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Campaign Execution Reports

Get a detailed dashboard with campaign delivery data reported by a 3rd-party measurement tool as well as GPS map-enabled screenshots of campaign execution.


Asia Cup & World Cup Insights

Useful insights about Asia Cup & World Cup audience and advertisers on the digital platform.

Reach & Audience Demographics

Find out the reach of Asia Cup & World Cup '23, audience distribution across various classifications like age, gender and economic status etc.

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Asia Cup & World Cup Advertising on Disney+ Hotstar

  • Opportunity To Influence 87% of Festive Spending
  • Expected Reach- 480 Mn
  • 75+ Targeting Options
  • Powerplay Offer: Exclusive Discount (Till 23rd Aug '23)
  • Packages Starting at INR 5 Lakh

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Reach In Numbers: Asia Cup & World Cup '23 on Disney+Hotstar

Disclaimer: Estimated audience for Disney+Hotstar



The Standard targeting option available for Asia Cup & Men’s CWC 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar are:

  1. Geographic Targeting
  2. Demographic Targeting
  3. Language Feed Targeting
Some of the Industry first targeting innovation offered by Disney+Hotstar are:
  • Custom Cohorts - Sponsor Exclusive
  • NCCS ( New consumer classification system)
  • Device Price - 15K+/25K+
  • CTV - Top metros /Pan India

Some of the key demographics which brands can leverage to reach cricket fans at scale as per requirement are

  • Population Strata - Metros (35%) , 1MN+ Towns (28%), Others (37%)
  • Age Group - 35+ (25%), 25-34(39%),<25 (36%)
  • NCCS - Group A (42%), Group B (35%), Group CDE (23%)
  • Gender - Male (82%), Female (18%).

Connected TV (CTV) is a rapidly growing market, with more and more people watching video content on their TVs using streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. This presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a large and growing audience with their messages.

The advertisements are scheduled to be broadcast during live games of the Asia Cup 2023 and Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, as well as during the recap of match highlights.

Evidence of ad placement will be shared with brands to confirm that their ads have been aired at the desired time and location. This will be achieved by capturing live screenshots during matches, coupled with GPS map tracking. Additionally, a summary of viewer impressions and a dashboard will be made available.

The Media Ant is a pioneering platform in India, catering to media planning and purchasing with an array of more than 350,000 options in both traditional and contemporary digital media. Our 11 major media categories include TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Airport, Cinema, Digital-OTT, Digital-Programmatic, Influencers, Hyperlocal, and Barter Deals. Over the past 11 years, we've provided our services to over 3000 brands, orchestrating 10,000+ successful campaigns. We operate from three key locations: Delhi, and Mumbai, with our main headquarters in Bengaluru. Advertisers are facilitated to place ads directly through our website, with the added support of our dedicated Account Management team.

You can reserve advertising spots for the Asia Cup 2023 and Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 on Disney+hotstar using The Media Ant website. If you want more information, schedule a call with us.

These are some of the main digital advertising choices on Disney+Hotstar for the Asia Cup and Men's CWC 2023.

  • Ad options for building awareness and reaching a wide audience include Live Midrolls, Pre-rolls/Highlights, Billboards & Spotlight Frames, and Squeeze-Ups.
  • Options for increasing consideration and recall are Features and L-band, Feed Cards, and CTV Midrolls.
  • For creating associative value, there are Branded moments, Banner ads, Custom Integration, Brand Page, Scorecard, Content Integration, PPL segment, VOD, and Custom Content.
  • They are also introducing innovative ad options like 3D Breakout ads, Takeover ads, Vertical ads, and CTV Billboards.

Anticipations are high for the Asia Cup event to attract over 300 million viewers on OTT, while the Men's CWC 2023 is projected to pull in a massive 450 million viewers. The average viewing time for the Asia Cup and Men's CWC 2023 on Connected TVs is predicted to double and increase by 2.5 times respectively. Cricket content on Disney+Hotstar is accelerating at an unprecedented rate and mobile users can access the app at no cost.

The minimum budget to advertise in Asia Cup & Men’s CWC 2023 on Disney+Hotstar is 5 Lakh for both CTV and OTT. You can even Schedule A Call with us to know more and advertise on Asia Cup & Men’s CWC 2023 on Disney+Hotstar.

To advertise on Asia Cup & Men’s CWC 2023 in Disney+Hotstar you would need video / banner creatives as per ad specifications as well as GST, PAN,Company Identification Number (CIN),Targeting options etc.To know more, get in touch with us by scheduling a call.

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