Advertising in Jio Saavn App

Advertising in Jio Saavn App

Advertising in Jio Saavn App


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About Advertising in Jio Saavn App

Jio Saavn Advertising

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Top Choice

Jio Saavn- Audio Advertising-Option 1


Rack Rate

₹ 0.077 / Per Impression

TMA Offer

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An audio ad of not more than 30 sec is supported by a clickable banner ad .


Rack Rate

₹ 0.099 / Per Impressions

TMA Offer

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Rectangular Image ad (Banner) which will appear on all the pages.
Jio Saavn- Video Advertising-Option 1


Rack Rate

₹ 0.45 / Per Impression

TMA Offer

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It is a video ad on all the pages which is automatically played to the user as soon as the page is loaded.
Jio Saavn- Masthead Banner Advertising-Option 1

Masthead Banner

Rack Rate

₹ 6,50,000 / Per Day

TMA Offer

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It is a large banner placed on the top of the screen and is the first piece of content that the user sees.

Other Ad Options

Jio Saavn-Logo Integration Advertising-Option 1
Logo Integration
Rack Rate
₹ 0.7 / Per Impression
TMA Offer
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Jio Saavn- Other Advertising-Option 1
Rack Rate
₹ 20,00,000 / Per Month
TMA Offer
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Jio Saavn Advertising

JioSaavn is India's largest audio streaming platform that provides audio services in various regional and English languages. Initially founded as Saavn, the platform merged with JioMusic on March 23, 2018.

With over 24.9M monthly active users, Jio Saavn Advertising has a large reach having an interactive user interface making it a good option for advertisers. Jio Saavn Advertising helps companies in bringing new traffic to their website and can be used to promote their products or services in order to gain visibility, recognition, and attention from consumers.

Through personalization, Jio Saavn Advertising targets consumers based on their interests using innovative targeting techniques. 

Jio Saavn Advertisement

Jio Saavn Advertisement targets consumers based on their interests using futuristic targeting techniques. Jio Saavn Advertisement targets an interactive user interface having the ability to target consumers based on their interests.

Jio Saavn Advertisement targets consumers based on their interests and helps companies to bring new traffic to their websites. Jio Saavn Advertisement is a good option for advertisers looking for a large-scale audience.

Jio Saavn Ads

With over 24.9M monthly active users, Jio Saavn Ads are displayed on both the app and website of the popular music streaming platform. Saavn Ads will help companies looking to target a large-scale audience from various demographics. 

Saavn Advertising will include various audio ads, video ads, banner ads, and more. Being one of the largest music streaming platforms in the global market, Jio Saavn Ads will help companies in bringing new traffic to their website. 

As technology advances and people spend more time online than offline, it is important that brands get creative with their marketing.

Jio Saavn Advertising Cost

Jio Saavn Advertising Cost may vary depending on the various ad options chosen by the brands. Our pricing models for Saavn Advertising are according to ad options chosen and the duration of Jio Saavn App Advertisement.

Now advertisers can take advantage of this opportunity to reach the huge audience that has migrated from terrestrial radio to online stations for their entertainment needs. Jio Saavn Advertising Cost are budget friendly and can help brands with boosting their visibility and more.

Jio Saavn Advertising Rates

Jio Saavn App Advertising Rates differ as per the chosen media ad options which will include pre-roll and mid-roll ads, promotional videos, social media posts, and branding tags. Companies can choose from the available options based on their needs and requirements. 

With the advent of new technology like mobile phones and the internet, Jio Saavn Advertising is a great way for businesses to promote their products and services. Nowadays, Jio Saavn Advertising Rates have become more affordable as well because of many new ad networks that offer flexible pricing models.

Jio Saavn Advertisement Rates

Jio Saavn Advertisement Rates can be found in our “Top Choice” section on “Jio Saavn Advertising” and will include all the digital advertising media options available to you. In the media options section, brands can check relevant ad options and select the media that meets their needs. 

For discounted Jio Saavn Advertisement Rates, visit The Media Ant website and select the media option. In our bag, you can customize the Jio Saavn Advertising as per your requirements.

Jio Saavn Advertising Agency

To do Saavn Ads, The Media Ant is a top digital advertising agency in India, with a huge presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. We will help you plan, buy and execute digital advertising campaigns nationwide. 

As India's top digital advertising agency, The Media Ant will provide you with recent trends in digital advertising and help you figure out the best approach for digital marketing campaigns

The Media Ant will help you in measuring your ad campaign and will provide you with the best possible rate in digital advertising. Check the best rates to advertise your brand on digital platforms in The Media Ant's digital advertising planning tools. 

You can contact us through Whatsapp, Phone, or Email to know more about Jio Saavn App Advertisement. The Media Ant contact details are available in the Contact Us section of our website.

