Greenlam’s CLADS Innovative Magazine Campaign

They are only a few brands who believe innovation is a key factor while advertising as most of the brands just go for a simple regular Full Page ad inside the magazine. In the present time only innovative advertisements intrigue readers to actually pay attention to the ad, read about the product and notice the brand. Innovative magazine advertising appeals to the readers and also appeals to people around them, a simple glance at an innovative ad would generate interest to even strike a conversation with another person about the brand or the product.

One of the most interesting magazine ads we’ve come across in this year which can surely be categorized under one of the best innovative magazine advertising is Greenlam’s CLADS campaign in Windows and Facades Magazine.

Greenlam is Asia’s largest laminate manufacturing company and well it is truly showcased in the creative magazine ads that they have produced.

We have some images and a video showing how well Greenlam’s creative team has deigned this creative magazine ad taking innovative magazine advertising to a whole new level:

As seen above the video showcases Greenlam’s CLADS laminate campaign. The interesting magazine ad is a “False Cover” uniquely designed like a laminate. The magazine nicely fits into the false cover and one who wants to read the magazine would need to slide the magazine out of the false cover. One would wonder what kind of creative magazine ad would this be? What must be underneath this cover?

As soon as the magazine is slid off the false cover, Greenlam’s innovative magazine advertising skills are seen as they have described their campaign’s “Message” boldly. All questions answered.

Truly Greenlam’s innovative magazine advertising with the false cover is unique, creative and interesting but that’s not it. As showcased in the video above and the pictures below you will see that they have designed another creative magazine ad in the form of a “Front Cover Gatefold” – another interesting magazine ad of Greenlam’s laminate is displayed here with their product’s details including its features and displayed the product really well on a luxurious pool facing Villa.

Conclusion being this Greenlam CLADS campaign is truly one of the best innovative magazine ads of 2016. If you’re planning to on a creative magazine ad do take a close look at this interesting magazine ad.

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