Innovation in Basic Media Options

Now a days, the basic banner ads like Medium Rectangle Banner (MREC) of 300 x 250 px or Leaderboard of 728 x 90 px are less popular in digital advertisement market. Digital Advertising Media Options are in a stage to evolve further.

Advertisers are getting bored of normal banner ads. They need some eye catchy ads which can delivery good click through rate (CTR) on their ads. As per advertiser’s requirement, publishers has come up with various innovation in digital advertising media options. Below are few eye catchy website advertising media options to get good click through rate (CTR)

1. Masthead – Masthead Innovation is a video ad placed on the header of the website which can be customised by the advertiser.

2. Curtain Raiser Banner – Curtain Raiser is an exclusive ad taking over the screen before entering the web page.

3. Site Sync Banner – It is the synchronization of advertiser website’s content into publisher’s website.

4. Ticker – It is a logo of advertisers’s brand to be put on the ticker of website.

5. Shoskele Banner – Shoshkele is an ad in any shape or size that includes sound, animation, and interactive components placed over the content of the web page.

6. Intromercial Banner – Intromercial is a full-page ad that plays for few seconds before entering the site. After the ad plays, it minimises to a small banner on the web page.

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