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Advertising in Krishify App

Advertising in Krishify App


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Krishify App Advertisement

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Agriculture And Farming

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₹ 0.11 / Per Impression

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Rectangular Image ad (Banner) which will appear on all the pages.


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₹ 0.55 / Per Unit

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Videos will be played on different placements on the app.


Rack Rate

₹ 15,400 / Per Campaign

TMA Offer

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Influencers will create and record 1-2 mins videos about the brand and post them on the Krishify Platform in feed.

Image Post

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₹ 0.077 / Per View

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It is an image post that will be posted in-feed section of the krishify app.

Video Post

Rack Rate

₹ 4 / Per View

TMA Offer

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It is a video post that will be posted in-feed section of the krishify app.

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Krishify App Advertisement

Krishify App Advertisements are displayed on India’s largest social networking platform for farmers. Advertisements on Krishify App will help companies target the farming sector and build engaging campaigns with brands, businesses, and SMEs. 

Krishify App is one of the largest social networking platforms with over 30+ lakhs monthly active users. Krishify App connects farmers with all the relevant stakeholders including fellow farmers, traders, distributors, farm equipment sellers, cattle doctors, and other providers. Krishify App Advertisements will help companies to market to the right target audience and 

Krishify App Advertisement Cost

Krishify App Advertisement Cost will depend on the various media ad options chosen by the advertisers. Our pricing models for Krishify App Advertisement Cost are as per the ad option chosen and the customizations done to the ad options.

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Our “Top Choice” section on “Advertise on Krishify App” will include all the digital advertising ad options the companies can choose from according to their requirements. Various ad options like video ads, banner ads, and more are available at discounted rates, from which brands and companies can select according to their requirements.

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Krishify App Advertisement Agency

Looking to advertise on Krishify App? The Media Ant is India’s leading digital advertising agency that provides the best rates for all your digital advertising needs. Having a presence across India in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi.

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Who Does Krishify App Advertising?

Krishify App Advertising is done by companies looking to target the farming community with the other farmers, the right traders, distributors, farm equipment sellers, cattle doctors, transportation service providers, etc. Krishify App Advertising will help develop the companies’ brand recognition and promote the products or services that the companies want to advertise. 

Various companies look to sell their products or services in the farming sector to engage with the farming sector through the Krishi App. Businesses looking to market their products/services on the Krishi App, which acts like a platform for farmers, by conducting farm advertising campaigns, generating high-quality leads, and more can use Krishify App Advertising

Being one of India’s most sought-after Krishi App, Krishify App will drive in new customers to the companies that are advertising on the app.

Who Are The Target Audiences for Krishify App Advertisement?

Krishify App has various target audiences who work in the farming sector. With the majority of its user base in top farming states like Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and more Krishify App Advertisement will target the farmers of these areas. 

While connecting around 9+ million farmers across the country, advertising on Krishify App will be showcased over the average daily time spent for the duration of 12 minutes. 

Farm Advertising is a good option for companies looking to advertise to a large-scale target audience who is related to agriculture and farming. Through Krishify App Advertisement, companies can bring in great leads and high engagement by farmers

FAQs on Krishify App Advertisement

What is Krishify app?

Krishify App is India’s largest social community platform that connects farmers with other farmers, equipment sellers, distributors, cattle doctors, and other experts in the field. Krishify App has over 30+ Lakh monthly active users and has 12 mins as average time spent on the app, making it a good platform for farm advertising and agriculture advertisement.

How does Krishify work?

Krishify App is a social platform for a community of farmers to discuss their issues related to agriculture and farming. Users can download Krishify Farmers App through Google Play Store.

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