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Travel Influencers in India
This page has the list of top Travel Influencers in India. The list of Travel influencers in India has been curated from multiple social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Few of the influencers are popular across social platforms and have been tagged accordingly. Many of these Beauty & Lifestyle influencers apart from being highly followed influencers on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are also active Travel bloggers. You can use their service to create content for your social pages or website. You can select the top 10 Beauty & Lifestyle influencers from the list by sorting it on the basis of views, followers, or engagement. Campaigns might have different parameters to select the top 10 influencers and the Influencer tool of The Media Ant provides you with all possible measures to create your list.

How to run an influencer campaign with Travel Influencers in India
The Media Ant's Influencer tool has made it easy for anyone to run an influencer campaign. If you are looking for Travel influencers in India who can endorse or promote your brand, The Media Ant's tool will be of immense help.
To begin with, select the platforms where you would like to run the campaign. From the platforms filter, you can select influencers from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others. Sort the influencers basis searched, followers, or engagement. Depending on your budget and the objective choose the number of influencers who can take your message to their followers.
You can then add these influencers to your Bag. This is the place to make any changes to the selection. Once you have verified your selection, save it to the Dashboard. The Dashboard will let you schedule the campaign, upload the artwork, and make the payment.
An account manager will get assigned to you once you have added your campaign to the dashboard. The role of the account manager is to ensure that your campaign is executed as per the plan. He or she will also share with you any areas of improvement for the campaign.

Agency for running Travel Influencer Campaign in India
The Media Ant is the leading Influencer agency in India and will help you execute your influencer campaign with influencers from the Travel category. We work with multiple aggregators and help have contacts with a large number of influencers in the country. You can contact us either online over email, Whatsapp, Chatbot Anto or by calling us.

Does the Influencer campaign in the travel category works?
When you went on holiday travel the last time, do you remember how did you decide on the city, hotel, food, areas to visit, and everything else? You should not get surprised if the answer to all these questions reviews. Reviews are the single largest factor in deciding your travel plans. This behavior makes influencer campaigns in the travel category the most desired advertising type. Hotels and Restaurants invite influencers to try out their service and write about it. Tourism departments worldwide have travel bloggers on their payroll who write about the locations. In a recent campaign, a popular travel booking site used influencers to communicate how they are the only Indian website among all other available booking sites. Even in our experience, influencer campaigns in the travel category brings out the best result for brands in terms of branding and visibility.