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NameCinema ChainMall Name#ScreenSeatsRate
Inox Crystal Palm, Screen - 2, Ashok NagarINOXN/A2207₹ 330

₹ 182

Per Week
Inox Crystal Palm, Screen - 3, Ashok NagarINOXN/A3207₹ 330

₹ 182

Per Week
Inox Crystal Palm, Screen - 1, Ashok NagarINOXN/A1432₹ 385

₹ 212

Per Week

Crystal Palm Cinema Advertising

About Crystal Palm Cinema Advertising
Crystal Palm Cinema Advertising is one of the most effective ways to advertise. Crystal Palm Cinema advertising rates are also one of the lowest when it comes to cost per reach. Advertising in Crystal Palm Cinemas allows targeting of premium segment of multiplex goes. With average movie ticket prices more than regular cinemas, Crystal Palm Cinema ads reach out to a premium segment of the society.
If you want to be seen on the big screen by high-spending young people and families in your area, you can book time locally and link your cinema commercial to certain categories of film or even specific movies.
The film may be the main event, but it’s the overall experience of Crystal Palm Cinemas that makes Crystal Palm cinema an advertising medium like no other. With all screens of Crystal Palm being digital, you can be rest ensured of a seamless execution. Crystal Palm Cinema advertising provides a 360-degree marketing environment that is uncluttered and finds the consumer in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind, perfect to get your message across.

How to place ad in Crystal Palm Cinema
Advertising in Crystal Palm Cinema is quite simple. The starting point for Crystal Palm Advertising is the “Crystal Palm Advertising Rate Card”. Crystal Palm Advertising rate card is a kind of MRP list that tells you a price for placing your ad in Crystal Palm Cinemas. The rate card tells you the price at screen level and for different advertising options in Crystal Palm Cinemas. The advertising rate card for Crystal Palm is available online at The Media Ant. You will also get the best-discounted rate for advertising in Crystal Palm online at The Media Ant. Use filters like locations and media options to finalize the screens where you would like to play your ad in Crystal Palm. Mail your slide or video to or upload it online. Once you make the payment, your ad starts getting played in selected Crystal Palm screens. Our phone helpline is always there to assist you to place your ad in Crystal Palm Cinemas. You can call us at 08067415510 between 9 am and 6 pm. For assistance between 6 pm and 9 am please drop a mail with the subject line “Crystal Palm Cinema Advertising”

The Media Ant - A Cinema Advertising Agency
The Media Ant is a specialist Cinema Advertising agency and is rated best by our clients. You can also contact Crystal Palm Marketing team to advertise in Crystal Palm. However, The Media Ant provides you with dual advantage while placing your ad in chain like Crystal Palm Cinema through us. You not only get the best-discounted rate for advertising in Crystal Palm but also a single point of contact instead of dealing with multiple contacts. The Media Ant also provides specialist planning help in selecting the best screens to place your ad in Crystal Palm.
You can contact The Media Ant for Crystal Palm Cinema advertising by sending a mail to or by calling us at 08067415510

Media Options for advertising in Crystal Palm Cinemas
Like most of the large cinema chains, Crystal Palm Cinemas media options can be divided into 2 broad categories:

1. On screen Advertising - You can choose to place your ads on Crystal Palm cinema screen. Your ad type can be slides without voice, slides with voice and the video ads. Crystal Palm allows ads to be played both before the start of the movie and during the interval. There are many screens available in Crystal Palm . Screens are also referred to as audis. You can get the list of movies playing in Crystal Palm at our blog. Advertising rates mentioned for Crystal Palm are not applicable during blockbuster movie releases. Crystal Palm charges a premium to advertise during the release week of blockbuster movies.

2. Off Screen Advertising: These are the media options that are available in the premises of Crystal Palm . Popular options are standees, ticket jackets etc. Get the complete list of off screen media options along with the best pricing at Crystal Palm Offscreen Advertising page.


About Crystal Palm 

In terms of popularity  Crystal Palm is one of the most popular malls in India. Situated in undefined  Crystal Palm  is not only popular as a shopping and hangout location, but also for having Mukti Cinema Cinema in its premises.

FAQ on Advertising in Crystal Palm Cinemas
1. Is there a minimum billing for advertising in Crystal Palm?
No. The cinema at Crystal Palm specifies no minimum billing for advertising in the cinema
2. What all should I take care of while placing my ad in Crystal Palm Cinemas?
While placing your ad in Crystal Palm, please specify the cinema advertising agency, if you would want to play your ad during the interval or at the start of the movie.
3. You should also ask for the inspection pass from Crystal Palm. Inspection pass can be used by the cinema advertiser to inspect his or her ad being played on the Crystal Palm screen
Try to place your ad closer to the break or at the start. Chances of your ad getting viewed are higher at these instances.
4. I know the mall name where Crystal Palm is. How can I place the ad in that particular Crystal Palm?
On The Media Ant Cinema planner, use Mall Name filter to select the mall of your choice. Rates for Crystal Palm Cinema advertising in that particular mall would appear on the screen. You can select the media type.