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About PVR Cinema Advertising

PVR Cinemas is the largest cinema chain in India. Through advertising in PVR one can reach almost 48 cities across India. PVR Cinema operates 557 Screens across 121 locations in India thereby offering a great tool for cinema advertising. With the added network of Cinemax and DT Cinema, PVR Cinemas Marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise. PVR Cinema advertising rates are also one of the lowest when it comes to cost per reach. Advertising in PVR Cinemas allows targeting of premium segment of multiplex goes. With average movie ticket price more than regular cinemas, PVR Cinema ads reach out to a premium segment of the society.

If you want to be seen on the big screen by high-spending young people and families in your area, you can book time locally and link your cinema commercial to certain categories of film or even specific movies.

The film may be the main event, but it’s the overall experience of PVR Cinemas that makes PVR cinema an advertising medium like no other. With all screens of PVR being digital, you can be rest ensured of a seamless execution. PVR Cinema advertising provides a 360-degree marketing environment that is uncluttered and finds the consumer in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind, perfect to get your message across.


How to place ad in PVR Cinema

Advertising in PVR Cinema is quite simple. The starting point for PVR Advertising is the “PVR Advertising Rate Card”. PVR Advertising rate card is kind of MRP list that tells you price for placing your ad in PVR Cinemas. The rate card tells you price at screen level and for different advertising options in PVR Cinemas. The advertising rate card for PVR is available online at The Media Ant. You will also get best discounted rate for advertising in PVR online at The Media Ant. Use filters like locations and media options to finalize the screens where you would like to play your ad in PVR. Mail your slide or video to or upload it online. Once you make the payment, you ad starts getting played in selected PVR screens. Our phone helpline is always there to assist you place your ad in PVR Cinemas. You can call us at 08067415510 between 9am and 6pm. For assistance between 6pm and 9am please drop a mail with subject line “PVR Cinema Advertising”



Advertising Rate for PVR Cinema

Rates vary with location, screen seating capacity and the ad format of slide or video. PVR Cinema advertising rate starts from Rs 440 in Treasure Bazal Mall in Nanded to Rs 14,450 for in Select City Mall, Saket Delhi. These rates are for mute cinematic slide ad played for a week on a single screen in PVR. You can find rates for all screens of PVR Cinema across ad formats online at


Rate for off screen media options in PVR starts at Rs 20,000 per location per month. You can get the complete rate card for offline advertising in PVR by selecting “Off Screen” in Media Options filter on



The Media Ant - A Cinema Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is a specialist Cinema Advertising agency and rates best by our clients. You can also contact PVR Marketing team to advertise in PVR. However The Media Ant provides you with dual advantage while placing your ad in chain like PVR Cinema through us. You not only get the best discounted rate for advertising in PVR but also a single point of contact instead of dealing with multiple contacts. The Media Ant also provides specialist planning help in selecting best screens to place your ad in PVR.

You can contact The Media Ant for PVR Cinema advertising by sending a mail to or by calling us at 08067415510



Media Options for advertising in PVR Cinemas

Like most of large cinema chains, PVR Cinemas media options can be divided in 2 broad categories:


On Screen Advertising- Ads are played on PVR Cinema screens either before the start of the movie or during the interval. There are 4 ad formats in On Screen advertising. Minimum duration for advertising on screen is 7 days or 1 week. All PVR Cinema On screen advertising rates are for a period of 1 week.



PVR Cinema Advertising Option




10 sec mute Slide

Static slides with 2 to 3 transitions within 10 seconds

Accord Equips


10 sec Audio Slide

Static slides with background score within 10 seconds



30 sec Video

30 sec Video played on screen

Urban Ladder


60 sec Video

60 sec Video played on screen

Jabra Sound Systems



Off Screen Advertising- Ads placed in the premise of PVR Cinema and not on the screens are referred to as Off Screen advertising. You can find below the description of off screen advertising options at PVR Cinemas



Off Screen Advertising Option


Pricing Unit



Ticket Jacket

Tickets are placed inside branded jackets.

Per Unit

Ticket Jacket



Set up kiosk to showcase your brand in the waiting area

Per Day




Sample product to people who have come to watch the movie. Typically food items are not allowed for sampling.

Per Unit





Sampling in Cinema



Standees are placed in common waiting areas and near the box office

Per Month




Steps to follow to place ad in PVR Cinemas

Step 1 - Select the following variables:


Target Geography (State, City or Area)

Mall Name (Not compulsory)

Media Option

You will get the weekly rate and best rate for advertising


Step 2 - Creative Production

The creative has to be supplied to us from the client. It is important for the client to ensure that the creative is in line with the brand positioning and USP as this would ensure maximum ROI. If it is a video creative, a censor certificate is required which takes 10 days. We provide this service at a nominal cost.


Step 3 – Execution and Proof

When the campaign is live, the clients will be provided with advertiser passes through which they can visit the selected screens and carry out a direct inspection. We also keep in regular touch with the vendors to ensure your creative is being correctly streamed. Once a campaign is complete, the client will be provided with an Exhibition Certificate and/or Log Report which acts as a proof of delivery.


FAQ on Cinema Advertising in PVR Cinemas


Which are few of the locations popular among brands for advertising in PVR Cinema?

PVR cinema provides few of the best locations to advertise in a city. Few of the popular locations of PVR cinemas are:

Phoenix Market City Bangalore PVR Cinema

Phoenix market city Pune PVR Cinema

Forum Mall Bangalore PVR Cinema

Select City Walk Delhi PVR Cinema

Rama Magento Mall Bilaspur PVR Cinema

Spring Avenue Mall Thane PVR Cinema

Ambience Mall Delhi PVR Cinema

PVR Priya Delhi


When can an advertising campaign start in PVR?

PVR cinema advertising starts on a Friday and runs minimum for a week


Is there a minimum billing for advertising in PVR?

No. There is no minimum billing requirement to advertise in PVR. You can advertise in PVR even for Rs 440 for a week.


What is the advertising format to play ad in PVR?

Advertising format for PVR Cinema advertising is J2K. You can contact us to convert your JPEG or .mov file to J2K format.


What all should I take care of while placing my ad in PVR Cinemas?

While placing your ad in PVR, please specify the cinema advertising agency, if you would want to play your ad during interval or at the start of the movie.

You should also ask for the inspection pass from PVR. Inspection pass can be used by the cinema advertiser to inspect his or her ad being played on the PVR screen

Try to place your ad closer to the break or at the start. Chances of your ad getting viewed are higher at these instances.


I know the mall name where PVR is. How can I place the ad in that particular PVR?

On The Media Ant Cinema planner, use Mall Name filter to select the mall of your choice. Rates for PVR Cinema advertising in that particular mall would appear on the screen. You can select the media type.

PVR Advertising Rates for 2022

The Media Ant is committed to getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year. Hence, it is very important to check the updated PVR advertising rates before booking your campaign. To find the updated PVR Advertising Rates for 2022, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular PVR advertising option and look for the latest PVR Advertising Rates for 2022 under the heading “Top Choice/Other Ad Options” after clicking on the particular advertising option.
Top 10 Upcoming Movies for PVR Advertising in the month January-March 2022

MovieLanguageCastYoutube Link
BACHCHAN PANDEYHindiAkshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon
BADHAAI DOHindiRajkummar Rao, Bhumi Pednekar
JHUNDHindiAmitabh Bachchan
JAYESHBHAI JORDAARHindiRanveer Singh, Shalini Pandey, Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah
BHOOL BHULAIYAA 2HindiKartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani,Tabu
ANEKHindiAyushmann Khurrana