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Advertising on e-Commerce Sites and Apps

Last few years have seen rapid usage of Ecommerce platforms in India initially through the websites and now through the apps. eCommerce sites in India are the highest visited categories in India. These portals provide one of the largest opportunities to reach out to both online shoppers as well as sellers on the ecommerce platform. You can advertise on eCommerce apps and websites in India digitally and reach out to more than 100 milllion monthly users.

Digital Advertising options on eCommerce Websites and Apps

There are mainly 2 types of advertising options on ecommerce sites. First type is regular display ads on the ecommerce sites where the ads appear on various pages. Second and the more popular type is the advertising option available to the sellers on the ecommerce sites. One can promote their product to the buyers very effectively by advertising on the ecommerce platforms. One needs to be a registered seller on the platform to utilize these media options. Emailer campaigns to registered buyers on ecommerce platforms are another popular form of media.

How to advertise on Ecommerce websites and apps in India

Contact us to advertise on ecommerce platforms in India. It is important to mention the objective of your campaign. If your objective is branding and traffic to an app or website outside of the ecommerce platform, then banner ads are right medium. However, if you are looking for more performance oriented campaign and sell your products on the portal the approach would be different.

List of eCommerce websites and apps for advertising in India

The complete list of ecommerce sites which allow digital advertising on their platforms is available at The Media Ant. You can also further shortlist the sites by selecting the right category within eCommerce. For e.g. you might be interested in Entertainment eCommerce sites for advertising or Apparel and Fashion ecommerce portals.