective way to reach an exclusive group of affluent and highly educated managers, owners, professionals and executives.
  • Tips For Better Photography Magazine Branding

    • Booking the ad space earlier helps with an optimum placement.
    • Better Photography Magazine is a product catalog and maintains a premium image. They have the right to reject creatives that don't abide by their aesthetic guidelines.

    How The Media Ant Can Help You

    The Media Ant is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective, targeted print media buying. We as an advertising agency provide advertisers with the opportunity to target key professionals. Magazine advertising can be an expensive business, and that's why we take time to study you and your market to ensure that your budget is well spent. We guarantee you the best rates for Magazine advertising.


What is the difference between Bleed and Non Bleed ad?


Bleed is an ad type where content is beyond the area which will get trimmed while binding the magazine.  Non Bleed ad is one where all content is within the safe area. 


I have just placed my first ad in a magazine. Anything that I should be aware of?

  1. There is  a delay of upto 7 days in printing of the ad and magazines hitting the shelf
  2. You will receive hard copy of the magazine with ad within 15 days of the publication. Magazine come to us first and then we courier it to you.