What is Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV Advertising is the ability to place ads on television content that require no cable or DTH connection but can deliver content over the internet. Popularly known as Smart TV, Connected TV includes Smart TVs and other devices like Amazon Firestick and Airtel Dongle. Advertising on these devices require delivery of ad over the internet. Largest chunk of these devices are Smart TVs and hence connected TV advertising is also used interchangeably with Smart TV advertising. As of 2020 December, there were estimated 10 Million Connected TV sets in India. 

Rate for Connected TV Advertising

You can find the rate for connected TV advertising in the Media Option and Pricing section. Most of the ad deliveries on Connected TVs are programmatic which means the pricing follows a bidding method. The pricing is only indicative and you pay basis the bid made. 

How Connected TV advertising works?

Ads on connected TV are delivered through the content. Most of the content comes from OTT platforms like Hotstar, Zee5, Sony Liv, YouTube and others. When the content is delivered on the smart TVs, ads get inserted. 

How to measure the effectiveness of a connected TV Campaign?

.Connected TV campaigns are video led campaigns and should be measured on the basis of completion rate and CPM. Any completion rate of more than 90% is a good number However, one can also run an integrated campaign, where the household with connected TVs is made one unit. In these cases the handsets can be used for retargeting. So use,Smart TV ads for branding and then image ads for performance.