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CPI Advertising

CPI advertising in digital advertising refers to digital ad options that follow a pricing model of CPI. It means every time an action takes place from the user’s end, the advertiser is charged based on the pricing model.

On this website page, you would be able to view all the digital advertising platforms that offer you CPI pricing model. CPI advertising is one of the top preferred pricing models in digital advertising.            

CPI Advertising Model

One of the most common questions we get is what is the need to know the CPI advertising model before deciding on which digital ad platform to use. 

It is very important to understand the pricing models before opting for digital advertising because:

  • The pricing model can depend on the digital ad format and the platform: Many times digital advertising pricing model is based on the type of ads and the platform. For example, a video ad on an OTT platform is charged on per view or per-impression basis.

  • The type of pricing model selected by the brand also depends on the purchase funnel: Look at the pricing model. Usually, the pricing model also tells you what the advertising platform is optimized for.

    For example, if your digital ad pricing model is CPM, the digital ad platform tries to maximize the impressions hence benefitting the advertisers with the objective of brand awareness.

  • Did you know that the digital advertising pricing model can be fixed rate too? We have seen that most digital advertising pricing models are based on user actions but some digital ad options like YouTube Masthead are priced on per day basis. 

Hence, if you think that CPI advertising model is the best for your campaign objective and selected ad format then you can select the digital ad platform and ad-option from the list above. 

CPI Digital Advertising Price 

CPI digital advertising price depends on the following factors: 

  • The Digital Ad Platform: Often digital advertising platforms charge advertising fees based on their popularity, reach, and audience profile. Hence, a popular OTT app like Hotstar is likely to charge higher than other new apps.

  • The number of User Responses: CPI defines how much one audience response would cost. However, the actual CPI digital advertising price is determined by multiplying it by the number of responses.

  • Targeting Options: One unique benefit of digital advertising is the ability of digital ad platforms to filter out the irrelevant audience based on targeting options. Platforms that have a better capability of targeting users charge a higher digital ad rate. This is also because of the fact that targeting diminishes the target audience group in size.

  • Ad Formats: Finally, ad formats also play a major role in determining the CPI digital advertising price based on their screen presence and engagement, the availability of the response to these ad formats varies. For example, on an OTT platform, a video ad format may charge higher than a banner ad due to better engagement and a lower inventory. 

CPI Advertising Company

There are several CPI advertising companies who would help you explore and select the right CPI ad platforms based on your requirements.

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with details of all relevant platforms, let you compare the rates, and book your campaign, within a matter of a few minutes, consider The Media Ant

The Media Ant is not only an online CPI advertising company but also offers the best CPI digital advertising price. To check the rates, refer to the top of this page. You would find all the CPI digital ad platforms there. 

CPI Advertising Examples

To view some CPI advertising examples, select any of the cards on the page. On clicking the card, you would be able to see all the ad options available under this CPI ad platform. Each ad option card has a section that carries a few CPI advertising examples

Frequently Asked Questions on CPI Ads

What is CPI in online marketing?

CPI in online marketing refers to the criteria that decide how an advertiser is charged every time an ad is delivered or there is a response to the ad. CPI helps an advertiser to decide how they want to pay for every user interaction with the ad. 

How do you advertise using CPI?

One can advertise using CPI within minutes. Visit the digital tool page on The Media Ant website. From the multiple filters available on the top of the page, use the Pricing Models filter and select the CPI option. You would be able to sort the options on the basis of the top searched or least priced. 

On selecting one of the ad platforms, you would be able to see and select any of the various ad options available. Once added to the bag, you would be able to edit and schedule the campaign. 

Why is CPI important in advertising?

CPI is important in advertising because it determines how the advertiser would be paying for running the digital ads. It gives the advertiser flexibility to select the payment model based on their requirements and the objective of the campaign. 

What is CPI in ads?

CPI in ads refers to a pricing strategy in digital advertising that determines the payment structure for advertisers. It tells the advertiser when to pay for each user interaction.