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How to advertise in PVR South X Mall Kanpur ?

The table above show rates for 2 week of advertisement in the screens on PVR South X Mall. You can download and mail the table to yourself by adding it to the Cart. Select the screens of PVR South X Mall where you would like to place your ads. You can also book the ad online. In case you have questions regarding advertising in PVR South X Mall please send your query to

Wondering how to place ad in cinema screens of PVR South X Mall ? Look no further. The Media Ant will help you advertise in PVR South X Mall . Before you go ahead with the execution, it is important to understand the advertising options available at PVR South X Mall Kanpur . The media options can be broadly divided into 2 types:

2. On screen Advertising - You can choose to place your ads on PVR cinema screen. Your ad type can be slides without voice, slides with voice and the video ads. PVR South X Mall allows ads to be played both before the start of the movie and during the interval. There are many screens available in PVR South X Mall. Screens are also referred to as audis. You can get the list of movies playing in PVR South X Mall at our blog. Advertising rates mentioned for PVR South X Mall are not applicable during blockbuster movie releases. PVR charges a premium to advertise during the release week of blockbuster movies.

2. Off Screen Advertising: These are the media options which are available in the premises of PVR South X Mall . Popular options are standees, ticket jackets etc. Get the complete list of off screen media options along with best pricing at PVR South X Mall Offscreen Advertising page.

Advertising rate mentioned on the site are current and are updated with every change. In case you are looking to advertise in PVR South X Mall be rest assured of the best prices. You can also contact us in case you are looking for innovative advertising option at PVR South X Mall

About PVR South X Mall Kanpur

In terms of popularity PVR South X Mall Kanpur is one of the most popular malls in India. Situated in South X Mall, Plot No 9, Kidwainagar Ave, O Block, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208011 South X Mall is not only popular as a shopping and hangout location, but also for having PVR Cinema in its premises.