How to do Local Promotions through Cinema Halls?

Local advertising through cinema halls

Local Promotions through Cinema Halls- Why is it a good option?

Cinema Halls are a good option for local promotions because:

  1. Cost of advertising in cinema halls is low.
  2. There are many cinema halls (single screen and multiplex) across a city so area wise targeting through cinema advertising can be done unlike radio advertising and local TV channel advertising.
  3. Unlike newspaper and digital advertising where the audience can avoid the ads easily, the audience in a cinema hall is captive.

Through this case study, we would learn how to plan and book a cinema advertising campaign and also calculate the average expected cost per reach.

Our example brand is a Milk based beverage

Case Study: Local Promotions for a Milk-Based Beverage Brand

The advertiser is a national brand of milk-based cold beverages that wants to promote its latest range of drinks in Bangalore. It has 10 stores across the following locations:

  1. Indiranagar
  2. Jayanagar
  3. Whitefield
  4. Commercial Street
  5. Koramangala
  6. Marks Road
  7. Marathahalli
  8. Malleshwaram
  9. Sarjapur Main Road
  10. JP Nagar

The target group for the brand is Urban, Age Group 15-35

Since the call to action here is to visit the stores and try out their latest range of drinks, cinema advertising seems to be the best option because:

  1. There are cinema halls present around these locations and advertisements in each cinema hall can direct the audience to the nearest store.
  2. About 80% of the moviegoers would fall under the target audience category for the brand.
  3. People watching movies are in a relaxed mood and are more likely to respond positively to advertisements of food & beverages.

Next step is to find out the cinema halls around these locations. Following is the list of cinema halls nearest to the locations:

Cinema Halls in Bangalore

The campaign duration is 2 weeks and all the available screens have to be covered.

For advertising in cinema halls, the advertisers have two ad format options: Slideshow Advertisement and Video Advertisement. In our case, it is a 10-second slideshow which has to be played out during the movie interval.

So, the next step is to make a query regarding the prices, negotiate and book the prices.

We can do it through any of the following options:

  1. Contact every cinema hall chains individually and book the campaign. (Simpler in this case as most of the cinema halls belong to INOX but in case of different chains and single halls, it would be time-consuming)
  2. Hire a media agency which is a good option but can be costlier.
  3. Use the Media Ant platform for free to book a campaign at a discounted price within 5 minutes and leave your execution worries to us.

Below is a screenshot of the campaign order. You can also check the campaign booking process through the process video here.

TMA Movie Halls

Thus, the cost of advertising in cinema halls for 30 cinema screens for a week for a 10 sec slideshow ad in Bangalore is INR 103332.60. This cost would differ from case to case depending on

  1. The cinema chains
  2. The number of seats
  3. The location
  4. Movies

To know the advertising rates in your city, please visit our website

Now that we have booked our campaign, let’s make a rough calculation of our cost per reach.

Cost Per Reach

Following are our assumptions:

  • The average occupancy rate of movie halls in India is 60%
  • The audience is unique for every show
  • Each screen plays 4 shows per day

From the campaign order booked, we can find out:

The total number of seats = 6758

Total occupancy = 6758*0.6 =4055

Total number of shows per week= 7*4= 28

So, the total number of people exposed to ads = 4055*28 =113535

Hence, the Cost per Reach would be = INR (103333/113535) ~INR 0.91

Since, only 80% of the audience would be the target audience, the effective Cost per Reach= INR (0.91/0.80)= INR 1.14

We can see in this example above, how cinema advertising can be effective for local area wise promotions for brands. You can also visit our site ( or contact us at Help@TheMediaAnt.Com to check if cinema advertising is the best option for your brand.

Also, if you want to advertise during a particular movie, you can check the list of upcoming movies :




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