Festive Season Advertising Part 3: In-App Advertising Through These 7 Popular Apps

In-app advertising during the festive season

In the last article, we explored radio advertising during Indian Festive Season. We discussed a few radio advertising options and a strategy to rise above the clutter.

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In this article, we will explore in-app advertising for the upcoming festive season. We will explore:

  • Which are the popular daily-use apps that are not so popular for advertising and hence can help brands advertise in a less cluttered environment?


With more than 450 million smartphone users in India which is slated to double by 2022, app downloads are on the rise. The first quarter of 2019 witnessed 4.5 billion app install in India, the highest in the world. An average Indian spends close to 3 hours on their smartphone and has about 78 apps on their phone (source).

In a recently concluded survey by InMobi about Indian Festive Shoppers, 1/3 Indians are going to use their smartphones throughout their shopping journey this festive season. It means its imperative for brands to stay connected with the audience and keep them engaged. And there is no better way than in-app advertising.

We all know about the advertising prowess that popular apps like Hotstar, Inshorts, Daily Hunt, Tinder, Tik Tok offer. In this article, we would like to discuss our not-so-popular yet powerful apps for advertising. (Source: TMA Internal Data)

Our top 10 apps for advertising in 2019 (YTD) according to website traffic (organic search landing)

Following are our top 10 apps for advertising in 2019 (YTD). These were the most visited app pages on our website.

Advertising on Hotstar App Advertising on Inshorts App
Advertising on Tik Tok App Advertising on Tinder App
Advertising on Gaana App Advertising on Daily Hunt App
Advertising on Ola App Advertising on Saavn App
Advertising on TOI App Advertising on Voot App


7 popular daily apps that are not so popular for advertising

Did you find any similarity between the above mentioned apps? Yes, you got it right. All of the above apps are used on a daily basis. This describes the very high level of reach, engagement, and clicks that advertisers achieve using these apps for advertising.

Here are 7 other daily apps that are very popular in terms of usage but not in terms of advertising. We have tried to do a comparison between the platforms and the following are the results:

(Disclaimer: Following are our suggestions based on audience preference and internal data. To know if the following media are good for your brand, write to us for a detailed plan)

Popular apps in India for advertising

Source: Similarweb

In-App Advertising: Comparison on the basis of demographics

in-app advertising in India

In-App Advertising: Comparison on the basis of targeting options

Which app is best for advertising

In-App Advertising: Comparison on the basis of ad types supported

advertising in popular apps


  • Snapchat is very popular among youngsters in metro cities. It is mostly known for its photo filters and vibrant images. Hence, it can be a very good option for advertising for brands targeting young audience and having aesthetically rich creatives like fashion, travel, education, and gaming.
  • Jio Apps are very popular across cities and across age groups, making it a very popular choice for mass targeting. The ability of appographic targeting makes Jio Apps suitable for advertising to particular interest groups.
  • Truecaller is another popular app among the young audience that’s being used in the metro cities. Truecaller has some highly accurate cohorts that can be used to do interest-based targeting.
  • Ola is used by premium audience in metro cities. It offers predefined cohorts like airport and apartment targeting which makes it apt for advertising of high-ticket items like financial investments, luxury brands, real estate, etc.
  • Swiggy is mostly used by young and premium audience in metro and tier 1 cities. Though there are not a lot of targeting options, the ad placement is an attractive one and can be used for brand awareness campaigns for youth-centric products like apps, travel, fashion, etc.
  • App Locker is another app popular among the youth and has a high level of engagement.
  • The popularity of Quora is on the rise in India. It’s one of the few platforms that offer text ads based on keywords/context. People visit Quora for knowledge sharing making it apt for brands into finance, education, tech products, etc.

Based on the insights above, below is a summary table of categories and apps best suited for advertising

best app for advertising for your business

In case you would want to know more about these apps or any other apps, let us know in the comment section or write to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.com





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