Festive Season Advertising Part 4: Hit The Jackpot With Transit Advertising

Transit advertising during Indian Festive Season

In the previous article under our Advertising during the Indian festive season series, we discussed some apps that are very popular among masses and are used daily but yet to be popular in terms of advertising. You can read all the articles in the series here:

In this article, we will discuss another advertising medium which is catching up very fast and has a variety of inventories. With cities being developed, infrastructure being built, transit advertising is here to stay. We will discuss the following:

  • Why we think transit advertising is a good option during the festive season.
  • What are the various advertising options under transit advertising?
  • Which transit advertising options are best suited to your business needs?

State of Transit during The Indian Festive Season

Indian festive season that starts in October with Durga Puja/Dussehra and ends with Christmas and New Year is the best time for shopping, travel, meeting friends and family and celebrating. This period not only drives sales for most of the Indian companies but also marks a significant jump in physical and digital traffic. While digital traffic can be captured through digital advertising, there are many ways to capture the attention of physical traffic like radio advertising, outdoor advertising, airport advertising, and transit advertising.

The following figure shows that there is a significant jump in intra-city and inter-city movements through flights, trains, public and private vehicles:

Transit advertising during the festive season

  1. DGCA data shows that every year, the highest traffic is recorded during quarter 4 (Oct-Nov-Dec). This happens due to two reasons:
    1. Movement of the migrant population to their hometown to celebrate Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, Chhath, Christmas, New Year, etc.
    2. Families traveling to other cities for vacation during holidays.
  2. Every year during the festive season, Indian Railways face the challenge of high demand and overbooking. Rail travel, being the choice of masses, is the preferred transport mode for the migrant population. Hence, new coaches and trains are added during the season.
  3. There is a significant surge in local travel during the festive season as families reunite and celebrate together by visiting restaurants, malls, cinema halls, etc. All the important high ticket purchases are pushed to this period owing to the auspicious occasion and discounts offered by retailers. Google Trends shows a very high increase in the number of “Near Me” searches during this period.

Transit Advertising Media

1. In-Flight Advertising 

inflight advertising in India

  • Advertising Options: Inflight Magazine Advertising; Advertising on the boarding pass, meal tray, seatback, etc.
  • Reasons to Advertise:
    • Caters to the premium audience like HNIs, business professionals
    • Pan India presence
    • Captive audience
  • Best For Brands Who: are looking for brand awareness campaigns, have a pan-India customer base or have high ticket items like real estate, hospitality, education, luxury products, etc.
  • Starting Budget: INR 1 Lakh Onwards

2. Train Advertising

train advertising in India

  • Advertising Options: Train Branding- Train Wrap, Train Station Advertising- Display Boards, LCD Screens
  • Reasons to Advertise
    • Mass Reach
    • The long waiting period that translates into repeated exposure
  • Best For Brands Who are mass brands like FMCG, banking, etc.
  • Starting Budget: INR 1 lakh onwards

3. Metro Advertising

Metro train advertising in India

  • Advertising Options: Metro Train Interior Branding- Display Panel, Grab Handles, Interior Wrap; Metro Train Exterior Branding- Train Wrap; Metro Train Station Advertising- LCD Panels, Display Boards, Kiosks
  • Reasons to Advertise
    • Premium Audience
    • Hyperlocal Targeting Possible
  • Best For Brands Who want to target premium audience like luxury products, high ticket items, apps etc because metro tickets are priced higher and mostly cover commercial and corporate hubs
  • Starting Budget: INR 1 Lakh onwards

4. Bus Advertising

Bus advertising in India

  • Advertising Options:Bus Branding- Interior; Bus Branding- Exterior
  • Reasons to Advertise
    • Mass Reach
    • Hyperlocal Targeting
  • Best For Brands Who want to target audience in a particular city/route/area
  • Starting Budget: INR 50,000 onwards

5. Cab Advertising

cab advertising in festive season

  • Advertising Options: Cab Branding- Seat Back; Cab Branding- Exterior
  • Reasons to Advertise
    • Premium Placement
    • Mass Reach
    • Captive audience (interior branding)
  • Best For Brands Who want to do brand awareness campaign, create a buzz in a particular city
  • Starting Budget INR 2 lakh onwards

6. Auto Advertising

auto advertising during festive season

  • Advertising Options: Auto Branding- Back Panel; Auto Branding- Hood
  • Reasons to Advertise
    • Mass Reach
    • Low Cost and easily scalable
  • Best For Brands Whowant a mass reach in a short duration like events & exhibition, offers, new launches
  • Starting Budget: INR 10,000 onwards

How to decide which Transit Advertising Media is best for advertising your brand?

Based on the discussions in this article, the following is a summary of all the transit advertising options:

Transit Advertising Rates

Based on the summary above and past campaign executions, the following is a list of the most popular categories and the best advertising media for them.

Transit advertising for your business

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