On-screen Cinema Advertising: 5 questions you always wanted to ask

Cinema Advertising

Why Cinema Advertising?

Cinema Advertising

Why would one plan to watch a Marvel superhero movie in a multiplex screen and not on one’s laptop screen? It’s all about the experience. So, people opt for Cinema Advertising.

  1. Larger than life experience of the brand message
  2. Captive audience, one does not have the option of changing channel or forwarding
  3. Affordable and scalable: local businesses advertise at the nearest cinema halls whereas pan India brands like Manyavar target cinema halls across India
  4. Cost per reach for cinema advertising is less than other non-traditional advertising options

Cinema Advertising: What are the available options?

Cinema AdvertisingOne can opt for any of these options based on budget and requirements:

  1. 10 sec mute slide: Static slides with 2 to 3 transitions within 10 seconds
  2. 10 sec Audio Slide: Static slides with background score within 10 seconds
  3. 30 sec Video: 30 sec Video played on screen
  4. 60 sec Video: 60 sec Video played on screen

You can visit the link https://themediaant.com/cinema to look for the options.

Cinema Advertising: Is it costly?

Cinema AdvertisingCost per reach for cinema advertising is less than other non-traditional advertising options and cinema advertising is a great medium for localized reach.

For example, ABC is a fine dining multi-cuisine restaurant in Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore. It wants to advertise to the mall visitors in an effective and economical way. It decides to advertise on PVR Screen 3 in the Phoenix Marketcity which has a seating capacity of 214 people and costs Rs 282 per second.

Cost of running a slide ad of 10 sec for a week= Rs 2820 + 18% GST = INR 3328

The expense for creating the slide= minimal

Cost of conversion to J2k= INR 1750 (will be explained in the next question)

Considering avg fill rate of the movie hall to be 80% for the week,

Total people exposed to the advertisement= 214*4*0.8*7= 4790

So for a cost of INR 5100, ABC can reach about 4790 people through cinema advertising so the cost per reach would be in the range of Re 1-2.

So, to know the actual rates, you can visit the link https://themediaant.com/cinema

Cinema Advertising: What do I need to do?

Cinema AdvertisingFollowing are the steps for cinema advertising:

  • Campaigns can only start on a Friday. The ad needs to be provided and payment needs to be completed by Wednesday 5pm
  • Cinema Halls require your ad to be in a format that is compatible with cinema screen playing. Most of the Multiplex cinema screens require the ad to be in J2K format. There is an additional cost of conversion for video ads and slide ads
  • Cinema advertising in form of video ads needs a censor certificate which would incur additional charges. This takes around 2 weeks so it has to be planned accordingly.

Cinema Advertising: How would I know if my advertisement has been placed?

Cinema Advertising

  • We would provide you with cinema inspection pass for Multiplex cinema advertising campaigns that you can use and  visit the theatres to watch your ad being played
  • Singles screens cinema campaigns do not come with inspection passes. Single screens share the contact number or log report at the end of the campaign.

In case you need more information about cinema advertising, please visit our blog link https://blog.themediaant.com/cinema-advertising-in-india-rates-and-details

You can also reach out to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.Com or call us at +91 80674 15510

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