Who Can Do Saavn App Advertisement?

With a wide range of reach, Saavn Ads will target the right audience who are engaged through personalized ads. Saavn Ads indulge users by using non-intrusive advertisements that draw the audience to the brands. 

Having over 24.9M monthly active users, Saavn App Advertisement will provide advertisers with good opportunities to increase their brand recognition and showcase their products or services. Some top past advertisers of Saavn App Advertisement include Prime Video, Cadbury, Samsung, Bose, Philips, Oppo, OnePlus, Ford, and more. 

  • Food and Beverage Companies: Companies like Cadbury, Coca-Cola, and more do Saavn App Advertisement to reach the right target audience. With a reach of 100 million people on a monthly basis, the app can be a good option for companies looking to market their products and services to a larger audience.
  • Telecom: Companies like Oppo have been showcasing their products as Saavn Advertising using various innovative ideas. Through personalized use interface technology, the telecom industry has been creatively using Saavn App Advertisement to build brand awareness. 
  • Consumer Discretionary: OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and others use Saavn App Advertisement to promote new shows and products to users, who are majorly from top-tier metro cities. Based on the preferences of the audience, Jio Saavn Ads are displayed innovatively to the audience. With most of its viewership being of the millennial generation, Saavn App Advertisement is a good platform for such companies to market their products and brands.
  • FMCG: Brands like ITC Ltd, Nestle Ltd, Godrej Consumer Products, and more have used Saavn App Advertisement in the past as a way to revamp their brand image and build brand recognition. Saavn Ads target urban audiences and have consumers who are willing to splurge on good quality products.

JioSaavn for brands is a good advertising option with a wide reach, with over 90% audience being from generation Z.

Why Should I Do Saavn App Advertisement?

Jio Saavn Ads are done by companies who are looking for a large reach for their products and services. Being one of the top music streaming services in India, Saavn Ads will help the brands in building recognition and revamping their identity as well. Saavn Advertisements can be done in collaboration with advertisers in hopes of more innovative and creative content. 

Having a 10x times performance boost, Saavn Ads will help you target the premium affluent users. With personalized content and exclusive podcasts or programs, Saavn App Advertisements can be a good option for users.

Who Are Saavn App Advertisement Target Audience?

Saavn Ads target audience is mostly urban audiences who have internet access and are aware of the latest trends. With over 90% of their users being from the millennial or gen z generations, Saavn App Advertisements cater to users at both regional, national and international levels. 

  • The majority of listeners of Saavn Ads, i.e. 79% are users who are engaged in driving, workout, working, sports, commuting, and more.
  • Around 82% of listeners of Saavn App Advertisement are males, and the rest 18% are females.
  • Around 58% of listeners of Saavn Website Advertisement are males, and the rest 42% are females.
  • Around 52% of Saavn App Advertisement listeners belong to the age group between 25 - 34 years.
  • Around 46% of Saavn App Advertisement listeners belong to the age group between 18 - 24 years.

FAQs for Saavn App Advertisement

How can I book slots for Saavn Ads?

Brands can book slots for Saavn Ads by visiting the official website of The Media Ant. Companies can pick and choose their media ad options by logging into the website, selecting their ad option, and customizing it in the bag. 

Having a solid fanbase, Saavn Ads will provide brands and companies with a mass target audience. With a wide viewership, Saavn App Advertisement is suitable for most companies and brands looking to launch new products, revamp their brand image and increase their brand awareness.

How will Saavn Ads help my brand?

With a stronghold in the music streaming services, Saavn is suitable for companies and brands that are looking to target a mass audience. Saavn Advertisement has big brands and advertisers from FMCG, E-Commerce, Wellness, Mobile Accessories, BFSI, Automobiles, and Service Provider backgrounds. 

Brands that are looking for Saavn Ads can increase awareness around their products or services and target a mass audience.

Who can help me with Saavn App Advertisement?

Saavn App Advertisement can be advertised by visiting the official website of The Media Ant. Sponsors can select their Saavn Ads, add them to the bag, checkout, and pay on the website. Sponsors can reach out to our in-house digital advertising team for more information on Saavn App Advertising Rates.

What happens after Saavn App Advertisement is displayed?

After displaying Saavn App Advertisement, sponsors will receive execution proof. Execution proofs will include screenshots of the ads and campaign reports of their progress over the duration of Saavn App Advertisement.

What are Saavn Ads like?

Saavn Ads differs from package to package, which the clients can pick and choose from on our official website of The Media Ant. The Media Ant is a leading ad-buying platform that helps you with all your advertising needs. 

We aim to provide you with the best-discounted rates and have a presence in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi.

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